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DC Universe Online Free-to-Play?

Gaming Nexus is reporting that DC Universe Online may be going the free-to-play route:

I’ve talked with Wes who’s quoted in this article from Sony Insider a few times and he’s always been very cool about talking up the various aspects of the game. At CES they had the game running while PS3 and PC folks played together but they didn’t say if they were going to have that on the game’s release. The article hints that that might be the case though once the game’s in consumers’ hands.

But the really interesting part is that there won’t be a subscription fee attached to the game. Now, Wes didn’t go on to say what if any micro transactions will be there as I would think there needs to be something for SOE to make money since they are running these servers and need people to help man them. Still, the news of no subscription fee has my interest in the game up a few notches.

Those who have tried the newly free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited have found that Turbine hasn’t quite learned what free-to-play online means; unlike Guild Wars, Battlefield Heroes and Japanese FTP MMORPGs’ use of a ton of microtransaction options, you have to pay to increase your level beyond 4, play level 12 missions, and so forth. Enforced payment doesn’t make it free-to-play – it makes it simply have a trial mode.

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    48 Responses to “DC Universe Online Free-to-Play?”

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    1. Megazell Says:

      “you have to pay to increase your level beyond 4, play level 12 missions, and so forth.”

      ^ That is actually incorrect. You don’t have to pay for that stuff. You can get it via drop during the game. I played it awhile back and got to lvl 20 and never paid a red cent.

    2. Jacob Says:

      how do i play dc universe on my pc for free?????

    3. Jonah Falcon Says:

      It hasn’t been released yet, for one.

    4. Kenzie Hanso Says:

      If its not free, im not buying it…oh hell what can i say ill buy it anyhow!

    5. nick vaughn Says:

      i havent played it yet but it looks COOL

    6. ... Says:

      how do you know that it’s not gonna be free while it’s still not released yet ???

    7. RedKnight Says:

      “… Says:
      July 8th, 2010 at 9:30 am
      how do you know that it’s not gonna be free while it’s still not released yet ???”

      We actually do not know anything yet. What sounded like “no subscription fees” coming from Wes’es mouth could have been a slip of the tongue or the journalist who interviewed him could have misunderstood him and hearing the words “No subscription fees” briefly noted that there were none. However it is probably most likely that there is no subscription fee and that there will be some sort of in game item shop. I mean seriously they have to have some means to update the servers and to get paid. So I’m thinking they will either do F2P with an item shop or F2P with game add-ons or expansion packs that u can download from the PlayStation Store. Also they better not have a fee for character customization because if I buy the game then pay to create my character then on top of that reoccurring monthly fees I’M NOT BUYING!!

    8. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The operative word in the 2009 article is “may”. It MAY be free-to-play, but Sony has been cagey about the pricing model.

    9. Hydra Says:

      Well I’ve Registered to the DC Universe Website nd there is a seperate segment for payment options and subscription details so it is obvious that there is a monthly fee.

    10. Dan Says:

      i dont know why people on here are crying about the fact that u are going to have to pay a subscription fee to play a mmo online. Some one said if its not free no one will play and thats a load of shit because look at wow for example and how many people play that like its there job. IF its not subscription based then the game will take forever to be updated if at all and those little bugs and glitchs all games have when they first come out wont be fixed. so get over it u will have to pay it just depends how much

    11. Tyler Says:


      Last time i checked you didn’t have to pay for the WOW game, you could download it for free then pay the subscription price

      For this game we have to pay 60 dollars for the game first, then the subscription price

      Big difference mate.

    12. manuel Says:

      the operative the in the 2009 article is ‘may’.it may be free-to-play,but sony has been cagey about the pricing model.

    13. manuel Says:

      I want to play cause it looks really cool

    14. Your worst nightmare Says:

      manuel, you just copy/pasted Jonah Falcon´s message, i hope it is buyable and the you dont have to pay for shit, like the multiplayer inside gta 4, call of dutys, etc, if its monthly fee i will say what i said when i saw the ps3´s price for the first time: F— YOU SONY!!!

    15. dan Says:

      guys, everyone said city of heroes looked cool, but to be honest its a pile of sh–. im hoping this will be awesome :)

    16. clayton Says:


    17. Sean Says:

      They should absolutely have the game free to play, this would defiantly open up the game too much more people. Im sure these guys want to make money (and they will if its free to play as well) but I also know they want as many people as possible to play and appreciate this game which they have spent so much time on and put so much hard work into.

    18. Geno Says:

      Why is everyone complaining? “If it’s not free, I’M NOT BUYING IT!!!!111oneone” Seriously? How do you expect to cover server costs, people dedicated to fixing the game, in game support? Unless you know, they charged $100 for the game then MAYBE it would cover it for a year or two, get off your welfare check collecting asses, get a job, and support the developers.

    19. Mike Says:

      I think that they should make it like champions online is gonna be or like talisman is F2P but theres still gonna be like gold membership and montly subscription and in game extra items powers and armor that are sold in real life money.

    20. Keith Says:

      geno makes the false assumption that people don’t want to pay $15 a month for a game because they can’t afford it. For me, its not about not being able to afford it, its about the game not being WORTH it. I have yet to find a MMO that I think is worth $120 to $180 a year to play and DC Universe won’t be the first. I have been playing the beta. The story is great, the graphics are gorgeous, but the game-play is uninspired. The same MMO we have all seen dozens of times, just with DC heroes in it.

    21. bob Says:

      i played the game and i don’t have to pay there is a another feature that u cant go into which is the market place, once u go to the icon it says coming soon, maybe Sony will charge real money every time u want to buy something good in the market place

    22. bob Says:

      if that is true and u have to pay than the free to play Sony keeps saying about this game is fake

    23. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Well, it’s $14.99/mo.

    24. » DC Universe Online Launches January 11 - Game Stooge: The most up to date gaming and tech news blog on the planet. Says:

      [...] question of whether the game would be free-to-play or not has been answered: it will have a monthly subscription fee of $14.99. The game itself will [...]

    25. steel7 Says:

      this is f***ing stuped y do you have to pay to play this stoped s*** its retarted grow up you stuped nerds

    26. alec Says:

      my idea seems pretty good about sony and whoever else to get there money and we dont have to pay some damn $15 subscription fee.
      All they have to do is put advertisements in game like on billboards and loading screens.

    27. alex9000 Says:

      “this is f***ing stuped y do you have to pay to play this stoped s*** its retarted grow up you stuped nerds”
      LOL, oh my god i lol’d. retarted? stuped.. :’)
      DCUO <3

    28. Unknown Says:

      If this game is pay to play… well I’m off to find something else to play… World of warcraft is making a killing and I’ve stop playing that game for the same reason..

    29. Why Says:

      why do u have to f—ing pay.what the fuck is up with that

    30. Kevin Says:

      I’m not paying 60 dollars for a game that requires a monthly subscription to play online. If I don’t like the game, I’m stuck with a $60 game that I won’t even be able to play.

      If they were confident in their product, they would have some type of free trial (for PC users, obviously) where you could download the program and install it for 30 days. The fact that they don’t offer this sort of tells me that they don’t think their game is very good.


    31. hehe Says:

      “The fact that they don’t offer this sort of tells me that they don’t think their game is very good.”

      Perhaps they think it is very good and people are going to pay it.
      Which right now is fact because the game has been selling out.

    32. Jonah Falcon Says:

      DC Universe Online is an important MMO for consoles, because it’s the first attempt at a true MMO for console (Phantasy Star Online, Final Fantasy XI, etc are more like Diablo with multiplayer and persistent stats.)

      However, the free-to-play model has been proving itself much more profitable than the subscription model (See: LOTRO), so there’s a chance they might convert to free-to-play simply because it makes more money.

    33. Jennifer Says:

      I think they may be missing out on some revenue here, There are alot of DC fanatics that will dive in pay upfront and get to the top level, then there are the average people like me who love dc marvel etc but not wanting to pay a lot upfront not knowing if I will like it.

      If they had a 15 day trial period or even 7 they might find more people joining and paying to stay on. yes £29.99 to buy the game before knowing if its good, if we dont like it do we get a refund? I doubt it.. Warcraft has a free trial they get so many people hooked because of that. I think they are looking short term instead of long term.. a free trial would ultimatley make more money as people would start a charachter and want to see it through.
      Paying alot for something and you play it for 7 days and think.. no this is not for me thats £30 wasted.

    34. bast Says:

      do.t play have 20 guest.most of de thim you play .pvp.not a mmo.don’t leet them fool you.dc shit game.

    35. Dpatt Says:

      @bast You can’t even speak english, just stop.

    36. » DC Universe Online SOE’s Fastest Selling MMO - Game Stooge: The most up to date gaming and tech news blog on the planet. Says:

      [...] that the MMO was the number one-selling game on Steam last week. A sizeable contingent still are hoping for a free-to-play model, but they’ll have to wait while the MMO is currently [...]

    37. » Sony Defends Subscription for DC Universe Online - Game Stooge: The most up to date gaming and tech news blog on the planet. Says:

      [...] DC Universe Online raised some eyebrows at going with a subscription model, after some speculation it would adopt a free-to-play model itself. In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony defended its [...]

    38. adrian Says:

      why can’t i play

    39. bunch of bs Says:

      i think its so much bs that they dont have free to play/ off line free to lay mode or any thing like that and im a big fan of sony but wit this game i have to say f— you sony

    40. hehe Says:

      What would you do offline in a MMO? The point is being online.

    41. Re: bunch of bs Says:

      A massively Multi player Online Role playing Game (MMORPG) being offline? I think they made those already, Its called VIDEO GAMES. -.-’

    42. hehe Says:

      No they’re called RPGs. And really, at least try to grasp what I am saying…

    43. not impressed Says:

      You can play some games like wow free on private servers some are actually pretty big, anyways pay 2 play will forever be gay, simple as that. oh and to the guy who’s all for paying to support these people, get real, great movies and games make hundreds of millions. psh

    44. truee gamer Says:

      the need to hurry up n make a free trial or imm not gunna by it

    45. littleloyd Says:

      Ilove this game very much so can i play it

    46. annoyed Says:

      they be trying to see how many dumb asses would p2p which is stupid since f2p gets so many more ppl
      there greedy bastards

    47. Marvle Universe Online Says:

      Marvle Universe Online Is Free To Play And It Got Character Customization And It May Heading To The PSN/X-Box Live A Couple Months Or When The Year Is Up When Its Released For PC They Said Its Coming On Other Platflorms After The Release Of The PC Version The MMO Game Is Being By Brian Michael Bendis

    48. » DC Universe Online Goes Free-to-Play - Game Stooge: The most up to date gaming and tech news blog on the planet. Says:

      [...] before DC Universe Online was launched, the question that was constantly asked of Sony Online Entertainment was, “Will DC Universe Online be free-to-play?” The reply [...]

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