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VGRT Episode 12: Red Dead Nightmare On Elm Street

This week, Jonah Falcon has GameStooge contributor Jordan Lund as a sidekick, and they discuss Red Dead Redemption extensively, including its gameplay, its $100M budget, and how a reviewer was fired for revealing Rockstar’s urging him to give it praise.

Other news covered includes:

If that weren’t enough, they’re giving away a free copy of Red Dead Redemption for the PS3. All listeners have to do is post a comment about the show.

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    8 Responses to “VGRT Episode 12: Red Dead Nightmare On Elm Street”

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    1. Eric Says:

      Was thinking of buying Red and the Gamestop worker said “If you don’t like you’ll enjoy this game”. Still on the fence.

    2. arctic00 Says:

      A new GoW is also coming on PSP next year.

      I recently played and finished the KZ2 single campaign. I must be one of the few players still playing the game.

      Yeah! No more racing or timed events in sandbox games. I hated them in the GTA and the Midnight Club LA games. The controls sucked and fun factor were missing for me.

      Though S-E sold more copies of FFXIII on PS3 than Xbo 360, every bit helps its bottom line. This is the same reason that Insomniac is going multiplatform with EA Partners and its next IP.

    3. nygfan Says:

      My nominees for 2010 GoTY are Mass Effect 2 and God of War III so far.

    4. cayal Says:

      Mass Effect 2
      God of War 3
      Red Dead Redemption

      would be the front runners so far (IMO).

      I can’t see RDR missing out but I do like GOW3 and ME2 better.

    5. cayal Says:

      This is the same reason that Insomniac is going multiplatform with EA Partners and its next IP.

      - Actually they have a desire to own their own IP, they don’t own any as Sony owns all their own second/third party IPs.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony bought them out eventually, though I hope they buy Sucker Punch first.

    6. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Uh huh. Sony owns everything Insomniac makes? Funny, but Sony doesn’t own the rights to Spyro the Dragon, do they?

    7. cayal Says:

      No…neither do Insomniac. Activision does.

      Sony owns Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. Therefore Insomniac have zero owned IPs.

      [But you just SAID that Sony owns all the IPs Insomniac has done. Ay yi yi yi yi.]

    8. Leon Durham Says:

      Picking flowers will make you famous?

      I read somewhere that GTA4 also cost $100 million to make. Rockstar will have to make RDR for the PC.

      The creepy music during the Foxconn segment made it hard to hear the segment.

      Square Enix will probably make FF Versus 13 for Xbox 360 but they will have put the game on several DVDs like they did with FF13

      I believe LBP2 will sell more than LBP. LBP2 is incredibly powerful.

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