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How Does Crysis Compare To Real Life?

The flagship title for the Games for Windows and DirectX 10 initiatives is Crytek’s up-and-coming eye-bleedingly beautiful first person shooter: Crysis.

The visuals in the game are a landmark in our perception of what is possible graphically in gaming. To demonstrate this, Freaky Gaming went ahead and put together a composition of screenshots from Crysis, alongside their real-life counterparts. The results are simply amazing. Mix them up and you’ll be hard pressed to figure out which is which. Check out the two below, and the rest after the jump.

(Via Digg.)

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    2 Responses to “How Does Crysis Compare To Real Life?”

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    1. Dirty Worx Says:

      Those pics look nice.
      But screen shots mean nothing to me.
      Until I see in-game, High frame rate footage that looks like someone using a video camera, I’ll hold off on the opinions.
      My fingers are crossed however.

    2. Devin Grimes Says:

      Yeah, definitely have to agree with you. Besides, if you want this game to look as optimized as possible, your gonna need a new PC

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