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Windows Live Gold for PC? [UPDATE]

As of right now, Xbox gamers are the only ones burdened with paying a monthly fee for online gaming. Playstation 3 has a basic, but limited free service, we’re still not sure what exactly is going on with the Wii, and PC gaming has been for the most part free since its inception (with the exception of MMOs).

Now, it looks like Microsoft may be implementing their Gold service from the Xbox 360 onto the PC…and it looks like you’re gonna pay for it too. In the latest Shadowrun trailer in a very brief statement at the end states:

Cross platform play requires Xbox LIVE Gold account and hard drive (on Xbox 360). or Games for Windows – LIVE Gold account (on Windows).

Certainly seems like its confirmed, but we’ll wait for an official announcement from Microsoft to find out for sure. It seems like something that will anger many PC gamers used to playing online games like Counter Strike or Battlefield 2 for only the price of entry. Hopefully if they do decide to implement this, our Xbox LIVE Gold accounts will transfer over to Games for Windows.

(Thanks Dearest Copernicus.)

[PC owners will not be charged to play online, only to play against Xbox 360 owners. PC owners who already have Xbox Live Gold account will not be paying an additional charge, either. - Ed.]

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    1. AL7AIR Says:

      Cross platform play requires [...]

      So maybe there is a free PC to PC hosting option.

    2. jonahfalcon Says:

      It’s free from PC to PC. The subscription is only required to play vs. Xbox 360.

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