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The Big Bouncy Bulbous Balloon Breasts Edition of GameStooge

One too many trips to the Wizard on Park and 73rd...GamesRadar has a funny story on the history of the obsession with mammoth mammaries in the Soul Calibur series, and how unrealistic these female characters are.

To quote Rita Rudner: “I don’t think they had silicon injected – they had helium. They’re so big you can’t close the game box.” Or as Marge Simpson would say: “Her maguppies have become bazongas!”

On a serious note, how damaging are these images to women? What about the realistic effects, such as the facts these women are wielding swords. Aside from the possibility of accidentlly cutting a thin little strand holding these bras up, isn’t there a high probability of serious damage? Not to mention the back problems in the first place…

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    1. Derrick Schommer Says:

      damaging effects? I didn’t know that was a concern most guys that play these games actually care about.

      What about back problems?

    2. jonahfalcon Says:

      You do know why a lot of women have breast REDUCTION surgery, right? I mean, her breasts probably constitute half this woman’s body weight!

    3. MitchyD Says:

      She’ll be a hunchback before she’s thirty! :O

    4. HarryB Says:

      Video game characters don’t have back problems or get hunchback unless the creators want them to.

      For all you know, that “thin little strand” could be made of a special magical titanium alloy, or better yet… an extraterrestrial-born material that has the look and feel of cloth but is stronger than diamonds.

      The point is.. it’s make-believe. You can suspend disbelief. You don’t have to be concerned with how she can go poop between fights when her sword won’t fit in a bathroom stall with her or worry about and debate the physiological disadvantages of her anatomical proportions.

    5. jonahfalcon Says:

      The psychological damage is very real.

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    9. fairgame Says:

      wait a sec from what i remember the problem with otehr games was the fact that the characters body was not proportionate to their breast size(ie lara croft with that tiny waist from many years ago) if ya look at ivys body she has big hips and a rahter sturdy waist. she has ” junk in the trunk” seems to me shes the most realistic large breasted chaeacter i have ever seen in a game. ( as in her body matches her breasts).

    10. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Ivy has an entire junkyard in the trunk.

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      [...] Soul Calibur fan has made me follow the development of this game quite a bit. From the extremely large breasts added on to the announcement of Star Wars characters stealing the spotlight in an already great game. More [...]

    14. Phil K Says:

      Always makes me laugh reading wet behind the ears spotty brats berating how “demeaning” big boobs are, and how they don”t exist really.

      Oh they do – but the owners of said big boobs want nothing to do with half-men.

      Salute the mouthy talentless [censored] and skinny titless horrors all you like – but be a bit more honest for a change.

      You’ll bash the bishop thinking about the very big boobs you supposedly sneer at, and download Danni Ashe pics, then agree with some man-hating lesbian who talk utter bullshit, and lusts after the big tits itself (they’re not worthy of the prefix her-)

    15. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Bash the bishop?

    16. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No, really. Bash the bishop?

    17. Mr Phillip Says:

      If I actually gave a shit about reality-vs-big tits, I wouldn’t be playing a FANTASY GAME.

      Bring on the tata’s and let the tiny-titted haters be damned.

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