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Buy Rock Band (PS2) for $110 at GameStop

Have a PlayStation 2? Want to be a rock and roll star? Can’t afford real instruments or hours of demanding lessons and practice? Cheap? Well you and your friends are in luck! At your local Gamestop (Electronic Boutique, EB games, it’s all one big conglomerate) until August 13 you can get your hands on the Rock Band PS2 bundle for only $109.99, which according to the advertisement and my own rudimentary math skills is $50 off the normal price.

So if you’ve been holding off because you couldn’t afford it, or you thought you needed a next-gen console to play, you no longer have an excuse. Just so you know, the bundle comes with the game, a guitar, drum set, and mic, you’ll have to round up two other rockstar wannabes yourself. Get out there get one and ROCK ON!

(Note: If you have videos of you and your friends rocking out to Rock Band, send me a link I’d love to see it. Maybe we’ll post ‘um here for all to glory in as well.)

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