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PS3 Games Having Crash Issues, PSN Down [UPDATE 3]

PlayStation Network is currently down, and worse, there’s a rash of PlayStation 3 games crashing without warning to the dreaded 8001050F error code.

According to Joystiq:

wide rash of game-crashing errors is spreading among the PS3-owning community at the moment, most of which can be chalked up to a 8001050F error code. This has led to a variety of unfortunate side-effects for those affected, including corrupted trophy information and an inability to access the PSN. When combined, those two issues prevent players from launching certain games, such as Heavy Rain, without being kicked back to the XMB.

Joystiq has contacted Sony to find out what the heck is going on. We’ll keep you up to date.

[Update from Joystiq: Sony has acknowledged the issue, and is "looking into it." We've yet to hear an official word on what the problem is, though it seems to be a bit larger than just the PSN. Owners of PS3 Phats are reporting that the date on their console has reverted to 12/31/1999, which is likely the cause of the data-corrupting errors. Some Phat-owners have reported receiving the errors while their console was offline, which is upsetting, to say the least. We'll let you know when we hear official word from Sony.]

[Update from Sony: From PlayStation Blog US:

We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

In the meantime, you may want to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.

More when it comes, as it becomes clear this has been a fiendish plot by Sony to get gamers to subscribe to their Twitter feed.]

[Update by Sony, reported by Jordan Lund: The old joke goes "Doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm!" Doctor says "Well, don't raise your arm then..."

Sony is out now with a response to gamers who are having their PS3s glitch up on them: "It glitches when you turn it on? Well, don't turn it on then!"

"We hope to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.

We believe we have identified that this problem is being caused by a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system."

There is no word on if they are actually attempting to correct the bug or if they are simply waiting for the glitched day to pass at which point the problem will solve itself... until 2014, the next even numbered non-leap year.]

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    90 Responses to “PS3 Games Having Crash Issues, PSN Down [UPDATE 3]”

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    1. Tyler Says:

      so what do we do?? nothing works and i cant get in to my account.. what happens next? is this permanent? please get back to me. thanks

    2. Shawn Miller Says:

      im experiencing the error code, loss of mw2 trophies, & i cant sign in. this is very disappointing & frustrating 2 say the least

    3. Steven Argyrakos Says:

      My Uncharted 2 trophies are GONE! My beautiful platinum trophy is gone. When PSN is up and running, my trophies better fucking be there. i worked too hard.

    4. Steven Argyrakos Says:


    5. Javier Says:

      what do we do now man?
      may be we’ll get an update this week
      hope that i cant play mw2, RE5, killzone 2 T_T

    6. SpicyCupNoodles-Mw2 Says:

      wtf? i cant sign in and when i try to play campaign it says sumthing unable to find trophies or sumthing and i just go back to main ps3 page…MY TROPHIES BETTA BE THERE STILL if any1 has any updates please lve a msg

    7. jnuty420 Says:

      this is f—ing lame, all I want is to play some f—ing modern warfare 2 and its f—ing lame this is only happening to the ps3′s with backwards compatibility. If we all have to get a new ps3 just to play, it must be time for a class action lawsuit ima need a new one for free if worse comes to worse. I didnt spend $500 on my ps3 so i could sit back and watch the $300 version work and mine shit out !!

    8. jnuty420 Says:


    9. cayal Says:

      jesus christ, get a grip people.

    10. jay543 Says:

      Yea, This is pretty ridiculous.. COD MW2 doesn’t work for me but the first MW does (offline), and none of my downloaded psn games work. I reset the date manually but it doesn’t fix anything. hopefully this will get fixed soon.

    11. brent Says:

      I know it blows because the trophies are gone but thats something that can be replaced/earned again. Right now, no games online work, the whole network is down, games in general dont work and once you try to use them they erase your trophies from your PS3 console(tried and tested).

      Conclusion: we have a bigger problem than just some trophies here and there (not trying to downplay their importance guys, sorry i know that sucks too) Sony just got fucked and they must have no clue what’s going on if all this is happening and they are saying just “We will look into it.”

      Oh and apparently people with the new slim PS3′s still have connection and no “8001050F” error im sure youre all sick of hearing. Hmm, first console recall? I better hear from sony soon after all the money i’ve invested in their product, along with the rest of you im sure. this is definitely no good.

    12. BeverlyHillsKid Says:

      I dont know why this is happening to us we are good people. I just want to play modernwf 2 I,m feeling like I cannot breath right now. I f—ing just broke my mirror controller because I cant handle this pressure of not having it. I just wanna beat somebody up at psn. I think the f—ing government did this. I have to go buy the slim now later.. P.S. I,m a cutter

    13. 1.8Trexx25 Says:

      no mw2, fifa 10, owell, might as well watch avatar on the pc again…

    14. WK Says:

      … First Toyota, now Playstation… What next? Why can’t everything just be made in good ol USA…

    15. SonyIsRippingUsOff Says:

      well i was playing at around 2:00 pm today, online n everything. i came off, then 5 hours later my psn wont sign in/ps3 wont play games. on top a that many of my trophies are gone. D: sony, im tellin u if ppl dont get their trophies back when this is fixed or ppls games are damaged… expect an butt-load of lawsuits

    16. Jonah Falcon Says:

      GameShark’s Dan Clarke tweeted:

      Wow, not too often you can say “gee, at least Xbox Live and my #360 are both working tonight” unlike PSN or Steam..

    17. EddieSoul Says:

      go to this site and follow the directions to make a portable id….then check your trophies to see if they are all there….

    18. cayal Says:

      ok, for the morons who are calling for a law suit, first of all, its the PSN that is down, not your PS3.
      Second, if and when this is resolved, and the only thing gone are your trophies you won’t get anywhere with a lawsuit.

      [Again with the namecalling. Cease and desist. Tell them to chill, sure, but don't start a flame war. - Jonah Falcon]

    19. cayal Says:

      Really Jonah? You’re going to get on the high moral ground after all the fanboy BS you start? lol. Hypocrite.

      [The correct answer is: "I apologize." Keep in mind these are early adopters who shelled out $500-$600 at launch. - Jonah Falcon]

    20. Chi-LO Says:

      I just hope this isn’t some elaborate scheme to make older PS3′s obsolete, I can’t afford the slim, and i expect nothing from Sony if it is. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. And I can’t believe how much ppl are freaking out lulz

    21. Jonah Falcon Says:

      I seriously doubt that.

    22. cayal Says:

      Jonah, I know what the PS3 cost at launch. I have one.

      I’m just not acting like a clueless moron over damn trophies. If and when the issue is resolved and trophies aren’t back and the PS3s don’t work then these cliff jumpers can call for all the class action BS they want.

    23. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Suppose Sony requires gamers to ship their malfunctioning PS3s to be repaired? Because it doesn’t seem like this can be fixed from a software standpoint.

    24. pleaya Says:

      WTF, its not just PSN, i can’t launch any game (disk based, PSN purchased Games) i think its something to do with the date… because i had my playstation unplugged from my wired network, and tonight i was going to play offline and found my date and clock reversed to 1999, unable to connect to psn, and without trophys…

    25. Frustrated_Walrus Says:

      This is all part 1 of the new and deadly terrorist attacks starting at our hearts… aka our PS3′s!

      My MW2 lost all it’s trophies, I can’t even play it any more… My lil brother loves Burnout Paradise (bought off PSN) and now he can’t play that due to some BS copyright shizz and I can’t login to PSN while yesterday was FINE: WTF SONY… WTF

    26. Explaining the PS3 Date Malfunction | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] original PlayStation 3’s – or any computer with a similar weakness – would get so discombobulated in this manner. The going theory [At NeoGAF - Jonah Falcon] is that the PS3 is storing some form of [...]

    27. Frustrated_Walrus Says:

      I can’t play MW2 and lost it’s trophies, all my psn bought games don’t work (burnout paradise example), I’m scared my ps3 corrupted and It was all fine yesterday :( and now it’s nothing thanks to this login error on. The PSN

    28. Brian Says:

      Well my date went forward to 12/31 and the time to 12:00, it weird

    29. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The launch PS3′s apparently have a fatal flaw that would occur when the system ticked off a day after Feburary 28, 2010. It thinks it’s February 29.

      Explained here:

      This was a disaster literally waiting to happen from day one with the first PS3s.

    30. JMC Says:

      people keep saying its only launch ps3s or backwards comp that are dead, mines neither, 40gb that was bought same day as mgs4 launch.

    31. Die Says:

      im in New Zealand and im having the same problem cant register trophy information i cant sign on to psn and i cant play games

    32. Askin21 Says:

      Well i have been able to play all my games online and offline right up till midnight tonight i have the same error as everyone else “8001050F” idk what happened but i’m relived i’m not the only one

    33. cayal Says:

      ooo it’s like Y2k…

    34. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Precisely. This is basically what the threat of Y2K was going to be, though this is more “The Leap Year Virus”.

    35. Lisa Says:

      I can’t sign on to my psn account its showing a error code on the screen when i try to load codmw2 code is 8001050f i cant even play my codmw2 game off line my game is ruined and its brand new all because of this system screw up …sony better be giving me a new system and a new game because its there fault my game is corrupted and wont play at all . everything worked fine until i hook my ps3 up on the psn network =O(

    36. Nikko Chunn Says:

      Overreacting?? No law suit if ONLY trophies!!?? Listen d—heads, I will myself be suing Sony (if my MW2 trophies are gone – because I played ONLY for the trophies in campaign etc otherwise pointless) for the hours I played cos would have worked instead and been paid (I work my own hours) – I have estimated this at $9,000… conservatively.
      No traction? LOL… I will not only do it, I will win. I will set precedent for every subsequent case to win…and I will bring you to your fu**ing knees Sony.
      Also, I was holding a ps3 party tonight, I invited 20 ppl to my house and hired $80 worth of games to play etc etc etc…. now I cannot access even offline gaming. Mine (ps3) is one year old from the store and is under warranty etc… I am going to f’g bury you Sony. I will be suing for emotional damages, lost income, psychological torture and life-affecting malicious action by Sony also… expect my suit to range between 50-250,000 bucks. Get ready you selfish, anarchic, facist c**ts…. how dare you MAKE me update my machine into obseletion… I will end you.
      How do I play these hired games you fucking Cu**S!!!!!!!!!

    37. sinn Says:

      the f—in trophies you b—h about are the f—in problem thats why mw2 crashed the first time!!!!!!!! quit caring about boasting to your friends and just play the game knowing who and how many u killed. than maybe we don’t have the stupid problems we have!

    38. harzrdmax Says:

      i got a fatty 80g ps3 and it says the same bullish bout 8001050f, but i can still play my downloaded psn demos, and my trophies seem to all the there. but then again ive only stuck in cod2 but i just tried to get online thats it…..all my demos work tho :) they better fix it by tomorrow morning cuz if i dont get my cod fix immma tweek on these fools, and it better not f— up my fatty ne wayz….i love my fatty

    39. cayal Says:

      Apparently Sony will have a fix in the morning (I am guessing US time) and no data will be lost.

    40. danno1990 Says:

      s__t im glad im not the only one. whew. it better get fixed soon. i dont even know if i have my ps3 box anymore if it needs a recall…

    41. gamefreak0 Says:

      i have a 60 gig my trophies are gone (Mw2‚fallout3,dantes inferno) i cant play offline because of a loading error with the trophies i cant sign in it doesnt let me…but slim remain unharmed i called my friend and he said its workin perfectly

    42. gamefreak0 Says:

      i got a 60 gig mine trophies are gone (Mw2‚fallout3,dantes inferno) i cant play offline because of a loading error with the trophies…but slim remain unharmed i called my friend and he said its workin perfectly with his slim

    43. gamefreak0 Says:

      i got a 60 gig mine trophies are gone (Mw2‚fallout3,dantes inferno) i cant play offline because of a loading error with the trophies…but slim remain un harmed i called my friend and he said its workin perfectly with the slim

    44. David Says:

      Guys, CHILL, your trophies are FINE! A copy of ALL trophy data is kept on the PSN servers

      If the systems need an update, they can update over the internet w/o a PSN connection. OR you can download a the patch onto your pc then install it to your PS3 (when it comes out)

      Also there might not be a patch. If this is indeed an interal clock error. The affected ps3s should return to normal on 3/2/2010 @ GMT0 (5PM easter, 2pm pacfic time).

      In any event, once it is fixed, your trphies will re sync…

      the only people who MIGHT be in trouble are those people who play their PS3s not connected to the internet… in those people’s cases the trophies could be lost

    45. Shaun Says:

      So do we know what games this happens to? So far I have heard of Uncharted 2 (haven’t put it in yet now – thank god), Heavy Rain and FIFA 10 – Grand Theft Auto still going so thats a slight relief, too scared to put my other good games in now – should we try get a list going of crook games

    46. MW2 NERD Says:

      OMG!What am i going to do for the rest of my life! Play ps2? i dont think so… anyway everytime i put mw2 disk in the ps3 hole thingy…what ever u may call it… it says
      “go home noob” JOKES na it says something about the trophies then it says the game will end now. I hope this will be fixed soon. i have no life without MW2.

    47. dgfsg Says:


    48. Mark Says:

      Brother-in-law runs his phat with no internet connection – having the same issue as everyone else…looks like I’ll have to invite him down to use my ADSL when Sony gets a fix out…

    49. lz_kmk_zl Says:

      My PS3 has been working fine. It says it’s March 1st. I was playing MW2 all night. I have a 60gb.

    50. Andy (megadethently) Says:

      any clues when sony are sorting this problem out???very disapointing,sweet music to the ears of 360 users lol

    51. Saltty Says:

      I Better Have My 10th Prestiege accounts

    52. anthony Says:

      fix your sony bs. and your recalled toyotas ur going to kill us americans you brain wash us with your games and sell us your piece of crap cars .

    53. Max_Power Says:

      If it´s in our systems where is problem and you can´t log on psn even it´s there, so how the hell can you get update to your system…

    54. Max_Power Says:

      If it´s system itself where is problem, then how the hell can it be updated and repaired if it can´t log on psn even it´s running??

    55. Mat Says:

      im in the uk and im having this problem, i also saw the date as 31/12/1999 and thought that was odd, corected it. Put assassins creed 2 in and it come up with the trophie registration rubbish. are sony tying to fix this or all we all screwed?

    56. Jon Says:

      It still isn’t working as of 7:25 a.m.

    57. Alex Says:

      If it were Microsoft folks would be pointing fingers at the brand itself. Amazing how tolerant of quality problems people are when it doesnt involve Microsoft. I guess MS should be flattered that “joe the consumer” holds them to a higher quality standard than every other vendor out there, I personally get tired of listening to the whining.

    58. Bobby Says:

      I hope its fixed sooooooon its been down going on 15 hours…

    59. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Debug PS3s have bricked, too. Dev friends say all of the PS3 projects have stalled.

    60. Tim Says:

      its pretty damn annoying that i cant play anything (except certain games like MGS4 & GTA4, if u delete the game data utility) but i dont mind that much. As long as everything is restored to what it was before the crash, and as long as PSN is back before FF13 and God of War 3 hit stores or else the shit is gonna hit the fan for Sony.

    61. KajaCZE Says:

      Can anyone from Sony let us know what’s going on with the connection? It’s been more than 15 hours now. Today I got Heavy Rain and can’t play it because of trophies or what. I can download 200MB update for Heavy Rain but I can’t play it even it doesn’t have multiplayer. That’s anoying…

    62. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Subscribe to the Sony twitter (as mentioned in the article) and check PlayStation Blog US.

    63. PS ftw Says:

      when the problem is fixed you just go to the trophy icon > press triangle > then go to RE-SYNC
      AND ALSO it affects the systems ability to go on the PSN and load trophy info these R the only barriers stoppin U from playing.
      Any game without trophies should work (offline), correct me if im wrong.

    64. Brian Riley(texas) Says:

      this is a bunch of bs,Iam pissed because i just bought a secound ps3 after my 1st one crashed and i had to repair it. now the whole f—ing system goes down. Why would you sell millions of systems to people knowing you cant support them and then when the sh– hits the fan oh we are sorry, well that sh– dont fly with me. i was once a loyal sony consumer now i have huge doubts about the products and will tell anyone who will lsten that sony puts out a sh–ty product.

    65. peewee1804 Says:

      please fix this E-Fin problem cause its a pain in the azz that i cant play my fifa-10 ok please sony do something Pronto ..!

    66. luis Says:

      if i restore my ps3 will i be able to play my games guys or what..?

    67. Puta Madre Says:

      I don’t care about the trophies! I just wanna play games offline!!!! This is what happened to people who r obsessed acquiring platinum or gold trophies…even MGS4 is unafftected. Gotta give thanks to Hideo Kojima!

    68. dave Carroll Says:

      Oh No!!!! emergency!! theres a WORLDWIDE pandemic of Veteran Demons Souls Addicts now forced to go cold turkey!!! and I’m one of them!!!!!!I have near 400 hours play on demons souls, this could be really bad if I lose all trophys and data!!

    69. Tracy Says:

      Any game that u had to patch or update or any sort of. Thing like that will not work now.If u go get a new game that u have never played on ur system it should work fine. “luckily for me my stuff got stolen and I had to buy a new p3 which they already fixed this clock issue. Hold on kids sony has never let u down before. Oh wait they took have not gave us resident evil outbreak for the p3 yet. DAMN YOU SONY!!!!!! Just kidding !

    70. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No Demon’s Souls? There is a silver lining!

    71. cayal Says:

      Yeah…Demon Souls is one of the best rated games of 2009.

      Just because you are unable to play the difficult games, don’t downplay others who enjoy it.

    72. PS3FIX Says:

      i have found a fix..maually change the date and time to the current date. then sign in. should work

    73. gamefreak0 Says:

      im in the u.s.a. bug fixed ya

    74. Tracy Says:

      Man so many without ps3s. And u can’t even buy then new ones it ohio right now were completely sold out! That’s comical.

    75. cayal Says:

      Tracy, they haven’t broken…

    76. Tracy Says:

      I know but u only hope they fix it soon is what I’m saying

    77. cayal Says:

      It may not be a matter of Sony fixing it, it could fix itself when the day turns GMT time.

    78. Tracy Says:

      True I mean I hope nothing but the best for everyone affected.I mean I would have a playstation that is completely ok if someone had not stole my other one and my 42′ tv

    79. Tracy Says:

      I mean I wouldn’t have a playstation that was completely ok

    80. cayal Says:

      Examiner is reporting they have had reports the PS3 is fixing itself.

    81. Tracy Says:

      Lol well the US is fixed so no lawsuits! Now give us Resident evil outbreak 3 Sony/Capcom!

    82. Tracy Says:

      Makes sense, internal clock just had to go to the next day, u figure that clock and online clock had to sync themselves. Problem started around 7:00 (ohio time) and it is fix the same time next day, coincedence? No.

    83. Random Says:

      This has happened to me so can some1 let me know when this is fixed, Thankyou.

    84. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Have you checked? It should be fixed by now.

    85. Hellstorm Says:

      Well i changed the date and then i put a movie on becuase dragon age didnt want to work because of trophy problems so i changed the date from 3-1-10 to 3-2-10 and i put on for an hour and then it was fixed i could play dragon age but no trophies so i guess i have to pass it again

    86. Jonah Falcon Says:

      You have to re-sync the Trophies, Hellstorm. Check the instructions earlier in the thread.

    87. cayal Says:

      Hey Jonah,

      I see after yet another petty 360 fanboy rant of yours where you add nothing to the table and you once again missed the point entirely (someone claimed it never happens on Live, I proved him wrong) you closed the thread. Flexing your oh so desirable mod muscles (sarcasm), further proving not only your fanboyism but your inability to take the facts as they are presented and preferring to revert back to typical 360 fanboyism which is the following:

      PSN has teh lagz (which it doesn’t, but hey, you wouldn’t know).

      LIVE is teh bestest (aside from a paid service that offers very little the PSN doesn’t, has corrupt MODs and went down over XMAS once before for a time longer then the PSN glitch).

      But hey Jonah, ban me if you will, you’ll never get rid of me and you will simply have to accept your petty fanboyism that runs this horribly designed blog.

      Adios loser.

    88. jammer_dean Says:

      is any one still having this problem i still cant get on psn and iv done the date thing and all that stuff they told us to do but nothing happened i can play games nothing on line tho.

    89. someoneyoudontknow Says:

      my PS3 160 GB (fat one) works just fine. i havent had it online for months so i guess im lucky to be safe before this issue happened so its obviously an online problem. good thing i dont go online for anything but dragon age downloads which is once in a blue moon. well guess it came down to the answer. stay off the online then and your PS3 wouldve been ok.

    90. Jonah Falcon Says:

      It didn’t need to be online. It just could be you didn’t play any games during that 24 hour period.

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