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VGRT Episode 11: Reach For the Halo

This week, a flu ravaged Jonah Falcon pairs up with Filippo Paris, while Richard Elliott studies for college. As expected, the pair discuss the Halo: Reach beta at length, as well as the following news items:

  • The final Halo 2 player being knocked off original Xbox Live
  • Nintendo pondering charging for online content
  • Project Natal’s leaked October release
  • The Collector’s Edition of Fallout: New Vegas
  • EA Sports to charge for used game multiplayer
  • Fable III’s combat
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm being leaked

The contest to win a free copy of Episodes from Liberty City for the PS3 is on its last legs. Comment away to win it!

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    2 Responses to “VGRT Episode 11: Reach For the Halo”

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    1. CY Says:

      I agree that the Halo Reach loadouts are better than the armor pickups in Halo 2 and Halo 3. I think that the credit payouts after each game and the armor store is kind of lame (at least the limited version that’s in the beta). I made some purchases in the beginning but since they don’t really do anything, I stopped playing dress up.

      I tried out Generator Defense but didn’t like it too much. The map is small but still seems too big for only 3 players per team to protect or attack 3 generators. The environment is the most interesting part of the game mode (hilly and rocky).

    2. Joe Says:

      Yeah, the Halo Reach multiplayer has been fun and was easy for beginners to jump in and play although I still can’t get used to the melee and the gravity hammer mechanics. The good players seem to have the melee timing down against me and can move really quick when holding the gravity hammer but in some cases, I think it’s unstable connections or bad netcode that appears to allow them to jump 10-20 feet in a split instant.

      I played out the demo and have gotten bored with the maps. The beta might not end on 19th as scheduled and may extend to the 23rd if the Xbox Community schedule is correct.

      I’m going to pass on Natal. Don’t see any point in it.

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