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CONTEST: Win a Free Season of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures

GameStooge, 2Old2Play and Gaming Podcast have joined forces with Telltale Games and are offering three chances to win the PC version of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures – the entire four episode season!

That’s right – you can win the entire season, a $34.95 value, which includes:

  • Fright of the Bumblebees, which comes out March 24
  • The Last Resort (May)
  • Muzzled (June)
  • The Bogey Man (July)

Winners get the order code to get each chapter as it comes out for free!

For GameStooge, you merely need to post a comment stating your favorite Wallace & Gromit outing – whether it be A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, Cracking Contraptions, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit or A Matter of Loaf and Death – and why it’s your favorite. Only one entry per IP address, and you have to impress us with your love of Wallace & Gromit. The contest ends March 24, 12 noon EST.

REMINDER: You have two other chances to win at 2Old2Play (here) and Gaming Podcast (here) – check ‘em out!

NOTE: If you’re unregistered, your comment won’t be seen immediately, so allow time for the moderator to approve.

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    22 Responses to “CONTEST: Win a Free Season of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures”

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    1. Rikard Says:

      It’s not easy to pick one, but I’ll go with A Close Shave. Because of Shawn. Also, the romance. (Haven’t seen Curse or Loaf yet.)

    2. Mike Robinson Says:

      My favorite is The Wrong Trousers mainly due to the toy train chase.

    3. Brad W Says:

      I love The Wrong Trousers. It was the first W&G episode that I had seen. The penguin’s “expressions” captured my attention immediately due to the fact that they somehow don’t exist on his face, yet they ARE definitely conveyed. When the penguin looks at Gromit his face is a seething mask of malice which can only be perceived rather than truly seen with the eyes. Amazing!

    4. David C Says:

      The Wrong Trousers – For making an evil and scary pengin. That’s tough to do.

    5. Nate Says:

      Close shave. Too many good things to mention, shorn cutting the bars on gromits prison cell, the sheep on the moto “getting organized” then reorging to fit through the underpass, then all flying into the back of the truck again. The side car turning into an airplane with the wings retracting at just the right moments to buzz through the doors of the dog food factory (except that last one). I love all of the W&G episodes and my kids do too. My daughter saw the Steam ad come up and immediately asked if we could play the game. Just finished dl’ing the demo. :)

    6. Joe Says:

      It’s got to be The Wrong Trousers. The film is just made by the brilliant Feathers McGraw, and the relationship change between Wallace and his faithful dog Gromit. Plus the train chase where Gromit is swiftly laying down the tracks is just amazing!

    7. Kyle Says:

      I’ve got to choose “A Matter of Loaf and Death”–first one in HD–it was great to see a new W&G short. (Fingers crossed the UK Blu-ray will be region free)

    8. der_riesenraddieb Says:

      The Wrong Trousers of course.

    9. SidGarcia Says:

      Unfortunately I have only seen one, but it’s a pretty good one. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. One part I especially liked with this movie, is the hinting about Wallace being the were-rabbit. Also the irony (Working as plant rescuers, but at night he eats them) – it’s great.

    10. Brett Says:

      I have not had a chance to see “A Matter of Loaf and Death”, so I will go with The Wrong Trousers. It’s the first one I saw and still the best.

    11. StLouisRibs7734 Says:

      Wrong Trousers. Why? Why not? It was perfect.

    12. Christal E Says:

      The toy train chase was awesome in The Wrong Trousers!

    13. Jennifer Says:

      For me it’s either The Wrong Trousers or A Matter of Loaf and Death. I loved the scene with the model train in The Wrong Trousers, and I loved Wallace’s expressions in the scene with the bomb in A Matter of Loaf and Death.

      The way Peter Sallis delivered the “Gromit! There’s a bomb in me pants!” line along with the expression on Wallace’s face was priceless. :)

    14. seagul Says:

      So difficult to pick only one! I love the moment Feathers McGraw is finally botttled in The Wrong Trousers, after the pursuit int the train. I love Gromits love interest and the Puppy-Love-song. And what about the first appearing of Shaun the sheep??? And how can i ignore the adveture on the moon?
      Don’t be so cruel to force into a statement.

    15. avihai s Says:

      The best is the very first one : “A Grand Day Out”, this is the one of the masterpieces of the animated films, and will remember as a milestone in stop motion animation !
      This was the first film who justifiably erend the saying on w&g: “some of the best-known and best-loved stars to come out of the UK.”( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
      the innovation of Wallace facial expression (which wasn’t seen until that period , and not to talk about the fact that there were no computers graphics as we know in that days! The comedic states of the absent-minded scientist and he’s brilliant Charlie Chaplin’s like dog, was first set on stage and the world could laugh from the unique combination off humor and stop motion animation
      as we all know the lighted side of the moon have defected the taste of the cheese due-to cosmic radiation from the sun. while the dark side has always kept in a cold and dry area just as Wallace’s cheese closet. Unfortunately, Wallace missed he’s opportunity to taste a real good cheese…
      (I’m not an English speaker so if I’m wrong on spelling don’t be so shocked…)

    16. Guy in a Box Says:

      I’d have to say The Wrong Trousers, because of both the train chase sequence and it’s the one that I remember the most clearly.

    17. Wapcaplet Says:

      Like most Americans, my first exposure to W&G was The Wrong Trousers, and it’s still my favorite. The suspense created by Feathers McGraw’s silence is remarkable (especially since he doesn’t emote much either), and of course, the train sequence is drop-dead amazing.

    18. Drewski Says:

      The Wrong Trousers, was easily my favorite

    19. Joshua Says:

      I’d have to say A Matter of Loaf and Death definitely surpasses its predecessors. Wallace and Gromit just get better and better!

    20. Erich K Says:

      My favourite was A Grand Day Out, it’s just too cute, especially the stove on the moon… ;-) And the way they’ve made the moon so small!
      Well, I’m looking forward to finding some free time to play the Telltale adventures of W&G!

    21. patrick Says:

      Grand day out, The Skiing scene was immense.

    22. Ilan Says:

      I love wallace and gromit so so so much!! I have seen all their shows! But I think that Curse of the Were Rabbit is the best! Because finally it can go on forever and we keep getting more and more excitement! I love that gromit really gets to show what he can do in this more than any others! Wallace really eventually gets the point. But I really think that this movie really brought out the truth in Gromit and really showed how loving and wise (and funny) he can be. It really brought this out in everyone really.
      Wallace and Gromit once again, work as a great (ahem) “team” (ahem). They separated a little more here.
      Also, the story plot really got you interested. It wasn’t just, a little bit of this and that. Really, the whole time it intrigued me to watch more. Curse of the were rabbit is also great because of (i think) the quality of the (clay) characters. I actually could not tell if it was clay or digital. I bought the DVD (of course) and watched the bonus features. I saw that it was a little bit of both. That also made it great.
      The amount of immense work that went into making this movie is astounding!
      These people are really amazing! I mean, just to think that now this huge great big amazing movie is out! BLOWS MY MIND!
      (I hope that this is not too long)
      I think that this movie is also very loving too. The way that gromit loves his watermellon and cares for it. And the great relationship and complications with Wallace and “Totty”. I LOVE IT!!
      I have probably watched this movie like, 6 times! I watch it when I work out and everything!
      Well, to wrap it up: Wallace and Gromit are some of the best characters in the world. And I think that the movie Curse of the Were Rabbit is the best!!!!
      I really really really hope you pick me for the prize!
      I also really thank you for making this contest!
      Hope to hear from you soon! Bye!


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