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The Death of Master Chief in Halo 3? [UPDATE 2]

[Originally posted August 3rd, 2007, then September 13th, 2007] 

RIPIf you recall, in my impressions of the E3 2007 trailer, I noted there was a note of finality to it:

an evocative final shot of Master Chief – if it goes to black like The Sopranos… anyway, this trailer felt like this is it for our Master Chief. Sort of sad, really.

Well, Xbox 360 Fanboy is spectulating such a sad event, because there’s been some new promotional material that strongly hints at John-117′s death:

The 7th Columnist wrangled up a Halo 3 ad that is featured in the latest issue of EGM and is worded in such a way that it almost sounds as if they are remembering Master Chief. You know, like he was gone or had passed away. It’s quite the interesting ad indeed. Also, as part of the Halo 3 sponsored Projekt Revolution tour, a Halo 3 advertisement pamphlet was handed out and talks of musical celebration that is “honoring the life and legend Master Chief John-117″. Sounds very “Master Chief is dead, let’s remember his life” to us.

His grave

If true, will you cry at the fateful moment? Or at least sigh wistfully?

September 13th, 2007 UPDATE:

The current “BELIEVE” series of videos – so far “The Museum” and “Believe” both strongly hint at the way Master Chief may meet his end. Major Czernek talks about running out of ammo and Master Chief arming a grenade in a decisive moment, crying as he talks about the Chief giving them all hope. The next video depicts a defeated Master Chief being held by his scruff by  a Brute in the midst of chaos – with Master Chief activating his grenade and looking up.

Is this depicting the Master Chief in the moment of his greatest triumph – and sacrifice? The videos seem to be strongly hinting that.

September 14th, 2007 UPDATE:

If you visit the new “Believe” site, you’re treated to a very nifty 3D representation of the diorama, where you can take screenshots for wallpaper photos anywhere you like. Now, normally this would be ultra-cool, except one of the notes you must make is that the diorama is called “The John-117 Monument”.

Add to that that the last “Believe” video will be released October 1st, a week after the release of the game, and is called “Gravesite”.

Dudes, Master Chief dies. In fact, at this point, I’ll be kinda pissed off if he doesn’t.

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    222 Responses to “The Death of Master Chief in Halo 3? [UPDATE 2]”

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    1. MitchyD Says:

      Chief was born way post 2000 NOOB!

      I would love to see him die… Solid Snake too.

    2. jonahfalcon Says:

      Chief was born way post 2000 NOOB!

      Um, if you take that literally, you’d think I was saying MC was 6 years old when he died.

      I would love to see him die…

      Do you mean that with a gleeful chuckle or just want to see a heroic death and/or a sad ending to the trilogy?

    3. DEEP_NNN Says:

      Actually, I strongly hope the ending invokes an emotional response from me. If that is crying, so be it. I love emotional endings. I’d cry for the Arbiter or even Half-jaw too.

      I’m more hoping it will be a, “Take that you Covenant or Flood bastards”!

    4. Anonymous Says:

      Well im hoping that the ending would be sorta like a savior. He dies to save the Earth from the covenant/flood

    5. MitchyD Says:

      No, I love the Chief, but the dude has seen some hard times, and he’s a little old. I want to see him go out in a heroic manner. Snake too.

    6. moon Says:

      lol he dies all the time anyway. nothing new he’ll just respawn

    7. sai Says:

      umm…the Halo: Combat Evolved came out in 2001. Isn’t obvious?

    8. ghost Says:

      he dies? bye bye jhon gonna miss ya

    9. Informer Says:

      Ahh the sad death of MC only time will tell but in speculation i believe he will die

    10. Mega metal wolf Says:

      Its just a publicity stunt, the MC could die but I don’t think so.

    11. Jack Says:

      If he dies, I know Bungie will pull it off right and not “jump the shark” just to get publicity.

      If he dies, I’ll cry. I know I will. I cried at the end of the 4th book, that was pretty hardcore.

    12. MitchyD Says:

      The fourth book being Ghosts of Onyx?
      That book had weaksauce as its primary ingredient.

    13. Chris Says:

      I’ll start balling if master cheif dies.

      But you aall are over looking one small thing….master chief is invincible. nothing could kill him.not the flood because its been hinted that SPARTANS are impervious to flood(borans syndrome)

      and If and i mean IF he passes he’ll finally be with his fellow spartans.(man im tearing up just thinking about it)

      and I think it will come out that ONI (office of naval intellegence) does alot of Black ops.theres alot of things to be answered for from them.

      but master cheif has always been my hero and to see it all end will be very difficult for not only me but millions of others.

    14. The Solitary Soul Says:

      As a writer, I think it would be a fitting end for the Master Chief to perish in glorious battle. It’s the only thing left for the Chief; it’s not like he can retire and start a family…

    15. Dragonheart Says:

      If the Chief were to die in Halo 3,
      I would like to see him go out with
      an bang, not with an whimper.
      Like taking the Covenant and the Flood
      with him in an nuclear explosion.

      My hat’s off to you Chief, see you in Halo 3.
      (excuse the bad typing)

    16. Hybrid theory Says:

      if he dies he should go like Sam did after all sam was Mc’s Best Friend

    17. MitchyD Says:


      Sam was in Fall of Reach, yeah? He stayed behind while the others went?

    18. Arbita Says:

      Solitary has a good point. But i will cry if not on the outside on the inside. He trained all his life for this. He had to know hed die sometimes whether peacefully or in combat. But as Chris said at least he’ll be with his friends. But… if the Arbiter doesn’t die i have a feeling he will lead the elites.

    19. E-Show Says:

      I would like to see Chief die – as badass as he is and how much I love him, it’s obviously the best way to end the game.

      Also, it’ll ensure us that Bungie is serious when they say this is the end of the Halo story arc and we won’t see Halo 16 thirty years down the road (coughcoughFinalFantasy).

      “But you aall are over looking one small thing….master chief is invincible. nothing could kill him.not the flood because its been hinted that SPARTANS are impervious to flood(borans syndrome)

      and If and i mean IF he passes he’ll finally be with his fellow spartans.(man im tearing up just thinking about it)”

      As for you, judging by your post, I cannot tell if you are serious or not, but if you are – how can you go from talking about the Chief being invincible to talking about the other 299 Spartans who have died (proof enough that Chief/nor any other Spartan is invincible)?

    20. Ez Pz Lemon Squeez E Says:

      I think it would be cool if Johnson/(or someone close or meaningful) was there with him. As he died and as he was badly wounded or something and because of his wounds he couldnt breathe so he needs Johnson/(other) to take off his helmet or something. And just before he died you see his face.

    21. tom lattimore Says:

      he cant die or bungie will get death threats and h8 mail just like when hideo kojima tried to leave kojima productions and i dont think bungie will because its too much of a financial loss to kill him off

    22. phil Says:

      hahah i will cry even if he doesnt die because its the end of the games….=*( and also ill prolly cry when the movie comes out

      (jk i ownt cry…i like to think i will tho)

    23. Zach Says:

      I think it’d be great if it was like sam also, but you got to be in a hall way sort of protecting a bomb or an opening to the protecting Ark or whatever as millions of enemys flood into the hallway [no pun intended.] and you fight until you die, instead of respawning you have an end scene where the door shuts on the bad guys and the halos go off or the bomb goes off as they rush to stop it.

    24. Jeran Says:

      I think that if Spartan-117, John dies he has to go in the face of overwhelming odds and triumphs but mortally wounded, so the other characters could react to it, Cortana cries, Johnson hands him a cigar, and the Arbiter “Brutally” kills the nearest Brute. Or you get a close up of his eyes as he dies, showing his life, and his final mission fulfilled. I might cry, it depends.

    25. Chad Says:

      I will without a doubt shed a tear if Spartan-117 dies. I’ve watched the e3 trailers available on the marketplace over and over again simply because they are so moving. Whenever I hear the music and think of the storyline and gaming experience…I just don’t see how you couldn’t be moved by his death.

      If they ever do get a movie made with quality people behind it I’ll have a hard time seeing it if its based on Halo 3.

      I really don’t want to see him die but I know it would be one of the greatest endings in video game history, and Bungie more then has the balls to do it.

    26. Kade Says:

      @Lemon SqueezE: You mean akin to the end of Return of the Jedi? Lol.
      It would so be Bungie’s style if there was a “Johnson…take off my helmet…” as 117 is laying on the ground with Sarge kneeling next to him. Then Johnson takes off MC’s helmet, but the camera pans to an angle where Johnson’s torso obscures MC’s face. And then somewhere a bajillion bombs go off and all the rest of the Rings (along wit High Charity and the Flood) go kablooie. Bam.

    27. GiZmo AZR Says:

      I dont care if he dies, i just want to see the face :-D

      ITs the GAME that you play, not the storyline. it just makes it more interesting.

    28. Spartan Warrior Says:

      I think that they’ll both will live in the end. The Chief will come back for her and stomp all over the Flood after saving Earth…

    29. Sarth Says:

      Wait wait wait… people see a slight similarity between a trailer and a crappy tv show and they think the character is going to die… and the article was probably remembering him for his role in Halo. He won’t be in Halo wars and future projects but it doesn’t mean he’s going to die.

    30. Jason Wyatt Says:

      I think we should see his face because a the end of the Metroid games we get to see bounty hunter Samus Aran’s face so why can it not be the same for Master Chief.

    31. Halo Fan Says:

      This is truly a sad day in the Halo universe when the Chief’s greatest fans talk in idle chatter of his death. Chief probably will die, but have faith. Whether he dies or not, we need to hope he will live, in one way or another…

    32. james Says:

      it would be good with MC dying because it’ll be touching and sad but if not, blaa.
      it’s not gonna be like star wars return of the jedi where mc asks johnson to take off his helmet, why would he do that it’s stupid it’s mc.what if mc’s ugly s crap that would ruin it.

    33. ChunkyMonkey Says:

      I have to agree with James on this one. MC taking his helmet off would be so out of place in the game.

      # a – Giving the Master Chief an articulated face takes away from the perception of the gamer being MC. You won’t playing AS Master Chief anymore.

      # b – No matter what he looks like, I can guarantee you that everyone will be dissapointed. Unless, of course he turns out to be Forerunner or something so freaking radical that nobody expected it.

      Keep it on Master Chief. We’re all bracing for your final bow. Go out with some dignity.

    34. Alex Says:

      Hmmm i dont know if Master cheif dies.. but for sure the arbiter will die because the arbiters mission in life is to regain honour in death. (Preventing the firing of the halos etc.)

    35. KI(Leader) Says:

      Im sorry folk he dies in halo 3. It the last halo and it did not take place on halo it took place on earth. He died saving us all and the universe. The weapon is for to destroy the universe. But i believe he will die with sacrifice of destroying the weapon. It funny remember all of the covenent is at earth cause of halo 2. I beleve the elite will help master cheif cause of the brute remember. the elite the second main caracher is in halo 3. It a civil war people. The elite ar pissed cause of the brute get it. The weapon explosion that master chief die in will kill all of the convenet. There will be no flood on earth cause they ar only on halo unless the convenet took them with them. Master chef is our hero but Halo War is coming out and the halo the movies is coming out too so it not the end.

    36. John Says:

      Well, I don’t know if the Master Chief will die, but either way it’ll be good. A) He dies, gets a hero’s funeral and legend akin to Achilles (or King Leonidas, if you want to go all-out Spartan), or B) He lives, and he’s the biggest hero ever. However, I truly doubt he’ll die, as Bungie would be killing off their number 1 moneymaker and biggest icon.

      OFFTOPIC: However, on the topic of Halo deaths, what did catch me by surprise and was a little touching was Tex’s death in the series finale of Red vs. Blue. Also, it was cool seeing sarcastic Church going all noble trying to save her and his reaction when she bought the farm. Although Halo owns all, Red vs. Blue deserves a special place in the video game pantheon too.

    37. Hunter501 Says:

      If MC does die they should add some funeral
      scene at the end were they bury him.

    38. halo3marine Says:

      they at least show his face since its the last game

      * * *


    39. Asura Says:

      Having John die is the best possible way to end the game. King Leonidas isn’t famous for winning the battle and dying of old age, he’s famous for dying heroically in battle. Same goes for the Master Chief. And as ChunkyMonkey said, having them show the Chief’s face will only be disappointing and utterly anti-climactic. And what possible reason would there be for him dying in such a way that he’s capable of taking off his mask and showing his face? I believe, instead, it’d be more along the lines of “Wow, did you see that gigantic explosion that the Master Chief was caught in the middle of and couldn’t have possibly survived?” But at the same time, an ending like this would be best because it’s only believed that he died, but there’s still a shimmering hope that somehow he survived.

    40. Will Master Chief Die In Halo 3? Says:

      [...] Via Game Stooge [...]

    41. spartanmuffin Says:

      dude the Mc can’t die….well he can but when he dies the rest of the spartans( kelly fred and linda) the spartn IIIs and the Dr. have to show up at the funeral and u get to see other spartans for 1st time

      …everwonder how elites r made…is the arbiter/half jaw a chick???!!! dun dun duhhh

    42. CDog Says:

      I reckon he’ll do something crazy like activate halo before he dies.

      My hypothesis: He’s surrounded by flood, trying to eat him, and then he says “Fight Finished” and he puts the index into the control thingy and the camera snaps to Earth, where everybody is fighting and dying, and suddenly, a bright light come out of nowhere and then the camera whites out. Then it shows new mombasa completly barren and empty.

      I think it would be sad and intresting if the MC dies, but he probably won’t, because nothing can kill the chief.

      P.S: Can’t wait till H3

    43. CDog Says:

      The cheif will NEVER die. Besides he’ll just respawn.

      I hope the arbiter dies though, it will be cool, like he gets run though by a brute with a plasma sword.

    44. ChunkyMonkey Says:

      OK, it seems like everyone here thinks that the best way for Halo 3 to end would be with Master Chief’s life being held in question…. just had a thought… what would be the WORST ending?

      I know Bungie wouldn’t dare do this but what if Halo 1 – 3 all turned out to be a dream sequence.

      Arrgh!! just that thought makes me breathe heavy with rage.

    45. jonahfalcon Says:

      The worst thing would be another cliffhanger.

    46. MitchyD Says:

      I would punch Frank O’ Connor and Co. in the teeth.

    47. Justin Says:

      Well considering all the seemingly hopeless battles the Chief has gotten himself into, and won I doubt very much he would die. Though he might be transported 100’000 years in the past onto instillation 04 where he meets 343 Guilty Spark and activates the halo.

    48. matt Says:

      MC won’t time travel… Bungie has admitted that time travel is too bizzare and corny.

    49. halo3fan Says:

      dude hes gonna respawn again..if he doesnt then its gotta be a publicity stunt

    50. halo3fan Says:

      dude thatd be hilarious if he had a heart attack before he destroyed all the rings..

    51. gary_halofan Says:

      the dream sequence: theroy crappy
      return of the jedi: theroy crappyer
      chief activating the halos: makes no sense (why would you go through all of that trouble to stop truth from activating the halos just so chief can do it himself
      chief living: whole lot of shit would have to go down and he comes out on top
      chief dying: would be sad but would it be after big battle him getting hit with some spiker rounds still kills all enemies and just falls and dies (after remembering every thing that happened in the past) or 300 dying (ausome huge battle bullets grenades gravity hammers and all that crap and ends up dying and arby finishes them off)
      takes his helmet off: anti-climatic but answers alot of questions and raise some more
      any other ending: depends

      OFFTOPIC: ever wonder just how pissed of chief would get if jhonson dies (not the way in Halo when you can kill him) but if a jackal snipes him just wanna throw that out there

    52. Zdenik Says:

      How about this -
      The flood is defeated after Cortana goes Rampant inside the Gravemind, and the Chief manages to destroy the ark and with it the other five rings. Then the Brutes are wiped out along with the Prophets and the Covenant is Broken. Everyone leaves Human Space with Spartan-117 triumphant but dying. His last act is to ask the Arbiter to kill him, which he does by running him through with the sword. He is also dying – and gives Johnson the sword to finish him off. The End.

      The way to crappify the above ending – Johnson then goes with Keyes and some Marines to a bar, where they all get their drinks and Johnson hits the jukebox. Out of it we here the first few lines of “Don’t Stop Believing” and the screen fades to black.

    53. Dynamite Says:

      I think it would be better if the Arbiter died – not many people would see that coming, no-one would shed a tear either. I mean he was always destined to die, as all the other Arbiters before him. A heroic last stand with Johnson beside him against like a brazillion Brutes should be the go. MC shouldn’t die, and we certainly shouldn’t see his face – it would just ruin him seeing some pale white dude underneath that awesome gold visor. He should kill Gravemind by like jumping onto its back with a gravity hammer or an energy sword and hacking it to bits. I wonder how they’re going to kill Truth? Explosion? Shotgun? Sword? Melee? Stick? The possibilities are endless.
      What would be an awesome ending is MC finds the last of the Forerunners in the Ark, and the Forerunner does the whole Jesus/Neo/Shinji thing with him and makes into him a superhuman transcendant martyr in order to destroy the flood. That’s why Arbiter and Johnson would be doing their last stand out the front of the Ark.

      God, I cannot wait 22 days for this game. It has to be NOW. NOW!

    54. halofan Says:

      Ya’ll know how Cortana say’s this is how the world ends. What if Cortana has been working wit the gravemind all along and she fires all the halos.

    55. MitchyD Says:

      Dynamite, if you’re referring to Shinji from Evangelion, at least Neo accomplished something besides conquering his own pussy-fear of himself.

    56. flabbymonkey Says:

      if mc dies or the arbiter ill think it goes something like this(arbiter but actually doesnt die but read it anyway) hes on a big platform fighting grave mind and he tries to slash in the head wit a energy sword and slashes his head open and lobs a plasma grenade in its head and the force of the explosion throws him offf the platform and he plunders into the earth in the indian ocean and a big forerunner (that glows blue) thing floats about in the sea then it touches the arbiter and his eyes open and there glowin blue and he has like supermutant powers or somet tune next week to think how mc dies goodbye

    57. alex Says:

      man of coarse he died i mean hav u ever played legendary all this time hes died on every xbox
      he wont be gone for good i just think it meens this is the last game beacuse they win the wars and its all over

    58. Dude Says:

      I think Arbiter is gon sacrifice hisself and be all like “It is my destiny to perish here” then him and Gravemind get blown up

    59. anon Says:

      Spartans never die they just go mia. But what if they make it so master chief is the only one posted as kia?

    60. MitchyD Says:

      They do DIE, they just don’t report them as dead to kill the morale of the people on Earth.
      Plenty of Spartans died.

      Almost all of them did.

    61. the halo master(head of bungie) Says:

      mc will die leading the unsc into battle against the arbiter

      spartans spartans

    62. zacA Says:

      i know someone already said bungie said time travel was corny, but the halo rings were activated once, we assume it was the forerunners, but what if the master chief goes back in time and activates the rings? then goes back to when he was on the first halo ring and prevents the release of the flood? and then goes forward in time and takes on the covenant and saves earth? i dont know if he will die or not but to me if he does die it better be in a totally awesome way

    63. anon Says:

      mitchyD I know they die im saying that they are always reported mia and if master chief dies instead of being reported mia he will be the only one out of all the spartans to be reported kia.

    64. Ignacio Says:

      Die? spartans never die

    65. d3f3c7 Says:

      he will go back in time and activate the original halos that is how he dies the moniter said it himself “last time you asked me would i do it having considerable time …… yes i would ” meaning the chief or a spartan did it , now if there r no more spartans that arent in the shield world then who is left???. ,timetravel, they did it in marathon and bungie copy/pasted much of that story to halo so why not this

    66. MitchyD Says:

      Yeah they do. I’ve seen it. :(

    67. Turnip Says:

      Johnson dies, Arbiter dies, half jaw dies and Cortana … powers down?

      Master Chief is ownage.

    68. Thomas Says:

      If the chief dies it’ll be with a bang. A BIG bang.But what I think could hapen is this:

      The halos are activated, the Arbiter and the chief are running to the ark, the only safe place from the halos. Earth starts to explode, just as Mc and Arbiter get to the Ark the door starts to close, then a brute shoots the Arbiter in the back. in his last moments, the Arbiter grabs Mc, and thows him into the Ark. The door closes.In this last, selfles act, The arbiter gains honor through death. Then the ark lefts of and flys away, jumps into slip space as the planet explodes in a nice big Ka-BOOOOM! then the ark comes out of slip space at a halo thing, but this one is just a place to live not a weapon. then it shows the inside of the ark. Mc is leaning against a control panle looking out a window,then the camera slowly pans arownd him, and he begins to take his helmet off,and starts to cry. you never see his face exsept the back of his head. Cortana, Johnnson, Kees, Arbiter, Earth, Every one, every thing dies. then it fades black and starts to play the halo 1 end music.

      what ever, thats my Idea, all most shed a tear wile riting it to…

    69. sleven Says:

      yea ill get “emotional” if he dies, but i think sure theyre going to activate the rings in the end any way idk

    70. sleven Says:

      the arbiter does die,too bad to i like the elites i think theyre really cool

    71. wiisux Says:

      ok i have to clarify a couple things: halo rings wipe out all lifeforms that could support the flood, no explosions, and no ship could save you from it. also ive read that bungie definitely has a real ending this time but it will be like a little mysterious, i think as in an explosion that would be ALMOST impossible for MC to survive. i also read that the Marathon guy has like mjolnir armor and a bunch of other spartan~y things so he might like somehow be MC 200 yrs later. i havent played it tho so idk

    72. wiisux Says:

      i think or at least hope that the arbiter dies, but before the very so his death doesnt like overshadow MCs. johnson should also die, maybe even with the arbiter, because his survival probably would make the ending anticlimactic (and the black guy always DOES die first lol). id bet that miranda lives AND becomes a/the humans’ ruler =( finally i really have no idea what might happen to cortana the rings or the covenant, except that somehow humans will win/survive.

    73. wiisux Says:

      one last thing lol: does anyone else find it odd that from all the campaign info we have so far, it seems as if the flood just ceased to exist??? o.O

    74. Thomas Says:

      I probably should have said this, but what I meant by the earth blowing up is that the bruets are bombing the planet, and stuff. sorry about that.

      I agree with wiisux, how come we’ve heard nothing of the flood yet??

    75. Thomas Says:

      oh, and srry bout spelling ;)

    76. Lt Razor Says:

      I’d like to see MC go out by he and Cortana melding as one and soaring off into the wild black vastness of the universe as pure intelligent energy. Now that would be a cool conclusion

      [Someone's watched too much Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I see. :p - jonahfalcon]

    77. Thomas Says:


    78. ZoserCool Says:

      sure ill cry!!!!! T_T

    79. Halo 3: “Believe In a Hero” | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] The second “Believe” video has popped up, featuring the same diorama, but with Master Chief and Arbiter in the middle of it, describing an event hinted at by “The Museum” spot. It’s beginning to seem like this is the scene depicting Master Chief’s greatest triumph… (and his death?) [...]

    80. hmmmm Says:

      “The next video depics Master Chief and the Arbiter standing calmly in the midst of chaos – Master Chief activating his grenade and looking up.”

      Does anyone else notice that statement is very wrong? In the second video he is being held like a trophy, hanging limp, then the grenade activates and he looks up. I think MC will die in the end, but this scene seems to depict a climatic battle, in which the chief looks to be finally defeated, only to escape with a grenade, not his death.

      * * *

      [That was fixed - depicts was also spelled wrong. Refresh your web cache. ;) - jonahfalcon]

    81. DEEP_NNN Says:

      I noticed it was a Brute holding up Master Chief the first time I saw it.

      Arming the grenade for what? This battle’s armageddon I suppose.

    82. Bain Says:

      Master Chief dying would be sort of tragic, yes…but you never really got close to him emotionally, mor elike picturing him as the GI Joe, the immortal that goes into the frontlines and never gets killed.

      but of course it just teaches you that no matter how many amazing things people do, he’s still..human, even if he is a spartan.

      PS: Bad yet funny when you think about it ending: Arbitor betrays MC at the last moment and slashes his head off laughing patheticlly insanly as he activates the Halo and gets incenerated while laughing, and all the covanant prepares their great journey and one of them yells ‘onward!” before getting incinerated and then the brutes get incinerated at the leader mutters “damn I should of listened to that Arbitor gu-incineration-” And then the whole universe dies and Cortana gets sucked into a black ole. And then Sg. Johnson crawls out of the cave and yells “what the hell?” halo music, screen fade.

    83. Chris Gueco Says:

      A fitting end I presume.
      Master Chief dying is the only way that Bungie could prove this is the last chapter in a great trilogy.

    84. DEEP_NNN Says:

      If you check out the interactive diorama on the Halo 3 website, you will come to the conclusion that Master Chief is just putting an end to that battle. He probably stuffs the grenade in the Brute’s mouth and then bails.

      Based on what I read, Master Chief does not die in that battle.

    85. vincente Says:

      maybe the trailed is hinting at him being dead AFTER the conflict…i mean…that footage in the trailers was form 2582 or summin right? i mean…who can really kill the chief? curtenly not some stinking fuzz ball brute!!!

    86. Cdog Says:

      u know who i think should die

      THAT FRIGGIN LOAD OF DUNG 343 Guilty Spark

      All he does is say “I am a genius”.

      Everyone, go youtube and look at “Master Chief Sucks At Halo”.

      Its not mine but soooooooooo funny.

      * * *

      Sgt. Johnson: “Activavte god own anti-Son of a bitch machine, or giant hulahoop or whatever”

      Chief: Ok Ok

      Arbiter: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      *Cuts off Johnsons Head*

      Arbiter: Shit….

      Chief: Damn You, i was going to save the universe with HIM dumbass

      *Chief kills arby*

      Chief: Bitch……

    87. Halo 3 Street Date Broken by 10 Days? | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] forth, already significant Halo 3 spoilers may start circulating the web. Some people may even know if Master Chief dies or not. A Norwegian game shop called “Expert” yesterday sold 2, if not at least more copies of the [...]

    88. taylor Says:

      it does seem like hes going to die from the recent marketing campaigns, but in the diorama, hes only holding a grenade…and at most that would take out a couple baddies, so unless there is more to that grenade than meets the eye, it seems more like this is just where he takes out one of the big bad brutties.

    89. w00tdogg Says:

      “MC won’t time travel… Bungie has admitted that time travel is too bizzare and corny.”

      In Dead or Alive 4 (which had Bungie’s help to create a spartan character) conatains a chick spartan and her story is explained with something to do with time travel.

    90. Novaz Says:

      About the fact that if he dies in the game…

      I don’t have time to go over all the posts to see if this was even mentioned..but don’t forget..the monument was made 50 years AFTER the battle that is depicted. That would make John somewhere around the age between 80-90 years old (if he survived)…meaning there’s a chance he just dies of old age. So all that hype about how the people are commemorating a fallen hero..might just be because he dies RECENTLY…50 years or so after that major battle.

    91. Brownlie707 Says:

      Yes, he does die. In the end, Master Chief dies of head trauma due to a strike in the head from a falling scorpion tank. At first he seems ok, but then it is shown that a memorial is built for those who died. UNSC wins, Covenant loses. Oh yeah, that Miranda Keys girl dies and the Arbiter lives. If you don’t believe me, whatever because once it comes out, lets see whos right.

    92. Microsoft Banning LIVE Accounts Playing Halo 3 | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] tempting, we know the Chief is calling you right now. He wants you to finish the fight. We know you want to find out if he dies. But you know you want the help of the Arbiter and two other Elites. Please, keep it out of your [...]

    93. Anon Says:

      Brownlie707 apparently didn’t finish the credits.

      If you wait until after the credits, you see that MC survives, albeit in the middle of space in half of his ship.

      The series ends just where it begins – in a stasis chamber. Master Chief says a few words to Cortana, and seals himself off in the chamber while Cortana sends off an SOS beacon.

    94. Dude12345 Says:

      does sarge die?

    95. uzay Says:

      The mc doesnt DIE because he gets captured halo 4 will be about him probably getting away and if he dies wut will happen to the other 5 halo’s left cause the marines suck my balls, they cant just blow up all the halo’s

    96. Los primeros minutos de Halo 3 Says:

      [...] El hype crece de una manera increíble antes del lanzamiento de Halo 3 la próxima semana, e incluso la revista Time entra en el juego. Según cuentan, el final del juego ha sido colgado en internet, y yo desde luego no pienso verlo y mucho menos enlazarlo, sobre todo si tomamos en cuenta los rumores sobre una posible muerte del Master Chief. [...]

    97. anonymous Says:

      no shit he dies, when i play halo 2 on legendary i see him die like twice a level.

    98. jon nathe Says:

      I be very sad if MC dies but people did say harry potter die but he did not he lives but I did whach the spoler (I KNOW) and at the end Cortana says it was an honer severing him and at the very end you can see a blurry thing there I think it MC but I not shear it is not adding up.

      forgive bad spelling

    99. jon nathe Says:

      I think it is for good

      In halo 3 they got to lett cheif live over time a lot of rummers say that the main charaiter dies but there all false

      are going to say any thiing

      I all so sall THE AARBITER he lives its true but i dont think he leads the elets but he does sake hand with kekys

    100. Sputnik Says:

      I think that the master chief will die, simply because its just so final. But they have to get the ending just right, i’m thinking he has some kind of nuke somewhere where all the covenant and/or flood are, then he looks at “the player” and we see flashes of previous battles with more spartans and almost fogotten friends, then the screen goes bright white… :P

    101. Belrone Says:

      There is no doubt that in trying to create a story of epic proportions (very successfully I might add), that Bungie includes small hidden messages, information, or other clues as to the direction of this unfolding storyline in their TV adds and videos released on the net. It seems to be that with the release of their “Believe” add campaign that it is possible to piece together (somewhat) the final battle, or if not the final battle then at least the decisive battle, of Halo 3. What we simply do not know is the ultimate question of whether Master Chief (henceforth referred to as MC) lives or dies. There are three of these adds which provide the most clues, and which can be said to represent pieces of the plot of this “final battle.” The three adds which I speak of are the adds in which the old man (a survivor of the “final battle”) speaks of his memories of the battle; the add in which a voice over describes to us the motivation and purpose of the diorama which was created to commemorate this battle; and the add in which we see MC being held up by a brute, disarmed except for one plasma grenade which he activated as the camera dramatically zooms into his visor, then fades out. I am assuming that if you have read this far, and are on this site in general, that you have seen these adds at least once, so I will list the parts of these adds which seem important in bullet form, then try to analyze them rather than further explain the context and sequence of the adds. If you have not seen the three adds, I would recommend looking here, or searching something along the lines of “halo 3 believe videos”:

      -MC can be seen apparently defeated (or at least captured) by a Brute, he then clearly activates a grenade, obviously ready to take action (what action, we don’t know)
      -In another add, the old soldier is asked what he was doing on that day (referring to the battle, more on this later), and he replies: “When MC activated that grenade, I was…”
      -In the other add, it makes the fact very clear that by creating the diorama, they wanted to honor MC and the fight he waged against the Covenant
      -In the same add, the old soldier tells us many details about the battle, the most important part being that it was at least seven days long; however, the voice over tells us that every effort was taken to recreate exactly the scene on that day

      Now, to tie this all together. It seemed to me when I first watched this that there was an awful lot of stress being places on what they called “that one day.” The fact that the old soldier distinctly remembers (and was asked about) where he was, and what he was doing “when MC activated the grenade” seems to point to special significance of this action. To me, this specific remembrance is quite similar to way in which many people in America place special significance on (and will tell you) what they were doing, or where they were when JFK was assassinated. Additionally, we know that this battle lasted for more than one day (as stated by the old soldier), so why would it be necessary for the diorama of the battle to be exactly accurate to the conditions of one specific day? Obviously, something very important happened on this one day. By now, you most likely have figured out that I am suggesting that the “one day” which carries so much weight with the post-war world is the day in which MC activates his grenade, seemingly, an action which results in his own death.

      There is one other piece of information that holds true to (or at least does not contradict) the idea of MC’s death. If you follow the Halo series storyline, and are interested in deciphering some of Bungie’s clues (I am assuming you are) you have probably noticed, or at least heard of, the way that MC fits the role of a messiah-like figure; and have probably heard of or noticed yourself the religious imagery placed in and on the Halo series storyline (trust me its there, if you haven’t ever seen it, do some research of your own, examination of the religious imagery in Halo is really big on the net, you will have plenty of information). Well, assuming that MC fits the role of a Christian messiah-like figure (aka he resembles Jesus), it can be easily seen how MC could die.

      Thanks for reading, I’ve basically exhausted the critical analysis part of my brain for now, so I hope you guys have some feedback or other observations/information. I know there are plenty of other theories about the end of the game such as time travel (the Guilty Spark knowing MC thing), as well as ties to the Marathon storylines, but instead of trying to decipher EVERYTHING that is there for those theories, I only offer some information on the question of if MC dies or not. (There’s a reason I focus on that one question, and that’s because all the other theories and critical analyses of them could fill volumes)

      P.S. Remember this line from the Cortana letters: “Oh, and your poet Elliot had it all wrong, THIS is the way the world ends” (aka it ends with a bang). Well, how would the world end for MC in the situation I described above (think…. What do grenades do best?)

    102. Duckie Says:

      If you pay careful attention the the videos attached to the Memorial, it states that the Battle of New Mombassa took place 50 years ago in regards to the construction of the memorial. That means ol’ Johnny boy could very well die of natural causes as well. Just because he’s a genetically enhanced super-soldier does not make him immortal. It makes for a lame end to a legendary soldier, then again, that’s probably why the “Gravesite” video won’t go live until Oct. 1.

      That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…, screw it, who wants pie?

    103. Hei Says:

      Wasn’t the Halo 3 ending leaked? Go watch that and find your answers.

      Anyway, since the battle that the old marine was talking of was 50 yrs back, John could’ve died of…well…anything ranging from gunshots (AT that battle the marine was talking about or AFTER it) to being impregnated by the Flood to TAIDs, the *in the future* third level of HIV, and AIDs.

    104. marcos Says:

      i think that master chief us a cool guy

    105. early Says:

      got game early from tesco near where i live, he diesat the end escapin a halo ring after he destroys it.
      he has to get back through a portal to earth but gets killed in the blast

    106. dasffads Says:

      i want to see a plama grenade get stuck on his helm and he takes it off and throws it back at like that brute and he runs around fighting without helm on and dies from a bomb or something

    107. B Says:

      @early stop lying. You need to watch the end after the credits.

    108. RyomaEchizen Says:

      MC upload Cortana to a system terminal where Cortana able to detonate bombs? While Cortana doing her thing, MC cover her now with suit failure/shield failure/completely defenseless..He fought till the end, he did what he have did for earth and the entire galaxy save from covenant by sacrifice of their only hero… :p whatever..

    109. Lee Says:

      Yea I would cry too. Im probly just gonna cry since this is the last halo game lol. But just noting… Seeing master chief in videos and stuff and game, He wouldnt die from a gernade. Hes the master chief I mean like his armour and everything is too hardcore for a gernade.

    110. Lee Says:

      Oh and I found this on wikipedia.

      The videos fueled further speculation that Master Chief would die in Halo 3.[9][10] However, according to Bungie, the marketing team making the videos did not know what actually happened to the Master Chief in the game, so speculation based on them alone was most likely unfounded.

    111. frolony Says:

      So like wow halo 3 is so bitchin, the way i see it theres a halo 4, and its gonna pwn, chief didn’t die, the alien made a sob story went back to earth told them, then chief is still on that ship in the end, flying to alien territory, and on the ship when the alien says its not over take me home!!! LIKE WT F WOOOT THIS IS INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!! HALO 4 Baby

    112. FEATURE: Master Chief’s Fate and Other Observations | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] finished the campaign of Halo 3, and having seen what happens to Master Chief, there’s quite a few observations and comments that can be made about some of the mysteries [...]

    113. jonahfalcon Says:

      Article on the Fate of Master Chief now posted.

    114. papasmurf6464 Says:

      it sucks how johnson dies he was so cool u know i think like when cheif dies him and cortana should be there watching his funeral and then it would show like his picture in the funeral and its him in his suit or (im just throwin it out there) him without his sute before halo 1 and yes he did igsist because when he was in the chamber at the first seane in halo 1 they like were refreshing his memory but eather way i think at in the end johnson shouldnt have died i think that sucked and it was that blue flotie thing that humms and shit that killed him which ones agin really really sucks

    115. William Says:

      Warning. Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Master Chief does not die. He is induced in Cryogenic stasis at the end of the final credits. It only shows Cortana activate a beacon, and tells the Chief “It may be a while before someone finds it. Years maybe.”

    116. NOt DEAD Says:

      watch and be amazed. He survived

    117. blah blah Says:

      If you beat the last mission on legendary is shows an aditional vid. of him flying into unknown territory which looks like a giant mechanical planet. like the fu**ing death star. and all the scary music… so ya…. halo 4 IMO

      Bungi bullshitted us to the end and now their back again.

    118. Sonny Ghuman Says:

      Master cheif does die at the end with Cortana Crash landing right at the end… what a way to die

    119. Rafael Says:

      I just finished it in Legendary, and I did not see anything you guys are seeing, so stop BS. Last thing they show Master Chief he is alive in the ship, next they show the funeral for all who died, and number 117 on it. Obviously he did not die, they just making him dead for whatever stupid reason. Also There is not freezing or him flying to another planet

    120. Devin Grimes Says:

      Rafael, my friend…you should have watched past the credits

    121. Finisher Says:


    122. Finisher Says:

      he didnt DIE?? what a relief xP

    123. Silent Says:

      I must say though, that either ending would have been enough,
      I mean, if he died, then it would be because the war is over, he is no longer needed to fight, but now him being alive makes me anxious to why they did that… “wake me, when you need me”
      ah well great game :)

    124. buzzkill Says:

      ha,ha, your all wrong, i just beat it, and the arbitor kills him with the halo gun. stupidos. but it was a pretty filling game. i did cry when he died, but the arbitor dies after. oh, and theres a nother game called halo wars thats coming out.

    125. Hunter Poelsma Says:

      He says “Wake me, when you need me” because Cortana is a smart AI which can only live for 7 years. Cortana has already used up about 5 of her years so she will probably die on that ship.

      Master Chief saying that means “Wake me up when you’re dying”

    126. Olly Says:

      I just completed it & he seems he dies but with master cheif you never know

    127. Bryan Says:

      Ok. Everyone listen…….beat the game u get the cut screen with the memorial and all that, thne u get the credits. WATCH ALL THE CREDITS. then there will be a brief black screen which then will reveal another cur screen, showing master chief alive on the ship.

      just in case u were confused, :)

    128. Chris Says:

      No you guys got it all wrong, The Chief dies because that part after the burial of all the dead soldiers, is a flashback after the MC blew up the Halo. Only the Arbitor lives cus the soldiers found him when they crashed. Both Cortana and MC is DEAD. SORRY! Just put all the pieces together cus theirs no way the Chief and Cortana is still floating in space since they are both on the same shit as the Arbitor. im crying right now cus i thought he was still alive but now hes not. Spread the word.

    129. Jeb Says:

      Child u fail at life. did you watch after that? after the credits rolled by? or ur just some noob that pushed start when the credis were rollin sayin thats it MC is dead. After the MF creds theres another clip were it shows the MC and Cortana in space on the other half of the ship floating. Then he gets into cryogenic pod and goes into stais. thats all unless u beat the game on legendary in which theres a bit more.

    130. llllllll Says:

      so master chief is dead or alive?

    131. master chief ending Says:

      does anyone really know what happen? i do you people should pay a little more attention!!!

    132. Halo2kid49 Says:

      actually Master Chief does not die yeah i shows that he does beat it on legendary you we see what i mean.


    133. jonahfalcon Says:

      Please post here about this topic now:

    134. Spartan 117 Says:

      I crashed landed on a techno world ” Far advanced then our place you call Earth ”

      Don’t worry about me, cortona has my back.

      She still has some years left in her.

      And, I am not the best Spartan that they have trained, there is Spartan 118, my little brother.

    135. I just rly like halo Says:

      Halo 3 wuz awesome!

      I cant wait to find out if there will be a halo 4. since they let MC live, then there is a good chance that there will be a 4. But since the flood is gone and the war is over then there is an equaly good chance that there wont be a halo 4. Personally, I beleive that halo isnt just a game, its “the” game and a halo 4 would bring in more money than halo 3, which made about 200 million dollars or somthin, so it would be a good descision to make. Theres also the possibility that bungie said that halo 3 was the last so that no one would ask if there would be a halo 4.

      so anyways i beleive that there is a rly good chance for a halo 4; and no im not talkin about halo wars.

    136. KILL 4DA THRILL Says:

      U are all idiots[exept for the ones who wathed after the credits!!!! After the credits it shows him on the ship flying towards another planet with cortona. It left it wide open for another halo. So watch after the credits.
      The ship that they were flying in must have got hace way through the portal before the portal collapesed and sent the arbitier on one half of the ship and left cortona and master cheif on the other side floating around in space. So they are alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    137. home boy ronny Says:

      ok..folks..Let me post a little insight for a change For those of you wondering how arbitor didnt die..half the ship got seperated after they made it through the portal.key words.. after they made it through the portal. They think that chief is dead because only half the ship made it to earth. They dont know about the other half making it through. bungie is clearly telling us that there is going to be another game with master chief not called HALO. That story is more civil war between the covenent..the flood is also gone..but what none of you are talking about is this….I dont think the gravemind dies yet. I think Him and Master Chief have some more story to tell because unless I didnt understand that little flying orb..he said Master Chief was a for runner. Then gravemind says during the cortana mission that “why have you come here the son of my enemy??”
      the for runners made the halo rings to take out the Flood..put it together. The next game will not be called Halo 4..rather a whole new title with difrent characters and story..with cortana as his guide in that game. Maybe he gets found by his people at the end of the game or maybe even arbitor finds him. That would be a blockbuster game and story IMO.

    138. brock Says:

      that absolutely made my day “THE SPARTAN 117 LIVES ON!”

    139. St Jimmy Says:

      He lived he lived he lived he lived
      heeeee lived

      sorry but i bought the game on wednesday and just finished it. I pressed start at the credits and couldn’t believe MC died, however thanks to the comments on here I went back and played the last bit again (gotta love the warthog run liked it on the first halo loved it this time) watched the credits all the way through like you said and HE LIVED fantastic. As to halo 4 we’ll just have to wait and see.

    140. cheese Says:

      Ok. You called all of us idiots but….Wathed? Lol.

    141. mcfan Says:

      iv just seen the gravesite video off the believe site and it still doesnt look good for mc, he lived through the game halo 3 but these videos are making out that hes dead. And gravesite is pretty much telling us hes dead.

    142. Sparten Kiz Says:

      I couldnt believe it!! i thought he was dead sooo much coz i skipped the credits,, ive lent the game to my mate so i need to get it back to finish the game again!! OMG cant wait,, so home boy ronny you think theres gunna be another game,, your theory works i spose,, then again i havent seen last video yet soooooo we will w8 nd see eh

    143. jo Says:

      ther will be a halo 4

    144. baddy manny Says:

      THE ARBITER?, THE ADMIRAL GUY?, WHO???????????????????

    145. ANDY OSBORNE Says:


    146. snfunwsa Says:

      hes not dead, he goes to sleep in some pod thing after the credits if you clear the game on legendary and get every skull. nahh idk if you ned every skull but i got em.

    147. jonnathan Says:

      he does not die, if u have the game try to finish it in legendary :P
      wait till the credits endand u will see a special cutscene

    148. Hunter Poelsma Says:

      You don’t need to finish it on Legendary. Any difficulty will reveal the final scene.

      The only Legendary-only content is a bonus scene of around 20 seconds showing the ship floating towards a planet, presumably Onyx.

    149. karen-058 Says:

      ok this is more than stupid IF MC dies the future games are not going to be the same and if he dies my heart will be breaking in small pieces and I guess cortana too, because is the best hero of ever EVEER ever ever ever I played halo since I was 10 years now I’m 14 and i still love him.
      and I just want to see his face I want to know if he is handsome hahaha
      P.D. i dont understeand very well english i’m mexican but w/e i dont care if i didn’t write well this thing
      (Master Chief & Cortana Halo Combat Evolved)

    150. halo king Says:

      at the end of halo 3.arbiter and cheif and cortana on ship they take off,MC and cortana in cargo hold arbiter in cockpit.
      ship get cut in half by portal closing
      MC and cortana get left by remains of ark and installation 04[first halo found].arbiter goes to memorial of all dead ppl wit admiral and admrl says”hard to believe hes dead.”and arbiter replies “i wish it were only that simple.”.then arby leaves to elites and becomes leader and i cryed[ps:commnder keyes dies prophet shoots in back][pss:but anyway MC LIVES YAY][psss:ark is like 50x bigger than a halo]

    151. halo god Says:

      dude MC isnt dead he crashes on a flood planet with cortana (beat halo 3 on legendary then watch after credits.) but yeah he is very much ALIVE

    152. HALO GOD Says:

      MC isnt dead he lives and crashes on a flood planet( i beat it on legendary then watched after the credits) yeah MC is totaly alive

    153. tweek Says:

      hwy there prolly a bit late for this convo lol ahhaha but yea big mother fukin fan of all the halos and yea just wantin ta have a mean az chat bowt halo lol…..sooooooooooo i cloked it on legendary the otha day but still not sure if he dies or not…and it wierd cause the 3d monument shows him dying lol on the new mombasa battle field but the game is very much diff….???please fill me i lol:D

    154. eddie Says:

      dude master chief does NOT die… if you watch the whole cut scene at the end it shows him in the ship he escaped in. still alive… and then he goes back to his cryosleep chamber thing. ya.

    155. yojo Says:

      what will happen after that will they make halo 4

    156. bill Says:

      For who ever said he couldn’t start a family, he alwyas has Cortana

    157. Knight Says:

      Wait, isnt onyx made of sentinals so it like seperated to kill al the covenant ships

    158. josh 101 halo Says:

      my cousin is best mates with the creator of master chief and he dont die.sorry for the language but u really are an idiot

    159. arbitier Says:

      mc dosent die there is a video after the credits on the game

    160. ZERO1200 Says:


    161. professional Says:

      Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

    162. bill Says:

      master chife does not die in halo 3 and iv u say he does youve just herd bullshit

    163. jeffy Says:

      Masterchief does not die he lives if you go through the credits and I think the IWHBD skull has to be turned on because it unlocks hidden dialogue. He’s just floating around in space and there some scary music and a big flash goes by. I think that means their might be another

    164. deadguyspeaking Says:

      at the end of halo 3 117 is sketched at the sub

    165. deadguyspeaking Says:

    166. matt Says:

      he is not dead. you need to watch the end of the credits. he is in space with cortana in the ship he escaped in. its all broken up and he tells her to wake him when he is needed. kinda funny cause ai just finished the game and wondered if he was really dead. then i stumbled onto this site. and about to give what I thing. I still didn’t think he was dead but I thought he went back into cryogenics, and kept secret until the halo craze is just about over. Then bungie will bring him back for new adventures. halo was just to popular to kill off master chief.

      so I really wasn’t that far off.

    167. Jonah Falcon Says:

    168. Jared Says:

      hey i hope u guys know they find Johns ship he is frozen in that chamber

    169. Jared Says:

      they are going to find chife dead

    170. b1tchplz Says:


    171. Geezergar Says:

      if anybody ever let the credits play out at the end of the game you would all realise that Master chief is not dead but goes into to his CryoTube and tells Cortana to wake him if she needs him. After some kind of explosion the ship that The Elite and Master chief was on at the end of the game some how breaks up and the part of the ship that could make back to earth did so with the Elite on board, but Master chief and Cortana are still floating in space untill some one finds them.

    172. X2G Says:

      he doesnt die

      they THINK he dies…but hes not, it makes out hes dead, but really, hes not.

    173. Halo Says:

      He’s surrounded by flood, trying to eat him,he’s low on health and then he says “Its over.” and he grabs a granade, sacrifices himself, the last cheiftain goes up and is about to put the index in the controller and the camera snaps to Earth, where everybody is fighting and dying, and suddenly, it cuts back to the ring, just as the index is almost in,
      Master cheif’s respawned body falls from the sky with a energy sword, kills the cheiftain with one hit and ultimately destroys halo, with all the covenant on board as you see him flying out in the covernant dropship.

    174. laudrano Says:

      E-show you’re dumb. the reason he put invincible and his other fellow spartans is that all along MC has been nothing but a super human idiot. i mean do u actually think they got a whole bunch of babies and torture tested them until the war and the last 1 who survived had master chief slapped in his “insert your name here” space and crammed in warthog then shipped off no the way i think it happened was they grabbed a whole bunch of willing’ OR unwilling soldiers and did a whole crap load of modifying to them “aka” doing gene spilices and adding and taking away chemicals from their bodies and they kept doing it over and over again until they came up with perfection. i in fact think that Mc is nothing but an empty shell of a human with nothing but instincts and the “WANT” to kill and protect OUR civilization. and btw if bungie ends it idk i mean i dont know them to make anything better then halo NOT including the wars and stuff kinda like bullfrog. they made dungeon keeper 1 and 2 which were the best cpu games from 1993-2001 and then when their lead designer left “Peter molneux or w/e is name was they didnt buy the rights to the game so they ended up failing on everything else. all im saying is bungie wont end it like we think they will. they will end the halo story like cortana, Mc, Arbitar. they will keep it going with halo wars and crap which will kill the whole feeling of Mc’s honor and skill after u end up popping up Mc after Mc in your huge base thingy magiger lol and if he does die i want him to be on the last halo ring left and having the choice of taking over the covenant and leading them to destroyer earth or sacrifice himself to wipe out 1 or 2 of the highest leaders of the flood/covenant cuz cmon guys lets face it. if we were faced with tons and tons of enemies that were gunna kill u and then take over ur home planet anyway ud sacrifice urself to so the question is if they do kill em HOW>>>>>>??????? and btw if u want to reply to this message. me on xbox 360 live. my name there is laudSKILL

    175. Joey Says:

      He is not dead! His ship is herdiling tord a 4 runner planet! The ppl of earth think he is dead! no effence, but does any one no that verry old game called marathon or marathon man? i belive thats supposed to b John-117. think about it, wat a cowincedence that thay made the acheivment called MARATHON MAN!……Also they did keep a becon going.

    176. bosborn Says:

      idiots if you waited after the credits master chief doesnt die but he is trapped in the ship when halo fires he is in space with cortana arbiter was driving the ship but the ship is cut in half no one but johnson and commander keyes dies

    177. bosborn Says:

      the idiot who said mc gets struck in head is retarded mc doesnt die he is stuck in space you retard

    178. noah snyder Says:

      how do you know this stuff it does ot show it on my screen and how come hes not in halo wars

    179. Furnardan Says:

      All things that are called “trilogies” end in three, but think if for one time in this universe that someone, Bungie dared to defy that rule, and from all doubt, all fears and regrets, brings forth master Chief’s final struggle at the planet the half-torn ship hurled to. What ever he faces there, it eventually comes to the point where the earth receives the beacon. The most exotic, extreme plot line that can be imagined on the planet as he goes through it. Will Master Chief give his last? What the hell will happen?
      That would be awesome.

    180. Nefil Says:

      Why not see it the other way…. why doesnt Cortana die?

      I mean so far as i know it would be kinda strange if half the ship got blown of and only Cortana and The Arbiter survives…. maby the ship got damaged when ( at the last point of the “Getting away” scene )the go into warp

      Maby cortana dies because of the wave of energy coming out of the ring… and the wave destroys the ship when in warp and well… I cant know of course… but well…. hmm…. sounds weird but… Spartan was sick when they were showing the monument :P

      I mean the ship doesnt explode…. the ship doesnt work anymore and cortana is dead for some reason? just a opinion

      anyway, this was just me with MY ideas… its the thing we cant know…

      lol now iam thinking… maby Johnson survives ( just like he did in Halo 1 when the flood comes free )

      Nawh to far fetched

      anyway ><

      o.o Nef

    181. Jonah Falcon Says:

      LOL Good one.

    182. Teva Says:

      Marster chief is da best he shouldnt have died i was sad wen i saw da ending but wen i saw da ending of da credits i was happy cause he wasnt dead him and cortana unless dey just did dat 2 make us happy.

      excuse the uselees typing

    183. Temple Says:

      They should have master chief frozen (like Han solo) until the next great war. Seeing that he’s to good of a weapon to waste.

    184. edward Says:

      in the last clip of the game halo 3, wasnt MC put to sleep till someone found him and cortana? well maybee that will bring him back in a new game after halo 3 odst!!!

    185. master cheifs biggest fan Says:

      i didnt want MC to die.but it was one of videogamin’s biggest moments.A war in wich MC had been fighting for 6 years and then just as the war ends MC shuts his eyes for the last time. *tear falls down eye* ofcourse i dont think that this is the end of the Halo trilogy just beacouse MC is dead.there will be more Halo games,just not with MC in them.the Halo trilogy is Bungie’s biggest money maker.but i dont think i can get excited and pumped that there will be another halo game.because it wont be the same without MC right at the center of the action. but u never know.he might have just been with an ending like this always have twist to them.but until then, RIP Master Cheif.we all loved u,and we always will.

    186. Cammron Says:

      If you even betten the of halo 3 game on legenedry and wacth your way through all the creadits you might now that Master Cheif aka John of Sparten 117 is in the other end of the ship that the Arbitor was in. He is with Cortan alive in one of those pods that freez him moving through space throws the Covent home world which was in Halo 2. But he is probly scrood because that has zlets,bruts,grunts,jackels,hunters,swors,flood which are all not on his side. But yes Master Cheif aka John or Sparten 117 is alive in the back of a ship which is in Halo 3 at the end with a homing becon and Cortan to wake him up if any thing goes wrong.

    187. infamous l Says:


    188. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Did you enjoy playing the Rookie in ODST, master chiefs biggest fan?

    189. wassup dude Says:

      I wonder if anyone will find chief and cortana after the comeplete ending in halo3.

    190. anonymous Says:

      my friend says at the end or something of halo 3 hes riding out of a flaming building on a warthog and a scarab tank steps on him or something but i swear he armed a grenade threw it jumped over a mountain to face like 10,000 covenent alone…

    191. MC 117 Says:

      if they make a halo 4 (most likely be a different name since halo trilogy is over) then MC is gonna land on the planet you see at the end of halo 3 kill a bunch of shit throw some grenades and at the end a ship from earth will come and land to find the beacon and MC will walk out of the dust of some big ass building cortna told him to blow up and get on and go home

      just as good as any other guess

      just have to wait an see

    192. MC 117 Says:

      MC will crash on the planet learn about some crazy thing, start killing stuff throw some grenades, meanwhile the beacon as been detected and a ship is sent to go see whats going on, then back on the planet master chief finishes killing everything blows some huge ass thing up that cortana told him take out (seems to be a tradition in the halo games, MC Blowing something up) and then the ship from earth will land master chief walks out of the dust and everyone’s like omg!! its MC and the game will be over.

      There as good a guess as any, we will just have to wait and see.

    193. billy Says:

      my fave is the arbiter but i didnt finsh the campain so i dont know who died and who didnt and mc sucks hahahahahhahahahhaah

    194. billy Says:

      mc and cortana sittin in a tree k i s s i n g hahahahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahha

    195. billy Says:

      bungie should have shown mcs face cuz we so the back of his head but not his face hes white and has black hair i saw a pic

    196. Euan Wood Says:

      i love master cheif he was so awsome no that hes gone im going to greet

    197. The Flood Says:

      There is going to be a Halo 4, but unfortunately, it does not take place after Halo 3. It takes place on Reach. In fact that is what it is called. Believe me, I was pissed when I found out it wouldnt tell me what happened to Spartan 117. All I have to say about this, is either Bungie had better write a book or something. I gotta know what happens to Spartan 117!

    198. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Halo: Reach is NOT Halo 4.

    199. Conza =D Says:

      I love the chief, i think that if he does die, he should go in honor,(like the other guys said) and stuff you all who dont like master chief. But when he dies, he’ll be with his fellow soliders.

    200. nick Says:

      master cheif died doing what he loved and billy dont say dat to mc he is da best but i cryed because he died

    201. nick Says:

      master cheif died doing what he did best and theres no tacking away the fact that my Best hero is dead after lost in space or maby died of hunger or a crash in the ship

    202. Nick Says:

      Another thing is that when i play master cheif i came up with a new cach frase like Im trying 2 piss of da volcano or FUK SALT anny way I miss mc and yer

    203. giuliangg Says:

      bye bye john we will all miss you and and u will always have changed my life. i love you. bye

    204. Nick Says:

      Heyy im a BIG halo nerd but billy if u offened mc im gonna have 2 kill u in halo multiplayer Mate auzy auzy auzy oy oy oy

    205. Nick Says:

      Heyy if u want to complain about halo 1.2.3 AND odst & reach talk 2 me on facebook

    206. ironman Says:

      well MC DOES NOT DIE because if ya complete it on legendy then it shows you that he dose’nt die he just gets lost and he goes into cryosleep and bungie can’t think how they can make a sequel to it so halo trilogy is finshed and 343 industries is taken over if he wakes up cortana will be like rah rah rah and she will be crazy becauseshe’s in rampancy

    207. NICK Says:

      WOOOOOOOOOW u r right ironman mc dose survive

    208. halo geek Says:

      hes right at the end he freezes him self and says to cortana unfreeze me when you need me and he makes it out on the side of the warp hole

    209. halo geek Says:

      billy u gay becouse everyone knows that covanant sucks my **** right nick (sorry about the foul language I just got to give a piece of my mind

    210. Nick Says:

      It dosent matter i sware to. hey halo geek why dosent mc show his face ? Halo geek this is for you do u have face book if you do type in Nicholas Hardie thats my name and we can b friends because we both love Halo so much

    211. Coach from left 4 dead Says:

      My friends call me coach COACH

    212. Nick Says:

      Coach u r an idiot this isint left 4 dead 2 this is halo the poor death of master cheif

    213. Why do you wanna know my name are you a stalker? Says:

      All I have to say is that you all are f**king downees. Especialy you Coach. You should know that this is a Halo discussion, and you had to type crap about Halo on Google to get here. So screw off. And Billy, Master Chief is Chuck Norris. You just dissed Chuck Norris . Prepare to die. An this is my variation of what happens:
      Master Chief lands on the planet, and starts powning Forerunner crap. A ship comes to rescue him, but ends up dying so Cortana, Hood, and Arbiter who all come to rescue him can escape. He finishes it all, Magnum in hand, continuing to own the sentinel onslaught. As the ship makes the jump, you hear Cortana say: I will never forget. Then, our Spartan activates a slipspace bomb like in Reach using Forerunner tech. This makes all of the Halo Rings sentinel forges fall apart due to either the master control failing or sudden loss of another ring. Spartan-117 finishes the fight, and the influenc of the forerunners finnaly vanish. Good riddance

    214. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Well, we know that Halo 4 is coming, and it stars Master Chief. We don’t know that he’s going to deal with Forerunner stuff, tho.

    215. Nick Says:

      u go tell coach off cuz he is a dick head but anny way mastercheif is my hero and also if halo 4 comes out will there still be ranks on halo reach ? cuz im a halo nerd more than anny 1 my room is dedicated to HALO like my bed my xbox360 my TV i got posters i hot a halo laptop and all of the halo’s so anny way piss off coach

    216. Coach Says:

      oh f— up u little smart ass ill bash u and all ur nerdy halo nerds includeing billy aaaaa im scared now u might get me wif light sabers and Nick if u wanna fight me meet me at the BRIDGE ok

    217. Nick Says:

      Ok meet me there at 9:00 ok u better b there ok and stop acting so tuff cuz u aint u always get bashed up by girls at skool ok so i am gonna win COACH IS DEAD HAHAHAHAHA by The halo nerd nick i will also make sure coach dosent go on this websight agen Nick OUT

    218. Nick Says:

      Hmmmm i had a fight wif coach and he called me and said sorry lol i win now lets talk about halo

    219. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Just so you guys know, Nick and Coach are the same person posting from the same IP address. :D

    220. spartan john -117 Says:

      master chief is alive dumbasses ibeat the game he lived

    221. spartan john -117 Says:

      everyone allways thouht chieff would die in 2007

    222. spartan john -117 Says:

      some people even made a gravestone for me master chief
      such nerds sincerly,
      master chief

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