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HOT RUMOR: Puerto Rico to Xbox Live Arcade?

Xbox 360-bound?A little disclaimer – this is just a rumor, albeit a compelling one. Reports from board game mega-site Boardgame Geek’s forums are reporting that the online version of popular board game Puerto Rico at BrettSpielWelt is no longer up, explaining another company had bought the rights to “online exploitation” (love those German translations!). The logical assumption is that “another company” is Microsoft.

Granted, Microsoft is always rumored to being buying Capcom, Nintendo or other major properties like the Chrono series, but this is most plausible, since three of the biggest board game titles already are slated for Xbox Live Arcade (Catan, Alhambra and Carcassonne.)

What do you think? Any ardent Puerto Rico players salivating at the concept of playing it over XBLA with friends?

(Click “Read more…” to see BrettSpielWeltSpiele’s translated farewell letter to fans.)

Dear players of Puerto Rico,

the rights for the electronic exploitation of the Puerto Rico gaming concept have been sold by alea to a new owner. Since there is no agreement with that new owner about whether or not the game may be offered here on BSW, Puerto Rico will unfortunately leave BSW tomorrow morning with the server restart.

We would like to thank alea for the good teamwork and the many great hours we had with this game.

Accordingly, the scheduled event of Puerto Rico at the BSW games will not take place. There will be a replacement event. More information on this in the BrettSpielWeltSpiele forum.

For now, the PR gaming rooms will be replaced with “Säulen der Erde”. An exchange for other games will be possible for a limited time. More details upon this are to follow.

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