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Lord British Wants to Make Fantasy MMO

Richard Garriott has returned from space newly emancipated from NCSoft to declare he wants to make a new fantasy MMO.

“After 25 years at Origin, the last thing I wanted to make was yet another medieval fantasy game. Now, after a very interesting break, I’m keen to get back into the fray and work on a new game,” he said.

And guess what he’s planning? “Probably medieval fantasy and probably online; there’s something very powerful about getting people together,” he told the BBC.

Garriott was the first to introduce the graphic MUD – what we now call MMORPGs – with Ultima Online, which is still going strong today. Tabula Rasa was a good MMO but failed to catch on – it’ll be interesting to see what Lord British does with a new fantasy MMO, because Garriott’s always tried to be different.

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