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REVIEW: Plants Vs. Zombies (iPhone)

Few gamers are not aware of Popcap’s fun tower defense game Plants Vs. Zombies; you can check out our review of the original game here. As expected with a runaway smash hit by Popcap, the game will be seeing new platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade. However, the game was just released for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $2.99, albeit a more stripped down version.

How does it translate?

The answer is: exceedingly well, and the touch screen format actually enhances the game quite a bit. Picking up sunbeams and coins is far easier, since all you need to do is tap them rather than drag the mouse across the screen; it will be interesting to see how the game deals with a gamepad when it comes to the Xbox 360. Placing plants is surprisingly accurate as well; in the hours that I’ve played, I never placed a plant in the wrong place with my finger. The only real change to gameplay is that the plant “cards” are moved to the left side of the screen, which is ergonomically the right choice for the wide touch screen; it felt much more natural.

The game is reduced to just the main campaign. There’s no minigames or puzzles. The only extra is the ability to play continually harder versions of the scenarios after completing the main campaign. One nice touch are the Achievements, which might be a sneak preview of the XBLA’s. On the plus side,the campaign is unchanged; all of the progression you find in the main campaign in the original version is here, as is the great music and animation.

At $2.99, Plants Vs. Zombies is a must-own for iPhone and iPod Touch owners. You can save anywhere at any time, so it’s perfect for travel and waiting rooms, and remains as addictive as ever. You can buy it here.

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