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E3 ’10: Booth Babes Rocking to Dance Central

On the last day of E3 ’10, the booth babe who manned the Rift display enjoyed her lunch break with two other babes from a different game display by dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. They were playing Dance Central, Harmonix’s fantastic Kinect title in which you must match the real-life dance moves the game tells you to make.

This is probably the best application of Kinect so far, and could be a system seller if Microsoft promotes it.

Cool Kids Are into Social Media, AMIRITE

    8 Responses to “E3 ’10: Booth Babes Rocking to Dance Central”

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    1. Anon Says:

      E3 babes with muffin tops? What has it come to *shakes head*

    2. Jonah Falcon Says:

      It’s not a muffin top, because that’s not her waist. That is the upper part of her shapely gluteus maximus.

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    4. Jess Says:

      Oh, Anon, I’m sure you’d totally shoot her down if she decided to look past your man-boobs and approach you. Those chicks were great sports, and the dudes getting their pictures didn’t seem to mind them at all.

    5. Creston Says:

      This is basically just a fitness video. You can get those for ~ 2 bucks in any Walgreens. Not sure why you’d need to buy a 150 dollar MS camera for it.

    6. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Um, no. Get the moves wrong, you don’t score. This is not a “fitness video”, this is a game like Dance Dance Revolution.

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