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The Halo 3 Legendary Give-a-way Contest

41Xor1uTGsL._SS400_GameStooge and 2old2play are teaming up to give away some games this month. We figure you guys have been reading our blog for almost 7 months now, and it’s high time we gave away some free stuff to say thank you for it. So how does the Halo 3 Legendary Edition sound? Good? Well then read on to find out all the details for one of the easiest contest you will ever enter.

Who Can Enter?

We are going multi-site wide for the contest. That means anyone can enter who reads 2old2play, GameStooge, or is a member of either website. Why not let everyone have a shot this time, right? So if you just read the site, love the blogs, or have been a member since day one, you all have a chance to take home the Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Oh and don’t worry if you don’t make it to first place, we also have the Halo 3 regular edition ready for the runner up.

For those of you that already own the regular Halo 3 or don’t know what the Legendary Edition is, I can sum it up as a Halo Geek’s dream. Better yet, just look at the feature below:

  • Includes storyboard art that depicts key moments and scenes
  • Comes with an audio-visualization tool custom-designed to enhance high-definition home theaters for the ultimate in Halo 3 audio and visual performance
  • Legendary Edition includes two bonus discs of extra content and a collectible replica of a Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI helmet with display stand
  • Bonus discs include behind-the-scenes features, a making-of documentary, remastered cinematic content from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 with director commentaries and more


So What Is The Contest?

We basically want to see how funny, witty, and/or shocking the community can be with a randomly selected screenshot from the Bungie Active Community Files. So all you have to do is give us a quote for the image below and email it to with Halo 3 Contest in the subject line. Try to give us something that expresses the image best and makes us laugh while we go through the countless emails. The winner will be selected by our admins, mods, and writers from both sites on November 5th.

What Are the Rules?

The rules are simple. All you have to do is send one email with your quote for the picture to in order to enter. You can only send one quote per email and only one email per person is allowed. Emails without Halo 3 Contest in the subject line will not be read. The contest is only valid in the United States and Canada so please keep this in mind when entering as the prizes will NOT be shipped elsewhere. The contest will end November 5th, 2007 but all entries must be in by November 2 to be counted in the contest. By entering this contest you agree to the contest rules provided here.

What do i Win?

  • First Place: Halo 3 Legendary Edition
  • Second Place: Halo 3 Regular Edition

Ok, So Let’s See the pic!

Halo 3 Contest
Click For Larger Image
Seems pretty easy right? So what are you waiting for, we want to see some funny quotes ASAP!

Disclaimer: The Contest will be begin Monday October 22, 2007 and will end Monday November 5, 2007. All entries must be into 2old2play by November 2 to count for the contest. The winner will be contacted VIA return email address so please make sure you check your emails and the site on Nov 5th. Watch that spam folder as well. If the winner does not respond within one week of the contests end, the runner up will be chosen.The game will be shipped to your provided address 5-8 days after we receive your confirmation via email. 2old2play, 2old2play sponsors, nor employees of 2old2play or sponsors may be held liable for any warranty, costs, damage, injury, or any other claims incurred as a result of usage of any winners of a prize once possession has been taken of the product by winner. Thanks For Playing!

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    64 Responses to “The Halo 3 Legendary Give-a-way Contest”

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    1. Jonathon Howard Says:

      Though I can’t win I had a funny caption so I entered anyway. Looking forward to reading everyone’s responses!

    2. Raisch Says:

      stay back! i have a magnum!

    3. TheGlitchMasta Says:

      You wanna see a pic of how to kill a blue guy by driving an elephant on the multiplayer map: SANDTRAP (not by using a turret, but by driving the elephant), add my gammertag: TheGlitchMasta to your friends list and i will share the insaine clip i took of it while i was in heated battle. Trust me…NOBODY has ever done anything like this, which i have officially labled: The ELE-STOPPIE.

    4. john Says:

      k, i know it’s too late to enter, but i thought i would leave on anyway so here it is.

      let’s see here 1,2,3 or is he 2. screw they’ll be easier to count dead.

    5. Harry Farwell Says:

      “One at a time ladies, please! There’s plenty of Da’ Chief to go around”


    6. Therealolley Says:

      heres a barrel full of blowy uppy stuff…
      IN YO FACE..

    7. thacker Says:

      hey guys. i got you text. what are those things?

    8. eric Says:


    9. Scott Klar Says:

      “Bet’cha can’t stick it!”…wait…I used that already…”Say hello to my little friend!”…wait…DAMN IT!

    10. ViRuS Says:

      Damn, I am so pwned this time.

    11. littlelate Says:

      “Suddenly I wish I were in a game with bullet-time”

    12. Aleprechaun Says:

      Its to late but still kinda funny here it is.

      For sparta!

    13. th3 gr4v3m1nd Says:

      its too l8 i no but

      “um how am i gonna do this maybe if i throw a bone they will go for it, um well here goes, fetch!!

    14. noobkillah Says:

      um can i has econ? no :( are you gonna kill me? yes! damn

    15. james Says:

      “I got them right where i want them”

    16. josh Says:

      ok I think its time to use the rocket launcher click,click,click…………. oh no out of ammo.

    17. Rameen Says:

      God Dammit Arbitar i was just joking your mom isnt that fat

    18. L@s Says:

      Am i so popular, or what?

      Come on, I will never be defeated.

      I mean it….. attack!

      Oh god!?!

      Hey you, what the…..

      Ehhh, Arbiter there are someone here that looking for you.

    19. Bruce Hunt Says:

      Well, I think its time to start running from… wait is it me or has the arbitor got 5,000 clones?

      um….HELP ME CORTANA!

    20. Sp/\rT/\n Says:

      Ok, let’s see . . . 1 . . 2 . .11 swords against 1 magnum. Crap.

      THIS. IS. S P A R T A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Hey demon! The jerk store called and they’re all out of you. Poor you, stolen at the age of six and conscripted into the military, unnhh! Okay look, you let me live, I got the Fist of Rukt, I’ll be the bottom. I’ll polish your boots, I’ll polish your helmet. Its the gas, haha! When I’m on the gas, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

    22. someone Says:

      “this is not the spartan you are looking for.” “I no has your kittens.” “The cake is a lie!!!!!!!”

    23. derock Says:

      yeah, it’s way too late but I gotta put somethin’…

      “Hey guys, sorry I’m late, the warthog wouldn’t start and… oh, oh this is just great, nobody told me this was a sword party. Thanks a lot. Now I’m the only one here without a sword. I’ll remember this next time you need my help.”

    24. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Simmons: “Hey, open up!”

      Grif: “Password.”

      Simmons: “What?”

      Grif: “Need the password!”

      Simmons: “You gotta be kidding me! What password?”

      Grif: “Password! They gave it out at the staff meeting 15 minutes ago!”

      Simmons: “Meeting? What meeting?! I was out here!”

      Grif: “Not supposed to let anyone in without it.”

      Simmons: “If the staff meeting just ended, no one outside is gonna know the freakin’ password! Now open up! We need ammo and the Chief is out here!”

      Grif: “Does HE know the password?”


    25. AWESOME Says:

      Look, I know this sounds bad, but well… um, I lost my sword… Hey look! a bird!! uh oh..

    26. guy with gun Says:

      i know it’s late (very) but…

      see, this is why you need to allways tell me what the latitude cordinates are.

    27. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Wait a minute! You can’t have one duck and all gooses!

    28. spartan111 Says:

      You all are great!

    29. hello Says:

      holy crap well he is dead

    30. halo_n00b_a7x Says:

      Kill me!!

      I’ll just respawn in a sec ^^

    31. Trevor Says:

      The large type of the image cannot be saved.

    32. chris Says:

      ohhhh no you gota frekin be kiding me you guys think im the chief no u got it all wrong im michal jackson since i hated being blak i became white didnt like white either so now im green and in green armour.oooah ooah try to get me ill just sing you to death.

    33. chris Says:

      hey im not the chief im green lanter but futeryish.

    34. chris Says:

      oh no not good fooooooooooooohamer i wish you were here cortana lets try teleporting out. how would we do that chief. wed shoot our way out. hows that teleporting. oh its not ha.o well itl work hold on. hey chief remeder theres two of us in here now.

    35. Halifax Says:

      this looks like a fun bacholer party to me and everything , i meen the arbiter striping for me and everything but i rather not have swords around durinf a time like this. so i think i might go and play gears of war instead, have fun now. and dont kill da spartan to quickly , he pretty cool

    36. Jeremy Says:

      I know its too late I just came across this lol…

      “He’s not gonna be in Halo 4…”

    37. TakeOutJetFlame Says:

      …and then he said that’s not a warthog that’s my sister!

    38. reggie Says:

      Aint none of y’all wearing green…..dats mess’d up!

    39. reggie Says:

      your was a one time thing why you got to bring all these other people into this man

    40. reggie Says:

      rock beats everyone WHOO RAW!!

    41. reggie Says:

      ya all got a myspace? how about you in the back…huh..what do you mean you got a facebook ta loco

    42. reggie Says:

      sing it right people how we going to beat the jonas brother at this rate again at the top 1,2,3,4

      i like big butts and i can not lie….

    43. Jamasia Says:

      “hey, i guess i must be in the wrong neighbourhood…”

    44. Nick Says:

      Yippie-kay-yay, motherf—er

    45. chris h Says:

      its kinda late

      “look man, me and ur sister was just a one time thing and we didnt do anything and why did you have to bring them along”

    46. Keiji Says:

      ” Why don’t you look behind you? Your surrounded, just the camrea’s too dang small!”

    47. Garrett Says:

      “hey is that a bird”? *runs*

    48. some name Says:

      no… he went that way!

    49. Master Chief Says:

      ok this is way to late (such a shame) but heres my comment:

      “I can’t think why but those glowy things seem to be pointing at my head…oh well, eat hot magnum lead mothers!”

    50. Spartan X21 Says:

      look guys, i know this is really late but…

      MC(to himself): There is only one way out of this! Time to see if the Force is within me! MasterChief (to Arbiter):You are not looking for me. You are very tired.
      Arbiter (to MasterChief):We are not looking for you. I am very tired. Guards lead me to my chambers! {Elites walk away}
      MasterChief(to himself):Holy crap it worked! Wait till the guys hear this, they are gonna laugh their Mjolnir IV armor off!
      {Masterchief exits}
      {Arbiter re-enters}
      Arbiter(to himself): Hah! It works everytime…Those stupid Spartans, how can they compare to the Covenant. My prophet will be most pleased.
      {Arbiter exits}
      Arbiter:Haha! MasterChief, I am your father!

    51. nice pic Says:

      alas, i am too late…

      Arbiter to Master Chief-”So, uh, you got my money yet?”

    52. SparTan _LasEr_In DaT_AstRotuRf Says:

      yeah way to late but…

      “so i guess the party was cancled huh?
      well gosh you didnt have to cut off my head guys”

    53. LSW Says:

      (elite) But Arbiter what if he relizes are swords are out of energy????

    54. Jonah Falcon Says:

      OK, now that’s a good one, LSW.

    55. twilightfighter Says:

      *points at the sky*
      hey look! a distraction!
      *runs like hell*

    56. guy Says:

      waaaaaayyyyyyyy too late…

      MC: (Thinking) “12 of them, one of me…12 energy swords vs. two magnums…such an unfair fight. I was expecting a real challenge.”

    57. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Never too late to make entries. Too late to WIN anything, but…

      What the heck – sent you a code for 48 free hours on Live.

      Or tried to, but the email you gave was fake.

    58. vince Says:

      just tell the boss that I’ll get his money by friday…

      wait… its friday… well shit!

    59. emoJOE19 Says:

      hahaha its waaaaay too late for me but here goes.

      MC: uh……..i no has your cheezburgerz!! look Its mercy!!! *runs away*

    60. Bro Says:

      MC:If any of you lunges at me, ill shoot you all with my HALO 1 PISTOL!!!!!

    61. anthony dewane Says:

      so cool now that is funny lololololololololo

    62. ODST pwnr Says:

      This is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy toooo late but.

      MC: uuuummm I thought we agreed that swords were not allowed in tag

    63. owen Says:

      lolololololololololololololol funny cous :)

    64. owen Says:

      no we didnt

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