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GTA4 (PS3) Freezing Issue; Fix Suggested

PS3 Fanboy is reporting that a bunch of PlayStation 3 owners are reporting that their copy of Grand Theft Auto IV is having freezing problems, right after the opening cutscene.

Rockstar suggests:

Rockstar has stated that simply deleting your game data and then reinstalling will fix the issue.

The issue also strangely seems to be associated with the 60GB HD version of the PS3, from unscientific reports. Have you been having problems with the PS3 version?

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    206 Responses to “GTA4 (PS3) Freezing Issue; Fix Suggested”

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    1. bobbygames Says:

      I have the ps3 GTA 4 I cant get online,is anybody able to get online???

    2. Seth Says:

      deleting and reinstalling the game does NOT fix my freezing issue. I even took my PS3 up to my local gamestop and we tried a total of 3 different copies of the game. None of them worked. So I got a refund and went to Wal Mart, hoping that gamestop just got a bad batch. No such luck. Im having the very same freezing issue.

      P.S. My PS3 is the 60g launch version, but the PS3 at gamestop was the same model and it works fine from what they told me.

    3. GTA4 (PS3): Servers Are Down | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] with the current freezing problem is creating a lot of headaches for PS3 owners. Of course, since online is free, they really [...]

    4. David Mondragon Says:

      I also heard that the problem is only affecting those who own the 60gb Ps3 which is bull because I own the 20gb Ps3 and I am also experiencing my game freezing! It’s not just in the opening scene either I have actually completed a few missions and now it keeps stuttering trying to load then when I get close to the next mission it freezes. How can I fix this problem? I really want to play the game.

    5. southernsmoke Says:

      it shouldnt matter if we own a 60gb launch version..Rockstar sold us a half a$$ product, we should be compensated for our time and money lost.

    6. JakPS3 Says:

      I have a 60GB PS3 (not from launch) and I don’t have any problems so far. I have only completed two story missions so I’m nervous. No problems right now though. Fingers crossed.

    7. Richard Says:

      Deleting and reinstalling does not WORK because i tried it so many times and even got 2 other game discs and the problem is the same. It does not work on my 60 GB but it works on the 60GB at my local game store.

    8. Dean Says:

      I have a 80g and the game also freezes and lags.

    9. Michael L. Says:

      I have an 80GB and I am having the same issues; At random cinamatic screens it freezes on me. I don’t believe it’s my system because all my other games work fine and my system has never froze before. This has to be a game/disk issue. Question is, will there be a patch to fix this soon? This is bull and an utter dissapointment. I waited in line for 2 Hours to get this hyped game and my fun is suddenly ended by this stupid glitch. There had better be a God Damn Patch Soon! Shame on you RockStar and Sony!

    10. Jams Says:

      ya ive got a 60gb ps3 and ive had it freeze twice now on me

    11. Shlauncha Says:

      We had the same issue on our 60GB model.. until we unhooked it from the internet. Then it worked like a charm, sick game

    12. ryan Says:

      well, yet another crack under the mouth for sony owners, whoever is responsible might want to fix the problem soon, peopled are really pissed off. my online doesnt work which makes me mad, kind of like rainbow six vegas 2 all over again.

    13. Bone Says:

      Mine froze two times already today, Both While taking a turn an Jammin to the reggae
      One time my whole ps3 reset and the other time it snapped out of it, i’ll prolly go pick up the 360 version too just to see what its like, Really hopin they fix online


    14. happyhk Says:

      mine froze 3 times last night, eventually gave up. It was at random parts of the game.

      reinstalling the game is the kind of answer the IT guys give when they dont know what the issue is.

    15. Tommo Says:

      Ive got the 40Gb version. machine is only 3 days old and it freezes nearly every time i play it.

    16. GTA Keeps crashing??? - PS3 FORUM Says:

      [...] the game is supposed to fix it. I have a 40GB version and no freezes or crashes, yet GTA4 (PS3) Freezing Issue; Fix Suggested | Game Stooge GTA IV freezes sometimes, but there’s a fix – PS3 Fanboy Will give it a proper test tonight and [...]

    17. Richard Says:

      For those who have experiencing freezing problems: Try to “sign out” from the Playstation Network and then try playing again. I believe this has helped people with the problem.
      This is not the best or final fix, but it’s better than nothing (if it works, of course).

    18. ADN Says:

      I have freezing problem on my PS3.
      The three first freezes, after a while, the game continue (but still really boring when you play). The 4th freeze, I had to reboot -_-°

    19. D0RIKIN_BVM Says:

      I have the 80GB model purchased in Feb… Mine did it twice, once during the Scene in Roman’s apartement, i thought it was my fault cause the door rang and i tried pausing suring a video… so i had to hard boot, but then it froze again in the first mission were they show you that if your parked in the car you can look around… I twisted the camera to appear GTA 1 birds eye view style and it froze again… I reset the PS3, and ive played quiet a bit since then and have not frozen since. Sometimes it does “GLITCH” for about 2 seconds when entering a new mission… Which by the way isnt that bad at all considering there is not much loading when raoming around the city. We’ll see if a patch is released soon… and hope that i dont freeze again.

    20. profactorate Says:

      My game keeps freezing over and over again, im running on the 80gb model and as far as I can tell it is completely random. So far I’ve had to hard-boot every time.

    21. Ian Says:

      i have the 20gb ps3 and it freezes all the time!

    22. frustrated Says:

      c4 to your door rockstar
      no answers yet means they are scared of what they have done and wish it would go away
      obviosly rockstars nerds arent qualified

    23. frustrated Says:

      still frustrated

    24. Killaa Says:

      call the tech support and leave them your email. they will email you whenever they fix it….

    25. steveVnicks Says:

      i bought a ps3 40gig version 3 days ago and so far GTA IV has crashed at random points every time i have played it/ lock ups like this seem to be memory or overheating problem , if its memory then they maybe able to fix it with patch but if its over heating the hardware then prob’s tuff luck :/

    26. jcleeds Says:

      I bought gta yesterday and I have a 40gig ps3, played it for half an hour then it froze. Now no other games will work on my ps3 – sometimes it wont read the disc and sometimes the game will start then just freeze again. Absolute joke, Sony are sending me a new ps3 but if I put gta in a new one again surely the same thing will just happen again?!

    27. kyle Says:

      Ave got the 60gb ps3 got gta4 at midnight waited in line for hours played it none stop till the other day when it started freezing in a mission where u have to save roman from a ware house i restarted it and now it freezes randomly i checked to see any other games where like this and assasins creed also starts freezing i am restoring default settings the now then going to disconnect from the internet to see if tht will stop my freezing problems

    28. nico Says:

      Problem solved here by logging off from playstation network (in the PS3 main menu).

      Got the game, played ok for quite some hours yesterday, then today it kept freezing during gameplay. After reading some stuff here i suddenly remembered i tried some multiplayer, had to login to playstation online but got the message on the cellphone saying it could not connect to the game servers. After logging out from the network, i started GTA4 again and have been able to play without any more freezes since then.

      Hope this helps.. (and hope they upgrade their servers, so online will be available!)

    29. One pissed off customer Says:

      I bought my GTA 4 for 80gb ps3, witch I had for 5 months now. Ever since I been playing it, I have been having problems with the picture freezing over again and again. You know it doesn’t matter how you fix it, it has to do with the disk itself. Some how rockstar and the developers or whoever is responsible has screwed up, because I tried everything from deleting the first GTA 4 files and re-stale it again, “4 TIME ALREADY!!!” I even tried to sign out and sign in, to turning off my Internet, but it seem that problems still occurs. Now I hope rockstar or Sony fixes this problem soon, because I’m getting tire of buying games that cost me an arm and a ^_~

    30. skate4life Says:

      This is so weird because my brother and I both bought 60 gb launch versions of the PS#, specifically fro Grand Theft Auto. After the two years of waiting, I got my copy and it has run flawlessly. With over 30 hours of game play already, I have experienced no such issues. My brother on the other hand has yet to be able to run the game on his PS3. Rockstar needs to stop screwing around. After delaying the game for 6 months you’d think they’d be able to get the bugs out.

    31. Alkaline Trio Says:

      hey, i’ve got another problem to….right after finished first date misson, the game suddenly stuttering…..
      i think it just only once, then after i restart my ps3… happen again…
      i bought 60gb, and reg2 this game
      now i even cant enjoy the game T_T

    32. Brandon Anderson Says:

      I bought my PS3 launch night. I have never encountered a single problem via hardware or software till now. I bought GTA4 and played it without a problem for hours. Then all of a sudden it started, freezing 15 minutes after I started playing. In the middle of a mission, walking around doing nothing , doesnt matter. It gets worse, now every game I put in whether 1st or 3rd party game freeze. GTA4 killed my 60gb PS3. I have sent emails to Take-Two and Sony. I am severly upset and hope for a solution from either side.

    33. Donza Says:

      Rockstar need to sort something out, they scammed us all…

    34. Jonah Falcon Says:

      That’s a bit strong. I just think they developed the game for the 360 and the port to the PS3 isn’t working. The same happened with The Orange Box, and the reverse is true with Ghostbusters right now.

    35. Take 2 On GTA4 (PS3) Freezing | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] is reporting that Take 2 has a gameplay fix for PlayStation 3 owners experiencing freeze issues, which reads like a small novella. Please run through the following, go through in [...]

    36. Samuraiblue Says:

      Mine was freezing as it was loading into the game (after the opening cinematic)…

      I disabled my internet connection, deleted the cookies and the cache through the PS3s internal Web Browser, (as per portions of TakeTwo’s GTA4 Suggestive fixes) And now it works fine… No internet access though… kinda bugs me…

    37. Chas Says:


      tried that signing out of PSN and then signing back in…
      i did it three times

      then i am playing it now…hope it doesnt freeze up..



    38. david hamlin Says:

      ps3 40gig here. Freezes after the opening comic pictures. Freezes every time on the opening loading screen.

      Deleted my game save nothing. Took out disc nothing, this is messed up.

      I am pissed off. Hours wasted. Now nothing at all…

    39. Greg Hamlin Says:

      I just did the freeze fix thing and it works so far…now I am going to try multiplayer after I save and turn my internet back on… I have a 40 Gig.

    40. Greg Hamlin Says:

      what I found out is when I am signed out of the Playstation Network I can play without any problems (40 Gig PS3) but when I sign in during the game by trying to play multiplayer it freezes or when I am already signed in and try to play after the opening comic pictures (when it tries to load my saved game) it freezes….try signing out of PSN and playing. I deleted my saved game for no reason, damn! What is the purpose of adding multiplayer to a game if I cant use the feature. Fix this Rockstar it isnt right!

    41. tony Says:

      GTA 4 freezes after the opening cinematic, now i’m trying take2′s fix

    42. Matt Says:

      The issue is the internet. I have a 60 gig launch version, never had an issue with it. The game hasn’t froze on oneplayer until I get hooked onto playstation network. I log on, it logs on fine and then when the screen to choose a game comes up, it freezes. I am guessing that is a patch fix. If I log out of PS netowrk it works. But when I quit the game, it restars the entire system and when the PS network is one, the loading screen freezes

    43. very pissed guy Says:

      omg help i’m havin the same problem i have the 40 gig (bought it just last month. it just sits there saying loading game and nuthing happens i deleted all my files and re-installed it but stil nuthing enyone fix this problem yet? (all my other games work fine its just gta4)

    44. Albin Says:

      fellas with 40 gig and freezing after opening sequence
      DISABLE your internet connection!
      you don’t have to mess with game data or cache or anything as long as you disable it!
      you cant play multiplayer obviously but atleast you can play single!
      hope the fix comes out soon but until then… you can settle for rampaging around the liberty city by yourselves =D

    45. Roman Says:

      I have a 80g Everything is working except for the online. no freezing

    46. pissed person Says:

      Hi, I have an 80 gig and had the same freezing problems…..I logged out of the PSN network and the freezing stopped. I think that if you clear your internet cache everyday you can still play it?


      signing out of playstation network works…i have a 40gb and i was not even geting pased the starting new game lol…but i read this and it worked

    48. sadismo Says:

      I just bought a 40 gig PS3 for this (and for MGS4) and I’m having the same problem trying to load my single player game. I just restarted my system three times and no luck. The funny thing is I have loaded from this part twice already and now the games messed up.

    49. John Says:

      My game was freezing during the load sequence. I signed off from the PS3 network and it worked fine. I have 60 gig, not intial release. Has anyone found an official comment from Rockstar or Take Two Interactive regarding this glitch?

    50. Johnb Says:

      The problem appears to be solved by disconnecting yourself from the network . . . worked for me!

    51. butter Says:

      This is the only game that makes my ps3 act crazy what the hell this sh*t cost too much money to act like this

    52. John P Says:

      I saved my game right after “The Snow Storm” mission, when I tired to play a few hours later I experienced this freeze right after the intro while it was trying to load. What worked for me was clearing my internet cache and deleting cookies.

    53. Aaron Says:

      I just encountered the freeze problem – I am reinstalling and trying again. I own a 60GB PS3 – unfortunately it appears they never play tested it on this console…pretty poor if you ask me.

    54. Bee Says:

      Bought my Australian version of GTA4 a few days ago. Started freezing today on my 40gig PS3.

      This is not good enough Rockstar. Where’s the public announcement and fix?

      I suggest everyone starts emailing/calling Rockstar for answers:,16,Grand Theft Auto IV,PLAYSTATION_3,Rockstar_Games,gta4&submit=Submit

    55. rockstar killer Says:

      i have a 60g and i have never had a problem with it and i got it last september. when i first bought gta 4 it workrd fine for the first 2 days i actullay made it about half way threw the game untill the 3rd day it froze on me, my ps3 is now f@#$*d , all my games freeze,i have never played it online and i uninstalled it like sony suggested but still all games freeze. someone must pay for loss of time and money!!!

    56. Freezing at loading Says:

      I had a freezing issue during a load after the cutscens it helped to deleate the last saved game, after that i could play like normal agein

    57. Ian Says:

      i got well into the game done about 10 missions then fancied a online game boom the thing froze and now im trying the reinstall trick and start from the start what a joke! all thos hours of play wasted! :(

    58. Dylan Says:

      Logged out of PSN, hasn’t frozen since. Still though, this is unacceptable. Multiplayer is a huge factor in this game and you can’t even log on to the network without it freezing.

    59. Eki Says:

      I’ve got a 60Gb PS3. The game has frozone a couple times during normal gameplay – I found holding the PS button to bring up the ‘quit game’ menu and then cancelling back to the game sorted it out. However, this morning, the game freezes whilst it’s loading the last save game.
      I’m going to try reinstalling, but don’t hold out much hope of it working, going by the other posts here.
      So much for play-testing and quality control, though it seems getting customers to pay for the privilege of beta testing it is the norm in the software industry now.
      Not impressed.

    60. Ameel Says:

      I have a launch 60 gb and was experiencing slight in game freezing where i would be running and the game would stop for a second then continue but this morning the game wouldn’t load. I signed out of the Playstation Network and it was fine :D

    61. ninjalaura Says:

      i have the 40gig and having the same problems, i deleted all the date but still won’t load! :(

    62. JASON Says:

      I Got A 80GB PS3, and Now That I been Beating The Game…Its Getting Worst The Game Frezes Every 5 Minutes and i got to restart my PS3…this is BULL

    63. greenmile66 Says:

      I’ve got a 60gb model and played gta 4 for like 3 days without having any problems except freezing for like 2sec. Now i started up and afther the loading part with the artwork it freezes on the black screen with the mission title. Anybody has a solution? man i’m so pissed off

    64. joe Says:

      this is pretty big bullshit. this is what extensive beta testing is for. i have a 40gb and i’m nearly half way through the game and now it refuses to load at times and when it does it freezes in the middle of a mission or just after i’ve completed one.

      someone should just DDos rockstar’s websites and then they’ll know freezing feels.

    65. Goosaba Says:

      Just disconnect from Playstation Network on your PS3′s main page and start the game, it works again. You just can’t go online. :-( Hope they fix this crap soooooooon! Pretty pissed off.

    66. Johan Says:


    67. Bob Walters Says:

      How many of you guys used cheat codes on here? B/c late yesterday i came home and found my bro playin my gta4 using cheat codes and now it dosent work online and just keeps freezin.And i found out when ever i cut my internet off i can play then when i turn it back on right away when im playin it will freeze. My gta4 worked just find before when i didnt used any cheat codes. and i had it ever since it came out.

    68. Homogenius Says:

      Just logout of PlayStation Network did it for me!

      Hmmm… did

    69. frank Says:

      i have a 40 gb and it worked for a little bit and now it freezes and says loading when i turn it on.

    70. Leo Says:

      OMFG i have the 40gb version and the game run ok on the first 14 hours… than i turned off the ps3 and when i tried to play today it just wont load my saves, it stays loading forever, even after 3 reinstallations.

    71. daxing Says:


      I have a 60gb abd i have had the same problem with GTA IV crashing, but i think i have found a quick way to resolve the problem without a full reload, but it could be a fluke.

      I came to play it this morning and just kept hanging when trying to load my last saved game. I backed up my saves and deleted them off the ps3 and then added them one by one to see which would load first, but to no avail it kept failing……. I tried one last thing before going for a full reload. I deleted the profile under the games saves and then added my last save and it loaded. Unfortunately it could be a fluke, or it did work. but as a test, i added my backed up profile save and it hung on the loading screen like before, I then deleted it and its worked. Once it has loaded your latest save, turn off the auto-save and then save it immediately.

      I have had no problems over the 8 hours.

    72. dre Says:

      I Have a eighty Gig, and it won’t half the time. I have to keep restarting to get it to work. Not right man!!!!!

    73. uhavenoidea8 Says:

      Hey, There seems to be an issue with the built in NIC and the game. Try Unplugging The Ethernet port and unconnecting the wifi and the game should not have a problem running in single player mode you should be able to play without crashing. Please let me know how this works out for all you.

    74. wtfman Says:

      WTF i just bought gta and it wont leave the loading screen and it even froe on me last time whats going on i want to plaayyy

    75. A B Says:

      I have a 60 gig PS3 model, and deleting save games does NOT fix the issue… after the opening cutscene when the game freezes, Quit the game (which should make the PS3 mess up and restart) Then turn the ps3 off and back on again, and when GTA4 starts up, the save file will load normally.

    76. Eric Says:

      Ive got more than 40 percent done with the game. I noticed that the cut scenes were starting to freeze for a few seconds after… Now I cant load the game. I’m stuck at the beginning of the load menu. Yes… I do have a 60 gig hard drive.

    77. Justin Says:

      I have a 80gb PS3 and have the same issue as the 60′s. It freezes starting new game… So far I haven’t heard of any other 80gb PS3′s having this issue. It’s driving me insane though. How can you release a console game, and not work on the damn console?

    78. Jordon Says:

      I was having the same exact problem with my 40gb PS3 and GTA 4. Its not the playstation or the saved data thats defective, all you have to do to fix the problem is go to network settings and disable the internet. Worked for me anyway.

    79. T. Glover Says:

      I have had my system freeze up countless times, and have to hard boot, and finally it just stopped loading my saved game data it would sit at the loading screen forever… so I disabled my internet connection and it worked!!! so far at least I’ll keep you all posted… thanks for the help

    80. Bryan Says:

      Agreed, I have a 40 GB that’s freezing, I tried reinstalling, did nothing. As long as I’m not signed on to the PS3 network I have not problems.

    81. Brett Says:

      Like others have said…..if you sign out of your internet connection the game stops freezing! I have a PS3 60gb version and it worked for me.

    82. Keith Says:

      Made it through most of story mode and then I made my way to an online game. After about 20 tries to connect I made it into a game. The next day I found my game freezing while it was still loading. Had to delete all my information (did not uninstall) and it started to work again. Thanks Rockstar

    83. matthew Says:

      hi i just tried logging off play station network and it still donest work arg! i played it last night it worked fine and now it doesnt work i just got to the loading page and thats it :@ rockstar shouldnt have released the game this early did any of the other gta games beofre this one happen like frezzing? this is my frist gta game and ya

    84. James Says:

      Hey guys,

      I was very frustrated with GTA4 on PS3. I have a 40GB version and the game hung on my twice last night. This morning, I couldn’t load my saved game and it would spin forever.

      After reading some forum posts, I tried signing out of PS Network and I disabled the Internet connection on my PS3. So far, my saved game now loads and I haven’t run into any problem since. You guys may want to try that.

    85. Bee Says:

      Tell Rockstar that you are having this problem and tell them to fix it NOW:

      Go to this link:

      Move your cursor near the bottom, and click “Mouthoff”.

    86. elacrosse7 Says:

      i have 40gb ps3 and gta 4 kept freezing after launch scene – annoying bc you wait five min to find out that it doesnt work. logged off ps3 network and it works now.

    87. Anders Says:


    88. brandon Says:

      omfg !!! myne just wont work… my ps3 80 gig bought game played for half a hour no probs really , now everytime it goes to load the game at begining no matter what it freeses just tryed it like 20 times, didnt try all my other games yet, what the hell is wrong i cant even play single player…..please help and i hope my 80 gig not broke now cause of it or somebody is gona owe me big time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. Phil Says:

      Was having this problem, tried disabling network connection completely as other forums suggest and its working fine, just no internet

    90. gene Says:

      hey all.

      unfortunately i’ve been experiencing the same problem (60 gb ps3, freezing after opening cutscene). one thing i noticed is that when i went into the saved game folder, there would be 2 saves files for gta 4. usually the files were identical with the exception of that they were timestamped within a few mintues of each other. try deleting the more recent save file. so far i have not had to reinstall the game or disable the internet connection. this has solved the issue… so far. can anyone else verify this?

    91. emceechris84 Says:

      i picked up gta4 today first copy didnt work seccond copy turned off the internet connection and it worked. i have a 60gb not from launch

    92. spa Says:

      I had the same problem and tried over and over again to load last saved game and it would just sit there saying loading and I have the 80gb PS3…

      I took the PS3 off line and it loaded right up no problem…

    93. Dierre7 Says:

      Mine started working again after I signout of my PS3 account and then I made sure the ethernet cable was disconnected. It’s a stupid fix, but atleast I can play again.

    94. Andy Says:

      I have the 80 gig PS3 and I did have the game freeze when I chose multiplayer from the cell phone, but if I log on to the Playstation Network before launching GTA it works. I just log on from the main PS3 screen and then launch GTA. I don’t know if this will help, but you can try it!

    95. dan234 Says:

      i bought gta4 and played through it and now it wont let me get to the game, right after the opening picture slideshow it says loading, and doesnt stop let it sit for an hour and same screen it is ridiculous. already deleted and went over same bull.i paid 60 bucks for a game that doesnt work and no car modding? wth is that.

    96. Dana Says:

      Try disconnecting your internet, I just tried and I got in. I have a launch 60 gig ps3, had very few problems until now, lately the game has been freezing or not loading in at all the loading mission screen really gets annoying… But I just tried disconnecting and it works but I don’t have the balls to quit and retest it, until next time. good luck :)

    97. warrior Says:

      guys i have the 40g same problem its not the game or the hardware its the ps3 network if you disable it the game will work again but if you try to log in on the multiplayer to play online the game freezes again now whats the problem there

    98. Florio11 Says:

      i have the 60gb from launch and i had no problems what so ever with my gta4 game…. until about 38 percent done the game and for some reason when ever i try to play my game it wont load and it just sits there saying its loading for like 10 minutes then i get frusterated and finnaly shut off my console ,so i cant evn get into the game play!!, however first time i reconized this freezing problem was watching one of the ciematic videos for a mission and it frozed tryed it again and worked did a few missions and now its having this wierd loading freezing thing … ROCKSTAR FIX THIS NOWWW VERY UPSET THAT I CANT PLAY MY GAME!!!!:@:@:@



    100. Dave Says:

      I bought gta4 for my ps3 40gb…. after installation my game froze at “loading new game “…… i quit the game and logged out of the ps network ie worked offline…. i restarted the game and it works fine with no problems …..just gutted that the game wont work online

    101. mick Says:

      i have the same problem, whenever i play the game it freezes after the opening scenes at the bit where it says loading-(whatever level you are on)
      If you are not wanting to use network then the best thing to do is to just sign out and it plays no problem. in order to make mine work with network, i started the game while signed in waited untill it got to the loading screen where it was freezing then turned the ps3 off using the switch on the back. then turn on the ps3 and go into the game as quickly as possible. the game should now work, it did for me and a few friends anyway including the multiplayer, was playing online for a few hours last night without any problems. hope this helps

    102. mick Says:

      i also had the freezing problem at the part after the opening scenes where it says ”loading-whatever level you are on”
      if you do not want to use network then the easyest thing to do is just to sign out of the ps network and the game should work. in order for me to get network to work i started the game while signed into network, when i got to the ”loading-whatever level you are on” bit i turned off my ps3 using the switch on the back. then turned it back on. you have to go into the game as quickly as possible, i am guessing this is because you are still signing into network at this point. it should now work, it did for me and a few friends anyway, including multiplayer. i was playing online for a few hours last night with no problems. hope this helps

    103. Brandon Says:

      I have an 80 gb ps3 and had freezing problems at the start of the game as already described. It froze a second time in this scenario:

      1) I failed my first attempt at the mission “Jamaican Heat”
      2) I tried out the multiplayer function for the first time directly afterwards.

      To fix the problem, I had to:
      1) Hard boot the PS3 to get off of the freeze screen
      2) Log out of the PS3 network
      3) Turn off autosave in the GTA game options menu.

      It appears that the autosave file for that particular mission somehow conflicted with multiplayer functions. After a manual save the game works fine, including multiplayer functions (though I have to log in to the PS3 network from within GTA 4, I can’t be logged in when I try to boot the game).

    104. Rafael Says:

      Disconecting internet from PS3 fixes prob…

    105. Marcel Says:

      Thanx for the reactions. Shutting down the internet…. ok no prob. Pissed i deleted my savegames before i read this after 28 hours of playing.

    106. matt Says:

      i bought the ps3 GTA4 bundle pack which is the 40gb ps3 and its only frozen once, which i think is something to do with multiplayer servers. It hasnt happened again though. I have played it online a few times with no problems

      Hopefully we’ll see a patch out soon

    107. Neck Says:

      60gb ps3 owner here, purchased nov 07

      Played gta4 for around 9-10 hours over the course of 3 days, and it froze for the first and only time right after doing a mission for little jacob (froze right after pausing the game and before the map showed on the screen, so it was all black).

      After 30 seconds i shut off the ps3, but upon boot, discovered it wouldnt read any discs at all (cd/dvd/bluray, nothing).

      This was not a PSN/online issue for me, my moden is never plugged into my ps3, unless to download firmware and i always play ps3 offline.

      Reformatting didnt work for me either.

      All the recent forum buzz suggests this is happening to ALL ps3′s, even newer 40gb ones.

      Sony is sending my ps3 its coffin.

    108. Anthony D Says:

      I mean come on!! was this game not tested? Every game should go through immense testing prior to the release date, especially a game like this with its large magnitude of fans! This should have been tested 1000′s of times on each console and each consolve version ie. 20GB, 60GB, 80GB Etc… This is unprofessional in my eyes, and i find this to be a hilarious given the popularity of the game and all the hype surrounding the launch.

    109. Andrew Says:

      Yeah I liked to echo the above (this is on the 40GB version of PS3). Disconnecting the ethernet cable completely fixed the problem I have of it freezing when I was resuming a game.

    110. Philly1084 Says:

      Hi everyone, I to have a problem with GTA4, on a 40g ps3, there is no way I can go online but to let everyone know if you have freezing during the initail loading of the level then it is related to the online freeze, to let the single player game work properly you need to edit your online profile and make sure auto sign in to the ps3 network is turned off or it will freeze trying to go online while the game loads up

    111. Steeb2er Says:

      Yes – disconnecting the ethernet or logging off PSN fixes the problem. It fixed it for my console.

      But how do you play multiplayer? Doesn’t this kill one of the biggest draws of GTAIV?

    112. Cobman Says:

      Bought the game watched tv in the first room – gt4 crashed – now wont work – gets stuck on the loading screen – im not playing it now i ill not buy a game from them again, funny how all my other games work flawlessly on my 60gb ps3
      - as for it killing ps3′s thats real crappy – i hope soon they will bring out a patch as im just not gonna bother playing it till then!

    113. Niko Belic Says:

      i had the same problem, but fixed the problem this wya, everytime the game freezes i just pop in another game that will for sure work, let he game load quit it and put in GTA, and since then, my GTA has never froze again on the PS3.

    114. willy Says:

      yeah..ive had trouble with the 40 gig version freezing at loading tryed everything i’m going to try the network off like everyone said..yea it does blow that you can hardly play online..they need to fix there whole network play..i played it for an hour then it froze and wouldn’t work during the game then thats when my game save froze the next day when I tryed to play.its a great game but they have to sort out these problems..

    115. Bee Says:


      Thanks for the email. Sorry to hear about your problems with Grand Theft Auto IV. We identified an issue whereby bad data being returned from one of Gamespy’s servers was causing the single player game to crash at the beginning of the game if the gamer was connected to PSN. Gamespy have implemented a fix that resolves this issue and both companies are continuing to monitor this situation closely.

      We are extremely sorry to hear about any of our fans experiencing problems, and want to assure everyone that we and our partners are working around the clock to resolve any issues. We want every single person’s experience of Grand Theft Auto IV to be outstanding. Any further support updates will be posted at as soon as they are available.

      Hope this helps,

      Rockstar Games

    116. Larry Says:

      I have the 80 GB version and it hangs.

      Reinstalling the game didn’t work either.

      I wonder how many people with this problem have changed their PS3 to use another OS.

      I am not willing to reformat the HD for just one game.

      I am very disappointed that Rockstar doesn’t even mention the problem on their website. Very Disappointed. I am willing to bet it has something to do with copy protection.

    117. fatal Says:

      im sick of you idoits saing “oh just disconnect the internet” IT DOESNT FREAKIN WORK YOU MORONS

    118. Bane Says:

      Actually, it DOES work for at least 90% of those who do it. And it’s easy…just go into your network setting and turn it off. Who’s the moron?

    119. ggg Says:

      Hey all u PS3 people don’t feel so bad. Even though I have one of the very first Xbox 360 versions, I got to 20 percent with no problems on the game other then not being able to read the text on the phone unless i get up and wallk to the tv. My game is freezing and now cant be read and it got nicked up inside the system. I am gonna get a new game and wait for a patch to come out cause i read that other xbox’s got the red eye when they kept trying to play. Rockstar needs to hurry up this is BS.


    120. ZuluChild Says:

      Although gta is not freezing for me it wont let me play my missions i get to a mission, to the downward facing arrow and nothing happens i just walk straight through it can ne 1 help im desperate??? (i had an update today maybe this has something to do with it)

    121. conrad Says:

      Ok to clear up the ps3 issues:

      1) It is not just freezing up in the cut scene. MY MACHINE FROZE IN THE MIDDLE OF GAMEPLAY AFTER I’VE HAD THE GAME FOR A WEEK AND A HALF

      2) Reinstalling the game data DOESN’T DO JACK, I even did a system restore on my hard drive and still nothing.

      3) It WONT READ ANY DISC, NOT JUST GTA IV. it completely wipes out your blu ray drive altogether

      4) Its HILARIOUS that kids who give oral pleasure to their ps3′s after hours of intimate gameplay lie on forums to downplay the problem, out of fear for being criticized by the kids who give their xbox 360′s oral pleasure.

    122. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Sounds like in your case, the PS3 has died.

    123. Luke Says:

      Anyone have any ideas for those of us who have tried disabling the internet connection and it still freezes on the opening video? I am pissed I haven’t been able to play this game for even 5 minutes yet!

    124. ZaxxoN83 Says:

      I had freezing problem with loading, so i unistalled GTA4, not the savedgames. Now i cant install the game and version anymore. What 2 do now?

    125. James 999 Says:

      I have a 40gb version I play gta4 for 3 hours i froze now my ps3 will not recognise any games i used and won’t work!!! any suggestions? help

    126. Dae Says:

      Hey all
      I have a 60gb model/ January 07
      I have the updated firmware, and have been playing GTA4 with no problems for the first day. Also, I’ve had no problems whatsoever with my PS3 with other games. So the next day, I play it for an hour and then my PS3 suddenly shuts down. I try to play again, same conclusion. Now my PS3 will not even turn on, no red light, no green light, nothing. So I guess I can’t reinstall/try to disconnect from the internet when my PS3 is dead…
      Anybody have the exact same problem?

    127. Demetrius Wingo Says:

      Got my PS3 60GB System last sunday bought it used…. First game I play on it is GTA 4 and I bought a used copy it keeps freezing upon after every 20 to 30 mins of gameplay I have to turn the system off it sucks so I take the used copy of GTA back thinkin its the disc and get a brand new copy and it does the same thing, I now have assasins creed and call of duty 4… Assasins Creed freezes like crazy after about every 5 to 10 mins of gameplay…. and Call of Duty freezes up but not as often only after about an hour of gameplay what can I do?

    128. oldskoolrulz Says:

      ive got the 60gb and startd having the same problem now mine wont play any game cd or dvd with out it freezing in the first 10 minutes of playin.

    129. rcas Says:

      Damn, I just bought the game 2 hours ago and started playing and noticed that it started to freeze. Wtf? So i do some googling around and rockstar put out a press release saying that “limited number” of PS3 users are affected. LIMITED MY ASS! More like ALL. Why would they try to put this crap out if it was all messed up???

    130. New PS3 Owner Says:

      I got a ps3 a few weeks ago. I only own gta4. I’ve had 1 freezup so far, in a high action scene shooting and changing targets.

      I own a 40gb (yes, the non-backward compatable one).

      Looks like I choose right, since I had a ps2, I had no need for backward compatability. And since I can upgrade the drive, I didn’t see a point in looking for the 80gb…

      Anyone who can still return, try the 40gb model. Working great here…

    131. M Baker Says:

      I have a 60gb launch model. I bought a 40gb bundle foir a friend and took the GTA4 for my own use. My oiwn 60gb machine won’t even recognise the fact that there is a disc in it, let alone play the game. All other games have worked fine. Is it something to do with the bundle pairing the disc with one machine? Trying the firmware update to see if that works now.

    132. Matt Says:

      Just in case anyone wants to try it – I have a 60GB PS3 which has been great until GTA4. It would constantly freeze in the game and the box would have to be reset, it was random, but always a maximum of half an hour of play time. I tried everything i have read in the forums to remedy the problem to no evail. 2 nights ago though i restored the PS3 settings back to default which meant i had to reset up the Plasma, the network etc. Now i have had to sessions on the game greater than 3 hours and i have just experienced the first freeze last night after about 3.5 hrs of play. Personally i am wrapped as i am not much of a gamer so it takes me a few goes at completing missions, and now i have had a chance to clear a heap of them with some solid play. Maybe someone else can see if this helps their situation?

    133. Ramon Says:

      Well I’ve got the 360 and no problems with freezing, the colours are a lot nicer. I have both version but I prefer the 360 because my PS3 one freezes on me :(

      Oh and I have slightly more pop-in on the 360 version that only once ruined my gaming experience (but I AM a perfectionist, so…) and the aliasing is slightly better on the PS3 on tv, but on a HD monitor there’s no difference between the two. The 360 has as I mentioned earlier more realistic colours and more crisp graphics.

      So in this case: 360 FTW (especially since I prefer the 360 controller)

    134. vince Says:

      I played up to the playboy x missions and then it froze. Had to reformat and it worked for about 1 hour and then froze. I did a full format that took 4 hours and it was loading the content into the ps3 and quit halfway through. It killed my 60 gig unit. Now I have to send it back. DO NOT USE THIS GAME IN YOUR PS3. GET A XBOX 360

    135. subash Says:

      i have 40 gb version i hav completed about 17 missions does it freez in 40 gb version?
      please reply because my friends are having same problem

    136. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Do you have an online connection? If not, that’s why.

    137. Kansas Girl Says:

      I have the 80GB PS3 and have made it past the Playboy X missions without a single freezing problem.

    138. dewey Says:

      ok i see it really doesnt matter what version of ps3 you have it is the game nothing more nothing less i had i high hopes and they were met until i made it too about the end of the playboy missions then i just keep reseting hoping to get past another mission before it freezs again its really pissin me off just how do you fix the problem already “rockstargames”?

    139. mobking Says:

      I got the same thing wit my gta4 but I got it real bad cuz some time it don’t freez but when it don’t freez the radio don’t work and when the radio work the game freez and just b4 the game freez the ground don’t look right I need to know is this just me or ever body.

    140. meh Says:

      i’ve got one of the launch 60g ones had to reinstall the game once and it has been flawless ever since, no lag ever. Got 100% even.

    141. wes Says:

      i have the 40 gb and i cant get my gta4 to run after a nfs pro st freeze all other games load fine… this sucks one of the best games and we cant play it.

    142. dan Says:

      mine freezes and i’ve finished alot of missions already. it started freezing last week. it was working fine but then now its freezing after about 5 minutes playing the game! it sux!! i thought that letting it cool off for a while would fix it but HA no it doesnt help at all!!

    143. james Says:

      um, my games are freezing, all of them. gta4, cod 4, and others. and then, when i turn off at back of ps3, it wont turn on again. like the little blue and green light will be on but nothing on my tv screen, i dont know why, maybe my ps3 is broken? and anyone know where to get it fixed?

    144. jo Says:

      Uch 20 GB keep freezing each time i signed in and out of psn game works for liek 15 minutes then nothuing middle of first date mission. somwppl r saying less freezes after tht point in gamee…

    145. Santarus Says:

      I recently did updates for my ps3 and i had to do another update to get online with GTA now when i’m playing offline, the game freezes and all I am doing is driving around randomly. (I’ve beaten the game so I was just driving around) … It seems to freeze everytime I set a waypoint on the helitour and begin to drive towards it. >_>
      If somebody knows what is wrong, please email me.

    146. Shaun Says:

      Mine (80GB) freezes at random times, once in a cutscene but periodically in-game so far. The steps don’t do anything either. I play offline so the patch is unavailible. Either sounds with loop where they are or finish and start over. The CD is brand new, and my PS3 is only a few months old. I don’t think it’s lag or anything, because I haven’t experienced any yet. I hear people getting copies that just work, maybe it’s my console maybe the disc, I just hope to god I can get my refund if a 2nd disc doesn’t work. Rockstar better figure this shit out, or they’re going to loose lots of customers.

    147. Bay Says:

      I have a 60gb launch ps3, I had no idea about these issues with GTA4 on launch ps3s so i bought the game and now it’s no better than a coaster.

      When is rockstar going to solve this issue of theirs?

    148. deester Says:

      Hi everyone. I’ve got a 60GB PS3. I don’t use the internet. After 11 months of problem free play, my screen started freezing. It freezes on all my games and sometimes it won’t load. It will then show an error code. Sometimes in order to get my disc out I have to turn it off in the back. I’m returning the unit to Sony. I hope they can fix it.

    149. d.a.t guy Says:

      I bought gta iv last week workin fine and I have a (40gig ps3), today i played 4 about 5 minz then froze. Now no other games will work on my ps3 aswell- sometimes it wont read the disc and sometimes the game will start then just freeze

    150. lewis 75 Says:

      i’ve got the 40 gb ps3 and it freezes . When i deleted the game data and installed it again, it plays for a few missions and then freezes after that when the missin is loading. It also says that i can update to the 1.02 patch but the ps3 just turns off and back on again. Goes onto the game and says i can get it again. Please Help

    151. Colin82 Says:

      I’m getting the same problem as deester. I’ve been playing this game problem free for month and a bit but has just started to freeze. Not only does it freeze for this game, but does not let any of the other games load. SONY Find a solution for us PLEASE!!!

    152. Michael 76 Says:

      F… neither Sony nor T2 can help. they shift responsibilities and send me crap answers for 2 months now. Be pissed, throw the game and forget about it F… Sony, T2 and all theese profit horny companies. Buy some cards and find someone to play SP with ;-)

    153. john Says:

      hey is gta 4 online fix yet the frozen problem when you log on psn?

    154. btar93 Says:

      I have 60g model my GTA4 always used 2 play but the other day i thought i hadnt played it in a while…….so i went online with my m8s and without fail it freezes……then i went on cod4 then that froze 2 times…i swear gta fucks up other games, they were fine until i went gta!!!!

    155. Hay rockstar Do this Says:

      there is a patch when you first load gta 4 to upgrade your ps3 to 1.06 i think. its the problem! it downgrades some peoples ps3′s from ex 2.34 to 1.06 wich twists the systeme up and it cant play any games anymore and it maufuctions remove this patch thing and it should work right!you can never downgrade a ps3 it will detroy it :(

    156. Vincenti Says:

      Just a heads up to everyone………Not only does GTA freeze up. So does the Tom Clancy’s End War. I just bought it and it freezes up in Solo mode. I’ve ca;;ed UbiSoft but all they say is re-in stall it. I thought these freezing problems were only on the 60 GB, but now I see it may be a Sony issue. I haven’t heard of any patches being created from either Sony or these damn game makers. I think we’ve all been had!

    157. Jamie Says:

      My PS3 60GB has frozen since Feb 08 on Need for speed prostreet- thought it was update- still struggling to play it. Now bought Quantum of Solace- does the same thing. UNconnected my internet this morning- I’ll see what happens!

    158. wise_man Says:

      I’ve got a 40g ps3 versions. Just Three days ago i bought gta4. i’ve been playing for at least 8,38% and nothing happen maybe since i never play online. But i do recognized some weird stuff on my ps3 when i’m using 2.35 firmware my log on to net is smooth but when i updated with the 2.50 firmware it’s begin to showing some trouble the log on to net is unavailable an the play versions of movie is a little bit lag on beginning like mpeg4 file type. But i’ve been updated to 2.52 the playback of videos is normal again but never trying the net yet. Is ps3 can play DVD9 type movie coz mine is not capable it always showing an error code of playback?

    159. Kidmon3y Says:

      Im getting a Playstation3 80 gig, and i want the game but i dont want the system to freeze, so are there any 80 gig problems that brake the entire system?

    160. 80gig Says:

      hi, will dis game freeze in da 80GB ps3 ??? how likely is it? is it very unlikely or highly likely?

    161. pissed off Says:

      Ive had my 60 gig ps3 for almost a year and havent had any problems, except for an assassins creeds glitch. Ive had gta 4 since it came out and never had any problems until a couple days ago, and now it freezes every time within 1-2 minutes. And now it seems like my other games are freezing now 2 when I try them. Wtf, its not the online connection either because I just now for the first time connected mine to the internet. After the damn game has started freezing every time.

    162. Brandon Says:

      This is not a single related problem with just grand theft auto. There are a few games that this event is occurring with and it would seem that it may have to do with the firmware on the ps3. I have yet to contact sony about this but if anyone has the time to please do so. End war, GTA4, mirrors edge is also having a video related issue, where the game continues but all graphics EXCEPT the reticle disappear. Also when playing power up forever i had an instance where the high graphic psychedelic motion stopped and was a rainbow glitch show. I am sure there are many more games out there, some of these could probably be fixed by the software venders coming out with a patch because more than likely it is some sort of bug in the games. I feel it is something directly related with the PS3. I would really like to get back to playing these games and finishing them too.

    163. stevn Says:

      my gta 4 has been freezing since launch. Nothing else freezes on my PS3. 60g launch system.

      I called rockstar today, they said it’s not their fualt. Call sony.

      I called sony, they said they put out a firmware upgrade (i have the latest) that fixed it. I told them it didn’t fix it, they said the disk is likely bad and not my system since everything else works fine. I asked them if there were known issues of bad copys of the game being put out (I asked both rockstar and sony this) they both said ‘no’.

      The rockstar guy was polite in saying ‘hey buddy not out problem’ and passing the blame.

      The lady at sony was very short, rude, uncaring.

      I’d pick it up for the computer but at this point I’m not giving them anymore of my money.

      I’ll keep my ps3 around since I have a ton of blu ray movies, and I’m sticking exclusivley to comp games.

      If I want to play console again I’ll head out and pick up an x box.

      Neither rockstar or sony will be getting another penny from me.

    164. tommyboy Says:

      i have a 40 g one same freezing prob….plus it moves me for a room i am playing in to another room which i was not playing in . it moves me from room to room what bs..

    165. Paulooots Says:

      We neeeed to keep callling them until there phones lines and mail is JAMMED to the roof with our outrage and disappointment!! They have taken our money open handed and took off like RATS.. SHAME on you SONY and ROCKSTAR…And i like everyone else is STILL WAITING!!

      Paul CANADA,Toronto

    166. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Is anyone having problems with their Xbox 360 version? (I already know the PC version is notoriously buggy.)

    167. James Says:

      This is a little off topic but my PS3′s main page wont even load it says sony computer entertainment then freezes what the hell

    168. nick Says:

      omfg i have an 80gb ps3 and it freezes after i am half way threw the game and i was really starting to enjoy the game and now it dosent work…. SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!

    169. George Says:

      I have the 80gb version I was able to play Metal Gear Online when I had the 60gb version. Now with this 80gb if I have the internet connected it wont start the game at all the screen goes black. I have to disconnect my internet connection first, then start the game get to the menu screen click Metal Gear Online wait till the screen comes up then connect my internet to the back of the playstation then it works. I’m Having trouble with STREET FIGHTER 4 if I have the internet connected to the playstation it’ll take me to a screen that says upgrade to version 1.0 whatever, whatever.. then I click enter to do so and the Playstation says please wait…. I wait for a couple of secs. the playstation beeps three times, Resets, then the playstation logo comes out again just like when you first turn on the system then it goes black and the screen never comes back on. This is pissing me off because I can play Street Fighter if I don’t connect to the internet. But the reason I bought it was for being able to play against other players online….. Anyone know if this is a fixable problem????

    170. Bill Slamman Says:

      Mine is a refurbished 60GB original from Gamestop. I can’t get help from them and it could stand a cleaning, about to delete the stored HDD main game elements, I don’t want to touch the saves at all. Someone suggested turning off Auto-Save, but where?

    171. al0 Says:

      Hmm i have the same problem but my gta4 freezes even while the network is off.I have tried everything suggested in this form with no luck.after searching for a fix i have found this web site stating that there is an update for GTA4: take a look for yourself.

    172. al0 Says:

      i think this is a Sony firmware related issue because for the simple fact that my version of GTA4 was running fine for several month and got through 58% of the game without any problems until i decided to update my playstation3 and there you have it…

    173. jose Says:

      don’t buy this game, gta4, because it freezes during the missions.

    174. Nikita Says:

      TO FIX THE PROBLEM YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE GTA4. I have the 80gb ps3 and I bought my system as well as the the game from Gamestop. We exchanged the game 3x and told numerous gamestop employees of the freezing issue and no one could say what the problem was. I then went to anothe game store and he was kind enough to help out. You have to update the ps3 to 2.1 or 2.0 not sure which one and then you can put gta4 in and it should tell you that there is an update available for the game. We haven’t had any other issues with the game since then.

    175. hakam Says:

      hey guys…am gettin gta 4 soon…and i wanna ask if play the game offline 4rm the beginnin will it freeze?

    176. Leandro Says:

      I just got this game today and it’s the first game to be played on my PS3 40gb (was strictly a media server until now). It asked me to update GTA4 before installing, so I did, and then continued with the install. The game froze during the inital movie during the credits and the game doesn’t even show up anymore in the menu. I deleted the install, popped in the disc, and it still doesn’t show up. Pretty bad luck for my first PS3 game experience.

    177. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The 40gb PS3, from what I recall, has compatibility probs with newer PS3 games.

    178. Jordan Lund Says:

      I remember GTA IV being problematic, but I thought it was fixed via a firmware patch on the PS3. Check and make sure your firmware is up to date.

    179. cwebber Says:

      Some of you,about 1/3 of the freezing issues I’ve read, it sounds like the speed of your internet connection is not supportive enough for your gameplay.I upgaded my service(have ps3-playing ufc 2009)and freezing ceased….just a suggestion

    180. nostis Says:

      bought the ps3 yesterday with gta IV. have not played 5 minutes yet, but maybe all together.. first it could’nt get past the copyright thing, then it could’nt get past the loading screen.. then when I first got 2 minutes into the game the sound disappeared. I’ve restarted maybe over 20 times (im naive) and it happends over and over againt. This game just does’nt workon PS3.. Both ps3 and GTAIV SUCKS!! WTF is this shit??!! Rockstar im not buying more shit from you.

    181. nostis Says:

      BTW: have the 120 GB PS3 and it has froze EVERY singel time i’ve tried playin it. (about 50 times)

    182. Brian Says:

      Bought slim 120gb ps3 last week. Bought GTA IV today. Froze right after load up and froze again after trying to cross the bridge with cops blocking it.

      Maybe it has something to do with Take Two receiving a whopping $50 million in exchange for exclusive downloadable “episodes” for the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV.

    183. Chad Says:

      I have the newest updates for it but it still does it. Mine (80g not slim) only freezes when I’m attempting something I shouldn’t be doing anyway. Dropping boats on people’s heads, and helicopter cheat are the two big ones. But going to parts of the city I shouldn’t be at usually makes it freeze too.
      Is there any truth to rumors of the game actually killing systems?

    184. Jonah Falcon Says:

      @nostis: Sounds like a defective disc.

    185. Guidow Says:

      I know this is a bit of topic but my assassins creed 2 freezes the same way as GTA4 did.. Although with GTA4 I noticed if I saved straight away when the game loaded and took taxi;s between missions it froze a whole lot less… Rockstar and ubisoft can go suck my balls though!

    186. abhishekharyani Says:

      in the game gta4 , when i started the game on the a message appeared that- ” cannot play the game at current video output setting[ 80028F10 ]“. what should i do to solve this problem.please send me a message on my online site.

    187. a gamedev (not rockstar or ms) Says:

      First off. I understand crash and freeze frustrations after such an anticipated title. But for one. the ps3 was released long before gta iv, so this is not the fault of Sony. For two, if you have never tried to develop your own game or software you have no idea how bugs and glitches occur AFTER beta and release and the weeks of work it takes just to develop ONE fix patch. Rockstar has yet to screw it’s fans and they are not going to start. Notice how they have several titles on hold while they pool resources to fix this issue? Try deleting your cookies as MANY people browse porn and malware infested sites using the ps3′s browser which has a direct affect on the performance of the console as they clog up the harddrive’s memory resources. And another thing. NOBODY is perfect…YES…that means you….sitting in mommy’s basement at 35 years old griefing wow players and living to play games. Instead of whining try being part of the solution rather than an addition to the problem.

    188. a gamedev (not rockstar or ms) Says:

      How about those who dont know what work goes into developing a game try to start even the beginning of development on even a text based game? Instead of whining and pointing fingers try considering how you treat your ps3 that mommy and daddy bought? clear out cookies and delete large demos and unneeded files and leave at least 30% hdd resources open. TRY TO GET THROUGH THE TUTORIAL WITHOUT CHEATS! this worked for me

    189. CagdasTR Says:

      do you know what ?!! I have computer(Laptop) and I have same problem Game Freeze while Loading…A fcking game why freeze :S

    190. Moogene Says:

      I’ve been playing GTA4 on my 120gb PS3 and it keeps freezing! I’m up to the missions with Playboy X and I can’t go any further due to freezing problems. None of my other games have frozen and my PS3 is only 2 weeks old. This really is a pain and Rockstar, I’m not happy. (Although I gotta say Red Dead Redemption is a bloody good game)

    191. SkitzoStylez26 Says:

      Its not Rockstar….well not just them i have the launch 60gig system and after the system update 3.40 this issue started happining with ALL my Games that use autosave feature so freezes only occur when autosave kicks in-cutscenes begin a new level or unlock an acheivement its sony thats screwing with us it seems they want us to get rid of these perfect machines(launch ps3)and go for the raggedy slim version. dont do it ever that slim crap is for the kids and the launch has wayyy more potential for savvy gamers… in the end we should all complain to sony and MAKE them relese an update with a fix NOW!

    192. OMG Says:

      god my brother deleted my stuff and i could play it before and now when i try to install data to the HDD it freezes before its even close to 10% done its bull sh– and im really started to get pissed off… ive got a 60 gb but its not a launch and the one at gamestop in town works perfectly fine… DA F—-?

    193. leef69uk Says:

      ive got the same problem but rockstar said if it still persists like it has upto the playboy x lvl to trade in and buy the platinum version as it was a mapping error tht cannot be resolved by delete and reinstall

      if the disc has any blemishes on it itll crash hope this has helped you all

    194. WTF!!! Says:

      My disc won’t even get past the installing data to hard drive screen. I tried like 10 times already and to get stuck at the same screen. Does anyone know how of a fix?

    195. Devin Says:

      Here’s what I had to do.

      1. Turn off system.

      2. Turn back on, then turn off but hold power button till u hear 3 beeps when u turn on.

      3. It should have turned off. Then turn on once again, and hold till u hear 3 beebs, the las two beeps will be close together.

      4. You should be at a weird screen with 5 selections. Click the one that says restore system file and let it go , it should take 1min

      5. Do all of the same steps but click on rebuild… And let it.

      6. Befor playing delete all GTA4 saves and installations, now let gta finish install.

      This should work, if you need help plz comment back!!!!!

    196. rudy Says:

      no matter what the game is there is always a problem with the servers it self why do they keep saying its the game when its NOT!!!

    197. Sonya Says:

      I have the 80g ps3 and i have the complete edition and the two add-ons play fine but the main gta 4 freezes when i go to a certain part of the map because the game doesn’t fully load it seems.

    198. gary Says:

      I have 6ogb ps3 and i have the complete edition.when i try to play gtaiv it keeps repeating the slideshow and does not get through!somebody pls help

    199. Jerome Says:

      Yes, well its not only the 60 or 80 GB PS3, this issue may be kindof old, but I just got the game because I was bored of my other games and my PS3 is the 320 Gb one and its freezes as well. After the opening cutscene, I drive a little bit up the route and it freezes in the same spot everytime. I’ve gotten several disks of the game and sent my PS3 to be checked and nothing is wrong and all other games work…

      So sorry Rockstar if you think its the PS3′s problem that is comeplete bull because you made and coded a game that is supposed to work on sonys platform. You made the game, sony did not, make sure it works properly before you publish and release a game next time and you’ll save youself some headaches.

    200. sirwilliam Says:

      I have a 320 gb ps3 and my copy always freezes when I’m driving right in the first mission I have a greatest hit’s version of the game and it just freezes after some driving. I’m done with trying with this game I’ve tried deleting the data on my ps3 and starting over and nothing happens, I give up.

    201. carlos Says:

      I already did all of that stuff but it didnt work

    202. mark Says:

      I have 320GB PS3 and my gta 4 is not doing well also when i delete the gta 4 game data and save data and restarted, it works fine but when i play it after a day or an hour (probably after playing game we take a rest) it freezes on loading screen before the logo of the rockstar games. Is there any fix for it? Soon I’ll try applying the 4.31 OFW update if this bug are fixed. (Sorry for my bad english. Because I’m A filipino) hope to fixed the bug soon

    203. NOT HAPPY!! Says:

      This is some serious BULLSH….. Mine was doing just fine until i did the jamaican heat mission. It freezes every time I try and drop little Jacob off. I can still do other missions and what not but every time I try and finish the Jamaican heat mission it freezes! I’ve done the mission about twenty times now…. Gunna SMACK Rockstar backwards(In my fantasy’s)

    204. reall dumm Says:

      every time i try to install it says please wait and then i turnes of on me

    205. STEELCITY Says:

      i got the download from psn,worked fine till right after FRANCIS MISSIONS. now freezes during other missions. can hear music fine but freezes screen/whole playstation …80gb …. fuckingbullshit !!!!!! WTF THE PROB IS???only game that does this to me….SMDH!!

    206. I HateThis Says:

      As fast as i drive over the bridge to the top of the map, i get the freeze.. I can’t go to the strip club since it freezes when i reach the 2nd world as i call it…

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