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PlayStation 3: The Next DreamCast?

PlayStation 3It’s too early to make that claim, entirely, but the world is still waiting to see if the PlayStation 3 can live up to everyones expectations. What are those expectations? For now, games would be nice.

Launch titles will satisfy gamers for a few weeks and they’ll be asking “what’s next?” Gamers, by nature, have a little bit of ADD and will have beaten or forgotten about all the launch titles they’re interested in. You need a few more titles to follow up the strong launch title list.

The problem with the PlayStation 3 revolves around a weak set of launch titles and barely any follow up. Proof? The folks over at Kotaku found it doesn’t even rank on the first page of hot sellers from Amazon.

Our prediction: The Playstation 3 will continue to collect dust until they put out a game we want.

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    4 Responses to “PlayStation 3: The Next DreamCast?”

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    1. Josh W. Says:

      I don’t think it’s right to compare PlayStation 3 and the Dreamcast. If anything, they’re quite opposite. PS3 is coming from the company that’s led the industry for two generations, but is making some big mistakes and overestimating itself. The Dreamcast was coming from the out-and-out loser of the last generation, and Sega did a LOT of things very, very right with it, but the PlayStation 2 hype machine, combined with Sega’s past failures, never let it get off the ground.

    2. zero1 Says:

      Demands are sure down, was at Best Buy on Saturday night and saw a stack of 12 ps3 and no one but myself paying attention to it.

    3. lordxixor101 Says:

      Josh hits this on the head. The Dreamcast is nothing like this. The Dreamcast was also killed by a system with more hype. I don’t think it’s possible for the PS3′s hype to be dwarfed by another system.

      Though, I think everyone is way too hard here on the launch lineup for the PS3. Honestly, the PSX didn’t launch with much. I think it had Toshinden for the first 6 months, and it really took to Resident Evil for the system to gain it’s footing. The PS2 had SSX, and then not much until GT3 came out (or, you could say things started picking up with Twisted Metal Black, but it seemed that the system took hold with GT3).

      PS3 has Resistance, Fall of Man. Now, we’re in the dead period. Sometime this year, a big game will come out, and then you’ll start getting a gaming flow going.

      Now, this doesn’t forgive the PS3 for this Blue-Ray pricing fiasco, but outside of this one mistake, I really think people are being too hard on the system (though, in fairness, this was a massive mistake, possibly up there with “New Coke”, other than there probably isn’t an easy fix for this one).

    4. XBOX3604LIFE Says:

      LOL PS3 SUCKS!!!!! Long live XBOX360

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