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GameStooge Awards Mega Giveaway Contest

To celebrate the year in video games that was 2009, GameStooge is proud to announce the GameStooge Awards Mega Giveaway Contest. We’ve had contests before, but nothing, repeat, nothing like this before. In the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away several boxed copies of Plants Vs. Zombies, codes for Call of Duty Arcade for the Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the PlayStation Portable, copies of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as well as Microsoft Point, PSN and two month World of Warcraft subscription cards!

That’s right – we’re giving a crapton of stuff away for free! Who knows what else we’ll give away – we may have some surprise gifts to hand out!

The rules are simple: we want you to head on over to the official nomination list and pick out a category, and tell us which game you would pick, and tell us in one paragraph why in the comments section of this article. You don’t even have to pick a nominated game. If you want to say you loved Call of Juarez as Best Shooter, say so and tell us why. That’s a ballot!

Here’s the kicker – you can comment as many times as you like! Each ballot gives you a better chance to get picked. Ah, but here’s the catch: you can only pick each category once. Each period of time is for a single prize. After the prize is given away, we give away another prize for a time period. So, you might want to pace yourself or you’ll run out of categories! The contest will be running til January 1, when the award winners are revealed.

Each prize is different, but the real prize is that the best quotes will make it into the awards announcement. If you’re picked a winner of a prize, we’ll email you and you can give us your postal address to send the prize to – in the case of Call of Duty Arcade, we’ll simply give you the code.

WINNER OF PRIZE #1 (Plants Vs. Zombies): Slater
WINNER OF PRIZE #2 (Call of Duty Classic): Rizzle

The CURRENT PRIZE is: PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES (PC) (expires Saturday, December 19 noon EST)

Check this space for new prizes - this contest will be running til January 1, 2010! Be sure to include your real email so if you win, we can verify with you.

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    3 Responses to “GameStooge Awards Mega Giveaway Contest”

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    1. Rizzle Says:

      Best Adaptation:
      I would definitely go with Trials HD! I’m already a motorcross/race junky as it is. I was also an Abe’s Oddworld junky because the puzzles were so cool and the graphics were great. So, naturally when someone takes the puzzle element of Abes.. throws it in the blender with some Excitebike.. Take that and pour a healthy coat of eye candy graphics… I’m going to be losing a few hours of sleep! That’s exactly what is happening.

    2. Rizzle Says:

      Best MMO:
      Shadowbane got my day in court.. WOW got my several months/years in court.. ToonTown got my time in court too. I have to nominate Wizard101 for this year as well! When you combine great elements of Wow mixed with Final Fantasy style battles and cinematics.. Mix that with the stylized art that puts Toon Town in the dust and add all that into a mixing bowl with story driven gameplay, battles, PVP and quests in a variety of unique and fun worlds. This game has the recipe of Win!

    3. janrud Says:

      paano mag laro nito

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