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Heavy Rain: Naked Madison Glitch

Quantic Dream, the developers of Heavy Rain, sure were thorough in modelling Madison Page, as evident in the above glitch that left Madison completely starkers at the wrong time and place.

[A Kotaku reader] says that following the love scene between Ethan and Madison in “On The Loose”, in which he declined the kiss but ended up triggering the sequence anyways, he reloaded his save game later and bam. There was Madison. Playable, and in naught but her birthday suit.

The video shows her nudeness, and though Madison has shapely buttocks and pert breasts, she’s also a mannequin downstairs. Still and all, the video is NSFW. At least Quantic Dream saved modders the trouble of guessing what Madison is like nude, unlike what modders did to poor Alyx Vance, Lara Croft and Zoe.

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    20 Responses to “Heavy Rain: Naked Madison Glitch”

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    1. Jordan Lund Says:

      Wait until Fox News finds out about this! They’ll hit the roof! Thought they were bad about Mass Effect?

    2. Daniel Says:

      Que delicia !!

      Agora eu compro esse jogo !

      [Rough translation: How sweet! I'm getting this game now! - Jonah Falcon.]

    3. Technical Issues Plaguing Heavy Rain | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] I’m one of the lucky ones in that it froze just after another good save point and I was able to re-load back to where I was right away. Other folks are seeing their saves and trophies be completely deleted when the game decides to crash. Some luckier games are seeing hot naked chicks walking around. [...]

    4. Chris Says:

      wait dude i don’t get it decline the kiss with Ethan Mars but trigger the love so to speak. Reload a saved Paige game and there she will be, naked.

      seriously i don’t get it can you be a little more specific

    5. Chris Says:

      this is so F—ING FAKE dude this isn’t real besides that has it EVER crossed that pea-brained skull of yours that if you decline the kiss, madison leaves

    6. Pa ja :D Says:

      Can you play with Madison in other outfits by that glitch,not only naked?
      I would really like to play Madison kicking
      everyone ass in her alternate outfit.=D

    7. mike Says:

      i think itts fake cuase i denide the kiss an she leaves

    8. mike Says:

      i deny the and she dosent come out naked

    9. mikeal Says:

      i wanted to see inside her

    10. random_nonuser Says:

      For some reason the video is not loading.. what is required for me to watch this video (I have a good adope flash player I don’t know which verison though)

    11. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The video was pulled.

      Video changed to GameTrailers, which still has it.

    12. civilchaos Says:

      To all the peeps that say this is fake because of the fact that denying the kiss makes Madison leave.

      You are the dumb f—s! THAT IS WHY THIS IS A GLITCH! If you kiss her the resulting scene puts you in control of Ethan, if you deny the kiss the resulting scene puts you in control of Madison.

      Now since he denied the kiss but the game glitched out, resulting in the sex scene of which she gets naked obviously it triggered an errornous scene where you play as Madison but in the location that you would have played as Ethan, in doing this the last model of Madison was her naked one so he is stuck in the room with what I can only guess as no prompts and a naked Madison model on her own.

      What a damn shame. Well it is a damn shame that whoever modelled her didn’t do a totally thorough job, I bet they probably did though, but I could understand why that model probably wouldn’t make it to the release copy of the game.

      And try as you might, I doubt this kind of glitch would be replicated, it sounds like pure chance. And what exactly does a naked model of a pixel person give you? Get a real woman!

    13. Chris Says:

      This glitch doesn’t work …
      its a total fake …
      its obviously a hack.

      If you decline the kiss & refuse to forgive Madison when controlling Ethan Mars, Madison leaves & then Ethan Mars has to choose to either fall off the building where Carter Blake is about to arrest him, or simply let Blake arrest him.

    14. Jonah Falcon Says:

      It’s not fake. It’s been replicated with other gamers.

    15. Chris Says:

      In Heavy Rain in the “On The Loose” chapter where you have to choose whether to forgive Madison or not, you can’t “decline the kiss with Ethan but trigger the love” it doesn’t work … if you don’t trigger the love or refuse to forgive madison, she leaves … this “Glitch” is obviously a hack & 100% FAKE … I can tell just from reading the description … this “Glitch” makes 0 sense.

    16. Chris Says:

      Dude, this “glitch” is fake because if you refuse to forgive Madison, she leaves & its obviously just a hack

    17. Chris Says:

      Wow … 2 words best describe this video … Epic Fail

    18. Chris Says:

      This glitch is a total hack … you can’t “decline the kiss with ethan but trigger the love” … even the description on how to unlock this “glitch” makes no sense @ all … thats all I’m saying.

    19. Sean Says:

      I haven’t tried it, but, its been a year, they could have patched it out by now.

    20. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Yeah, it’s probably been patched a long time ago.

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