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PS3 Version of Unreal Tournament 3 Will Be Missing Maps

Have you seen me?What with all the talk about how great the Cell processor is at mathematics, it doesn’t exactly lend itself to practical gaming, and in an interview with Mark Rein of Epic Games, it was revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 will be missing maps that will be found in other versions.

If that weren’t enough, the given reason was a slap in the face:

Mark Rein, Epic Games’ VP, said that a few maps didn’t mesh well with the PS3, “…because the system didn’t have the resources to produce a smooth gameplay experience,” and the decision was made to axe them.

Ouch. Even more curious was another quote:

Rein also revealed that players can release their maps on the PlayStation Network for sale.

So players will sell user maps to other players for money? For a “free” online service, people sure are expected to pay for a lot of normally free services.

(Thanks, Gamer Node.)

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    5 Responses to “PS3 Version of Unreal Tournament 3 Will Be Missing Maps”

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    1. MitchyD Says:

      To be continued in DLC.

      You want to talk paying for normally free services? How about PLAYING YOUR VIDEOGAMES ONLINE?

    2. jonahfalcon Says:

      How about – other companies will have to buy their own servers for the PS3 and charge you?

      There’s a reason Xbox Live is centralized.

      Pay now or pay later.

    3. MitchyD Says:

      I like what Live is, I just think it’s ridiculous that I have to pay to play online. That’s asinine.

      I don’t play MMO’s for that reason exactly. I’ve already bought my god damn game, now I need to pay more?

    4. Chris Gueco Says:

      I pay for Live, and I feel that it’s worth every penny.

      What really makes me laugh is what he said about the Cell. Or, the PS3′s ‘resources’. I’m curious as to what that exactly means.

      I’m sure it’ll come out sooner or later.

    5. qasgpakgnn Says:

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