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VGRT Episode 19: Show Some Love For Sony and Microsoft

Jonah Falcon and Paul S. Nowak declare their hate for all things Sony, Microsoft and Apple, while Paul remains faithful to the Wii and marvel at some dolt paying $50000 for an NES bundle on eBay.

In other news:

  • The Madden NFL 11 demo hits July 27
  • Microsoft cancels 1 Vs. 100
  • Final Fantasy XIV on 360 negotiations continue
  • Sony guidelines limit 3D PS3 games to 720p
  • Sony insists 3D will make you better at games
  • Blizzard spends $100M on Starcraft II
  • Breach is delayed til January 2011
  • The Lund Report of the June 2010 NPD

Question of the week: What is the must buy game for the PlayStation 3?

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    3 Responses to “VGRT Episode 19: Show Some Love For Sony and Microsoft”

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    1. arctic00 Says:

      My 2 cents on the Breach delay is that like gift cards, gamers get XBL point cards during the holidays and maybe MS sells more XBL games after the holidays. Are there any stats on XBL sales?

      Though I won’t be an early adopter of 3D TV, it seems that cost will be less important than what content will be available and how 3D TV improves on HDTV to buyers. VCRs, DVD players, HDTVs, blu-ray players were incredibly expensive in the early days but some people bought in and then everyone else bought in which brought down prices.

    2. Armando Says:

      I’m especially excited about Gran Turismo 5. I would say that it is at the top of my list for must buy for the PS3.

      I’m looking forward to Madden 11 so getting the demo will be a priority for me to help get ready for the game. Sony really needs to re-evaluate their notion that 3D gaming will make you a better gamer. I can’t stand 3D.

    3. nygfan Says:

      After I watched the DCUO trailer from Comic-Con, I’m signing up for a beta key and hope that I get lucky.

      I never got a chance to play 1 vs 100 but from what I’ve heard, most players were in the audience and couldn’t win.

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