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PAX 2010: Battle Vs. Chess (Multi)

Pinned in on the back side of the Two Worlds II booth was Battle Vs. Chess – the new game that has old time Battle Chess fans all excited.

What we knew going in was that the game was to be based on the Fritz chess engine, one of the more powerful chess engines in the world. We knew the game would offer both traditional chess modes with animated pieces and combat style chess similar in play to the old Archon games. It’s not simply enough to take a piece in the latter mode, you actually have to fight for it!

I was able to sit down with one of their developers, a guy who has been working on chess games since Chessmaster II and talked with him about the game.

It’s not only based on Fritz, it’s based on Fritz 11 which is just one release behind current. All versions of the game, from the highest end PC down to Nintendo’s systems will be using Fritz 11. The difference is the calculation time for each move. Currently, they’re trying to convince Nintendo to put a time cap on moves when the player is operating at level 5 or higher because it’s simply taking too much time for the computer to think.

The platforms also expanded just a bit as well, I asked about a possible iPhone/iPad version and they confirmed they are talking with Apple about an iPad release, due sometime in February, 2011.

The game features multiple chess sets and boards and many, many different modes besides the traditional chess and combat style chess. There are also training modes to show n00bs and morons how to play. There are challenge and puzzle style modes where, for example, you are required to attack as many undefended pieces in a set time limit as you can. There are modes where you will be given a set number of pieces and told to complete a checkmate in x number of moves. Should you successfully complete a challenge like that, you will be told it was from an historical match, who the players were and when it happened.

All of which adds more depth to the game of chess than you would expect. I admit, I’m strategy deficient and I’m actually excited about playing this game. The game will be a mere $20 for PC and $40 for console versions.

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