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Mafia II Having Serious Bug Issues on PC

The PC version of Mafia II is racked with glitches, mostly relating to graphics and hardware issues.

The issues documented by SegmentNext include:

  • 3D Vision not working in Mafia 2
  • Black Lines, Graphical Error
  • ATI Graphics Issues
  • Mafia 2 PhysX Performance Tweaks
  • Start Up Black Screen and Mode not supported Error
  • Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start
  • Quitting Game, Changes Monitor Settings
  • Steam Error “The Game is Unavailable”
  • Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start after loading Splash Image, Resolution Problem
  • Mafia 2 Brightness Bug
  • Mafia 2 Graphics Errors (black lines across the map, black NPC’s, and weird shadows)
  • ATI PhysX Problems
  • No Voices in Cut Scenes
  • Mafia 2 Game Freezes

Not to worry, however – SegmentNext has posted a guide on how to fix most of the problems associated with the above issues. Let us know if they work.

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    47 Responses to “Mafia II Having Serious Bug Issues on PC”

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    1. 2K Games Defends PS3 Version of Mafia II | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] Games is having all sorts of problems with Mafia II lately. While the PC version has extensive stability problems, the PlayStation 3 version is being called “inferior” when compared to the other [...]

    2. aniruddha Says:

      hi mafia 2 works well in my pc but the health always falls down really cant play like this pls help

    3. Sunny Says:

      Even I’m having the same problem. I’m running he game on my PC, and am really frustrated with this health bug..Taking all the fun out of the game

      The best thing I could come up with was running the game with a trainer, so that i’ve infinite health. At least I don’t die because of the bug now

    4. John Says:

      I lose life with no reason…i dont die but i m left with a little bit..a punch is enough to kill me

    5. Henrik Says:

      I have the same problem as John.

    6. Theo from Athens Says:

      i have the same prob guys…what can i do?

    7. tatt00 Says:

      Lol you all have an illegal copy of mafia 2.

      A crackfix will help the bug

    8. Jonah Falcon Says:

      These are known issues, Tattoo.

    9. Devon Says:

      Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start. When i click the icon nothing comes up.

    10. vampireevil003 Says:

      my problem is Start Up Black Screen ….i installed some drives and then game run well but when i quit the game and start again the same problem occurs Start Up Black Screen …

    11. dante Says:

      when i sit in a car the game freezes and jumps out to windows.

    12. Eliii Says:

      I have been playing Mafia II for a while now, really an awesome game. However, I am at chapter 10 where this annoying bug appears and I can’t continue the game.

      When I start the mission I am spawning under the ground, and if I move – I fall under the town and I’m just keep falling…

    13. hatim Says:

      in chp 6 when have to fight that irish guy i start fighting and it never ends after some time i cant even hit but the fight just keeps going on

    14. nikos_greece Says:

      I can’t handle it any more.
      I hate 2k games, i will never buy another game of this company. They tried to protect the game from copies and pirates and as a result you have to spend a day to install it. I tried many ways, many tricks, the game DOES NOT START.

      I spend 50 euros for a stupid game which i cannot play. fools…

    15. nikos_greece Says:

      I hate 2k games.
      I will not buy another game of this company. They tried to protect the game from piracy and copies and as a result you have to spend a day to install a stupid game that DOES NOT PLAY. graphics sound and bullshits…
      Few years ago everything was much easier. Why do we have to make our life difficult?

      I spend 50 euros to buy it and i cannot pla. Fools…

    16. Maan212 Says:

      i got a little problem which bothers me actually,its that thing with holding the gun.always when i shoot someone,vito hides the gun & the item turns itself to the hand ‘ for fights ‘so every time i’ve to reselect the weapon & shoot again so what exactly is that ? if you could help i so much appreciate it,thank you!

    17. callmek Says:

      when i go back to pay the money …. just loading loading and loading nothing else game is hang there my player is not coming out for there………..

    18. Yowan Says:

      Help plz stuck at chapter 6 while fighting this irish guy..starting can hit him but awhild more cant even touch him…help plzzzzz

    19. Yiu Says:

      In Chapter 6 the fight with O’Neil may just drag on forever. This is what should be done to skip to the next scene. You simply lay down your arms and let O’Neil keep punching you insanely. In my case, I just left the game unattended and went away doing other things. I got back an hour later and the game has moved on to the next scene.

    20. gumbeh Says:

      Got past the scene where you beat up the guy picking on your sister, went to joes house and it goes to loading screen and never loads the scene in joes apartment .. tryed reinstalling and update. Tryed lowering all settings to see if it would change anything , but nothing seems to work. wtf is going on with this game…

    21. amol Says:

      when i try to run mafia2 a black screen appears for a few seconds and then desktop becomes discoloured

    22. J-Spot Says:

      When i start the game all i see is blue sky and clouds. I can walk around and the sounds are playing, I can do things but there are no grphics just clouds and blue sky

    23. MassiveM110 Says:

      It’s doin me head in now, I bought Joe’s Adventures today and I cant use phones, everytime I try to use a phone the game just goes off, no error message or anythin..I have no clue in what is happenin, i completed the original with vito no problem..

    24. Jon Hansen Says:

      My personal PROBLEM WITH MAFIA 2 is this: After playing 9% of the game,in the chapter 3, after being at the port, and I’ve returned to Freddy’s Bar to meet Joe – the screens is blacks out (with a “loading” logo in the upper right corner). I can hear the audio, but there’s NO PICTURE!
      Does ANYONE have an idea how to solve this?

    25. Aeolius Says:

      Ok, i got through the part with O’neill no problem (A miracle if I see these posts), and after that you have to train with peppy. you have to dodge and hit him back, well the dodging is working. But the punching isn’t working. I can’t perform the counter-attack somehow. I do click when the game tells me to click. Plz help

    26. stan Says:

      I have a problem in the mision: Find Joe and save him (chapter 14). in de bar of the mona lisa the door won’t open when i puched on the squere buttun, please will some body help me this is verry anoying i can’t go any ferder

    27. evan Says:

      plz help me, mafia 2 works good to my pc but my life is falling down,plz help

    28. khaled Says:

      i have same problem in chp 6 when have to fight that irish guy i start fighting and it never ends after some time i cant even hit but the fight just keeps going on

    29. Liam Says:

      I’m having the weapon bug too – after shooting a few bullets of a weapon I’m defaulted back to my hands – pain in the ass!

    30. Feeza91 Says:

      i bought dell xps 9100 for this game. it works well but the cutscene keep skipping. it replaced by nvidia logo. why is that happen?

    31. Anss Says:

      Your health will fall in the beginning i mean for a short period of time. Maybe till 4-5 missions and after that your health will get back to normal :)

    32. iz Says:

      i have same problem like Feeza91.

      no cutscene, but it replaced by Nvidia logo.

    33. Gamerx Says:

      Y’all are pathetic..

      It works just fine, I have no problems no nothing. So :P

    34. No376 Says:

      On my screen appaers NO SIGNAL when i start the game..somebody can help me?? plss
      give an e-mail at

    35. sdaf Says:

      my problem is at chapter 10 becuase of the graphics problem (that cars fall from the road to the sky and u can only see the clouds and the sky and becuase that the hotel is right there i cant pass the mission cuz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me

    36. santhosh Says:

      i m having problem in 7 chapter if i use vehical game stops….help me anyone

    37. hosam Says:

      i have problem in mafia 2 my health is decreased and easy to die

    38. sri Says:

      when i sit in a car the game freezes and jumps out to windows. how to fix

    39. asood Says:

      Health Bug Fix :
      download the RAR file from this site [pirate site redacted] ,,then extract the files and copy it to the game folder then start a new game

    40. CheeseMan Says:


      That website is now seized by FBI !

    41. mike Says:

      for those who have health problems, just go in a store and buy smth to drink or eat. Your life will be normal and you won’t die with one punch.

    42. me Says:

      How do i disable PhysX ?

    43. junkyard Says:

      i hav it on my macbook pro, and after the first cut scene in the story mode, it shows chapter 1 bla bla bla and returns to desktop always, very irritating !!!!!

    44. Kailash Chander Says:

      Thanks 2k Games. Corp, This Mafia-2 is best Ever then Gta 4-5 bla bla…I like the art work on it. Animation is superb. Love this game.

    45. AJ Says:

      I spend my 2 month`s pocket money 200/- for this F***ing game was cuirously waiting 4 it to by but the hell bugs are f***ing the game.

    46. Steamed2 Says:

      I get flashing like lightning.Also no map when I press the button, and red line that shows driving route is now 2 red lines each going in a different direction. Fucks up my whole game! Anyone else have this problem? I guess I will play this game on Xbox 360. So much for Steam.

    47. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Mafia II can be bought for $4.99 used in a lot of stores.

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