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PS3 Loses Beautiful Katamari to Wii?

No PS3?As if Sony didn’t have another troubles losing exclusives (check the link farm for a recap), it seems like they may have completely lost Beautiful Katamari to the Wii, making it a Wii60 game.

…Sources close to Namco Bandai tell IGN that the studio ran into some trouble with the port of the game to PlayStation 3 and these issues, coupled with the stalled sales of the system, have led to the project’s quiet cancellation. Looking to better-than-expected sales of Wii, the company has, say insiders, re-shifted resources to ready a Wii build of Beautiful Katamari instead. Given that the title cannot be ported from Xbox 360, the game is being re-concepted for Wii.

This isn’t too shocking, since the PS3 disappeared from the game’s fact sheet, but still, what could possibly be next for Sony? Losing Metal Gear Solid 4 to the Xbox 360? Nah, that’s crazy talk… isn’t it?

(Thanks, IGN.)

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