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Descent 4, Dark Alliance 3, MDK 3 Coming?

It seems like Interplay will be blowing the dust off some IPs, and will be developing sequels for a few classic titles, including:

  • Descent 4
  • MDK 3
  • Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 3
  • A new Earthworm Jim game

This is all due to new funding from investors into Interplay as shares have moved around in mass.

Although this doesn’t confirm anything, it does mean that the above games are definitely in consideration as long as the financing has been secured.

This is part of a two-pronged growth strategy on the part of Interplay which sees the company using it’s classic and beloved properties as leverage for making the company prosperous via all-new sequels, so it can enter a new era and once again become a big player on the videogame scene.

Which IP is your most awaited?

(Thanks, VGB.)

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    14 Responses to “Descent 4, Dark Alliance 3, MDK 3 Coming?”

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    1. John Beck Says:

      I would pay any price to see Baldurs Gate:Dark Alliance 3 on PC, PS2 or PS3

    2. Jonah Falcon Says:

      I’m not sure Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance ever appeared on PC. I know it came out on Xbox and PS2.

    3. Danny Says:

      Descent 4!!!! I have been waiting a few years and there is a small slight of hope

    4. Metirial Defender Says:

      !! Descent IV !!
      Hopefully it would be more like the classical Descent 1 and 2 and not like Descent3

      I mean , Just look at that:

      and compare that to that: (yuucck)

    5. Descent Comes to WiiWare | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] of you waiting for Descent 4 to come, you’ll have to settle for a remake of the original Descent on WiiWare. That’s right [...]

    6. MDK 3 Says:

      MDK 3 this is the game i m waiting so long

    7. DA3 Says:

      I cant wait until DA3 comes out! i still play the first and second one, and i dont ever get bored of it! i would pay almost any price to play the third one

    8. Caleb Says:

      DA3 you do realise that you can buy the third one from Good old games DRM free for like $6.

    9. taylor Says:

      o my gosh i have been waiting so long for dark allience 3!! they have to make it!!

    10. Ryan Says:

      Dude, hardcore. I want so hardcore want descent 4. Hardcore all out legit style that would INSAAAAANNNEE!! I would buy two copies cause I’d be so freakin psyched!!!!!! I”D be OFF DA CHAAAIIINN!!

    11. PxO Says:

      At this point, I would settle for a Descent 3½ :D

    12. Cesar Says:

      I want to see MDK 3. Please Bioware make MDK 3!!!! please!

    13. Chaser Says:

      MDK 2 was perfect for 2000.
      If MDK 3 come now… Whoaaa! I cant imagine that game. (MDK 1 is just a bad test)

    14. PwuckDuck Says:

      I need that game, i have been waiting so long!

      Just started to replay Dark Alliance 2, i’ve missed it so much. :(

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