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NBA 2K11 Online Problems and Lag

NBA 2K10 has been and continues to be plagued by online issues. The recently released NBA 2K11 is having the same problems, reports Pasta Padre.

According to Padre, the issue is mostly with ranked games:

The bigger problem seems to be coming from the actual process of connecting to ranked games, and then the rate of users getting disconnected from them. There is widespread discussion of both issues. Finding ranked games is proving to be a difficult proposition as users wait lengthy periods of time for the matchmaking to locate an opponent. Once in games there are a lot of people getting dropped due to a “network error” and most often that is happening in the first half. Not sure if it is ranked game specific but I haven’t been disconnected out of unranked games.

Padre also notes that lag is causing tremendously low shooting percentages; even if there doesn’t seem to be lag, shots are being missed due to it:

Three pointers have a startlingly low percentage of success. Even when wide open with good shooters I’d gather to say 10-15%. The main way to score is by getting into the lane or with mid-range shots because of the timing troubles.

Have you been having issues with NBA 2K11? Let us know.

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    60 Responses to “NBA 2K11 Online Problems and Lag”

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    1. Jay Says:

      I am also having these problems. Anyone know when a patch will come out?

    2. Corey Says:

      Last night, unable to even stay connected long enough for a jump ball in unranked matches. The 3 point shooting is far too difficult as is longer ranged wide-open jump shots… probably from lag. Finally, if there is going to be a patch… I hope we are able to play as the the past teams (including MJ and the Bulls) on online play… especially in unranked games.

    3. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Every center is a monster, too. People are scoring 48 points with Shaq, and anyone who watched the Cavs last year know that’s impossible.

    4. Nern Says:

      Well you suck at this game if you let Shaq score 48 on you. It’s not the game, it’s your horrid defense jackass

    5. Gilmore Says:

      Only played online twice due to the network error. every load screen or jump ball network error pops up on the screen. This really sucks…

    6. west1234 Says:

      played few online games. Won some lost some when they connect but i have got no ranking or no wins or losses on ranked games.Any one else have this problem.

    7. steve Says:

      how come you can’t change the time to 12min for each qtr in the jordan challenges. this sucks. i have tried to do it and it won’t. i don’t want to half ass a game. i want the whole experience while playing. you can change the time elsewhere, but not in the jordan challenges. what gives???

    8. MC Says:

      Nern you’re exactly right. Because the online play is so f—ed up i can’t play the way i want to so passing to players on the cut is the only way i can score. I also don’t understand this abusing exploit option when its time to rate the user. Its not my fault if you can’t stop me. If you can’t attempt to stop what I’m doing, you suck!!!

    9. rob Says:

      they need to relax with the steals and the shooting in this game is impossible outside im shooting 20 percent in 27 games online so far…is it just me cause i miss 2k10 already i didnt have these problems in 2k10 with the 3 point shooting

    10. logandd Says:

      Every single time I play online ranked games I never receive a win or a loss. I have played probably 10 online ranked games, won some & lost some. But it still says I am 0-0 on the leaderboards?? Why am I not receving these games??

    11. chris Says:

      i have played 3 ranked games and it says im 0-0

    12. jason Says:

      I have same problem its realy fustrating I win games but on the leaderboard say I have no wins anybody know wht the problem is? And if I get a game from some one in the lobby its an un ranked game? Someone please help me man I’m starting to get. Pissed I wanna be on the leader board

    13. AL Says:

      Same issue here with the rankings. Im 21-1 but i have won more games and got a couple losses yet in a month non have been recorded…2k Im a huge fan please get this problem fixed or live will take over because of your guys laziness

      2k fan at yo couch Boys!

    14. joseph torre Says:

      someone post back why i am playing ranked matches abusing kids and i still have no wins on the leaderboards. I dont have the drive to keep playing online if my record aint showing how good im doing fix this !!

    15. cee smooth Says:

      same prob at the tip off i lose connection wtf………

    16. Darryl Says:

      the lag is horrible. wide open threes perfect release and the dude misses like everytime.all I can do is take mid range shots.

    17. Cody Says:

      takes forever to find an opponent to play a ranked game and leaderboards is not working as well please try and fix this soon as possible thanks!

    18. Jordan Says:

      For some reason i can only stay connected to the 2k sports server long enough to download the roster thats it idk its probably my connection.

    19. eazy Says:

      When u go to leaderboard hit right trigger 3 times and you will see your record… I buy the game to play online.. funny thing is that when my NAT type was strict… I would get games back to back… now that I’ve made it open I can’t get a game to save my life…. if you don’t fix this 2k… its my last year with you… can’t take it anymore

    20. eazy Says:

      Left trigger….. sorry

    21. John Hates 2k online Says:

      WTF is wrong with 2k this shit has happened every year. You cant shoot worth shit online and since these are the days to play everything online, don’t they think they should fix this bullshit? Last chance 2k…..last chance!

    22. deez Says:

      Can’t get a ranked game to save my life. I’ve been buying 2k since it came out but this year is by far the worse. I refuse to even pop the game in anymore because I lose an hour looking for a match. I’m done with this shit if 2k sports don’t get this fixed.

    23. deez Says:

      Waiting for a match as we speak

    24. leonicha Says:


    25. kumar Says:

      yo man, my player online sucks. Too much lag, even if there is none, the jumper takes to long on a quick release shooter.
      Takes too long to find an opponent on any mode. Didnt have that problem when i first got it.
      Good job though on making it fair. Noone can shoot full court swishes every time on offence. Little prob driving, get blocked.

    26. Randy Says:

      I am 62 & 2 but it says my record is 0&0 when I look up leaderboards BS. Now everytime I win like 5 straight wins my record will be updated until the next day I turn it on and those wins r gone, still has the same record as the day b4, what the hell. Anybody else having this issue?

    27. meloisabitch Says:

      online the game lags bad, its slow as hell. Can never find ranked matches, leaderboard sucks. off line its great but no one wants to play the computer over and over. this sucks

    28. seattlesonics007 Says:

      2k can’t honestly expect people to buy next years game if this shit continues

    29. Chris Says:

      I am taking like 15 minutes to find a match. If everyone just files a complaint with the better business bureau we will get our complaints fixed by the company. Just file it against Take Two Entertainment.

    30. Chris Says:

      I bought this game specifically to play online with a family member who because of surgery was off their feet for 6 months…well playing online the lag is so bad it ruins the game, shooting is a pain and you can’t enjoy the game when you can’t shoot…so thanks 2k sports…thanks for nothing

    31. Cipamjadrva Says:

      before the tip-off something ejects me from the game…and then on the screen shows: Network conditions for this game are too poor to continue.I have XP last edition.But sometimes i can play for at least 2 minutes a then the same thing…the connection in those 2 minutes was exellent…if someone had the same problem please comment.TNX

    32. rodreezy Says:

      this is bulls— you guys ripped a bunch of people off with your online gameplay this f—in poor you can’t possibly think you’re goin to sell good next year i don’t care if jordan’s mother is on the cover you guys need to reward the fans of the games and stop being lazy and selfish and actually do some work to make online gameplay better come on NBA LIVE

    33. uneedcpr Says:

      Seems like the standard these days to make sh*t *ss online games that don’t f*cking work. It’s ridiculous to pay this kind of money for a product that only partially works.

    34. Glen Says:

      I own NBA 2k11 for the PS3. The ONLY reason I have this game is to play online with one of my friends. I don’t have to search for random ranked matches, I just send an invite to my friend and we attempt to play online together. I say “attempt” because one in five games results in us both being kicked at the same exact time without any warning. It can happen in the first, second, third, or fourth quarter but it just randomly happens. as if that isn’t bad enough just about every game has a few moments where it will just lag like crazy for a few seconds and then go back to normal.

      This is exceptionally annoying because I can play a game like Battlefield Bad Company 2 for HOURS with MANY people (not just me and one other person) online with very little lag and no random disconnects, but with 2k11 it happens fairly often. What’s more, I bought this game because they shut down the 2k10 servers that me and my friend used to play on all the time and had (after 11 months of refining) finally become playable. Now they forced me to buy a new year and then the servers are just as bad. WTF?

      I can safely say that I will NOT be purchasing 2k12 for anything over $29.99 because its a waste of money to throw down 60 bones on a game they are still developing LONG after it’s released.


      You don’t see a game like Grand Theft Auto trying to fire out a new version every single year, so why do the sports studios do it? think OUTSIDE the box you bunch of analytical-programming-money-grubbing-douche-bags!

    35. dino13 Says:

      I really enjoy NBA2K11 but for the last couple days I haven’t even finished a single unranked game without a network error!!!This is ridiculous.What’s going on???

    36. sofian kart Says:

      yea for the past three days i havent been able to play online games b/c it says “theres something wrong with my internet connection” but its perfectly fine!!! plzz help

    37. GD NATION 6 Says:

      Im so serious when I say this. They need to fix this shit. If we all complained 2k would fix it

    38. comeonson Says:

      I think they need to fix the online gaming on NBA 2k11 NOW!!! I can’t see my record for ranked games and I keep loosing my opponents! As far as shooting I can do that well! Hope yall fix the online connection problems, thanks!!!!

    39. prince Says:

      That lag is crazy everytime I shoot I miss n freethrows are even harder than shooting and I tried playin wit go shooters and percent is low as 10-17. Hope their fix it soon

    40. KiLLaKiLLborn Says:

      Its simple- 2ksports is a shty gaming company… one of the most important features to any game these days is online gameplay/quality… WHY!?!? even put out a game if you KNOW its gnna have MULTIPLE online glitchs??? makes NO sense!!! really makes me miss EA sports online quality…. 2k sports just want there $… year after year & SAME dam problems unresolved ??? LAST TIME I BUY ANY 2K GAME!!!!

    41. 2k11h8ter Says:

      I just start up the search for ranked match…and take a shower smoke a bowl take a shit and do homework. then it should be ready

    42. Ezra Brooks Says:

      I’m having something even more stange happen The game starts with no commentarry just the sound track of the game when you in the main looby, its soo weird then no games register after its over horrible!!!… lol I’ve been playing online since 2k5 for Ps2… and ill tell you aside from the drop glitch. Things have gotten wayyyyy worse with online problems since then… Its rediculous!

    43. Ezra Brooks Says:

      Call this number and Stress your concern These are the creators of this B.S! please thank me kindly :) 1866 219 9830

    44. Ezra Brooks Says:

      2ksports Tech support

    45. Ezra Brooks Says:


    46. Ezra Brooks Says:

      1866 219 9839

    47. Diogo Says:

      When appears this message: “Restrictive network configuration detected. For online play to work properly with your network configuration, you should enable port forwarding in the online settings menu.” I can’t play any online game. What I can do to play online again????
      Please help me.

    48. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Sounds like it’s having an issue with your router’s firewall.

    49. ANDRE Says:

      since i bought nba 2k11 i cant play online different internet providers same results 2k got there money so fck us right no fck them they aint ever gettn my money again go back to sega 2k u cant hang with ps3 gamers

    50. Freddie Says:

      I won my first three games online with the knicks. I check my record and it says I am 1-3 and it says my favorite team is the Lakers and it has stats trying to prove it. WTF

    51. Jonah Falcon Says:

      That’s f’ed up LOL

    52. kumar Says:

      seriously where the hell is the PATCH!

    53. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The patch is NBA 2K12.

    54. Antione Says:

      2k11 online is horrible. I can nail jumpers with ease offline. But when i’m online i can’t hit a jumpshot to save my life.It feels like i’m playing in a hurricane fighting against gravity online.No fun.

    55. JP Says:

      Playstation, Sony, you guys suck. The online play in 2k11 is completely disgusting. its a headache everytime i play. i manage to go 500 somehow while shooting about 30% everygame because the lag is so terrible. If you do not correct this you will be the laughing stock of online gaming. Get of your fat asses and help do something this is getting out of hand. Sega Dreamcast had bettter online play.

    56. Awful Says:

      Been playing this game online, giving it another shot. Unbelievable how you can’t make outside shots with any consistency whatsoever. I’m a big Mavs’ fan, and not being able to hit outside shots means the Mavericks are useless for online play. I had the same issues as everyone else, missing wide opens 3′s with great shooters, missing pull up jumpers with guys that knock those down all the time.

      I can’t stand when you lose control of your player either after a small bump by the defender. Especially when it happens right after you cross the halfcourt line and then it calls the backcourt violation.

      Definitely not buying this game ever again. Sucks, because I enjoyed making the 2011 draft class I made for PS3 (j1150707, check that ish out). But I’m not going to pay $60 bucks to make a draft class.

      Peace out and God Bless.

    57. Ervin Says:

      I don’t know it’s a game problem, or no, but i can’t change my player in seazon or quick play…for example: i play a quick game….i’m with La Lakers i jump with A. Bynum and that’s all….i play only with Bynum…Kobe,Fisher,Artest and Pao play’s by computer.. I think i can change somewhere the problem, but idk where..Options…? Please help me.. {Sorry for bad english}

    58. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Sounds like a controller compatibility problem.

    59. Ervin Says:

      No… the same problem in nba 2k10…..somebody…can help me?

    60. Ervin Says:

      I found the problem, in options somewhere, they ask”Favorite post” or smth like that, you need to put “none”. If you put on PG you will play only with the pg-D. Fisher in my case. Hope i helped.

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