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Master Chief’s Face Revealed!?

The Halo 3 Beta may be all in the past now, but we’ll always have our memories of Spartan lasers, Man Cannons, and sticking some dude in the face with the new Spike Grenades. Then, we always have the countless videos surfacing on YouTube of the latest exploits and no-scope sniping montages.

This video, however, stands out from the norm and looks to reveal what Master Chief’s face actually looks like. Of course, it’s not exactly a clear shot, and a true Halo nerd would argue that it’s not exactly the Master Chief, but it brings us one step closer to seeing the picture presented in the Halo novels of a pale, scarred Spartan-117.

With what looks to be a fully modeled face, does this mean Master Chief will finally take off his helmet?…Or is this just some clever ruse?


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    10 Responses to “Master Chief’s Face Revealed!?”

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    1. SAGExSDX Says:


    2. Jimbo Says:

      I put up some Photoshop enhanced screenshots here.

      Allows a bit better look.

    3. Derrick Schommer Says:

      Wow, does anyone seriously care? I mean…its a face. Everyone has one.

      It’s not like we discovered how ancient egyptians created pyramids or healed the sick… its a face…a polygon with textures….

    4. jonahfalcon Says:

      Well, Derrick, is does show how much work goes into these characters. How many games would BOTHER with a face that is never seen?

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    8. Bullshit Says:

      I don’t know what the hell you guys and the guys on the linked site are talking about. First of all its multiplayer and therefore wouldn’t be the Master Chief. Second, there is absolutely no face or even the hint of a face visible inside that helmet. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and is seeing what they want to see. It’s just blackness with some formless lighter patches. It does not conform to some description of the MC in the books because it’s not even there. Don’t even waste your time looking.

    9. DW Says:

      There is no face shown here. Anyone who says they see the face and especially the idiot on the site saying it conforms to the description in the books (scar over the left eye etc.) is a moron. The only thing there is a bunch of blackness with formless lighter patches on the sides. That does not constitute a face even in Halo fanboy land. Don’t waste your time looking at this. It’s stupid and won’t answer your question.

    10. ian Says:

      What the hell is that crap

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