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Fallout: New Vegas: Bugs, Glitches and Lag

The reviews for Fallout: New Vegas are trickling in and there seems to be a common theme, as we reported with the PS3 version: it’s a buggy glitchfest.

  • GiantBomb: “…a list of incredibly annoying bugs that only got worse as I continued playing…”
  • Ars Technica: “The biggest problem is that the game is prone to freezing… New Vegas also has some incredibly long load times.”
  • GameZone: “Fallout: New Vegas is a heaping pile of bugs.”
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “I’m only about four hours into Fallout: New Vegas, and while I’m enjoying myself, I’ve already come to one saddening conclusion. It’s a bit broke.”
  • Strategy Informer: “The game out-right froze on us half a dozen times, forcing us to restart our Xbox… Even loading times – not something that we normally pay attention too – can take up to several minutes.”
  • The Guardian: “Familiar problems, such as regular crashes – I’ve had to switch my Xbox off using the power button roughly once every two hours so far.”

It’s a bad sign when sites like G4TV can’t get through the game without the game crashing multiple times at critical moments:

“Perhaps the biggest, most substantive criticism of Fallout: New Vegas is that it’s glitchy. Not just annoying so, but utterly, game-breakingly glitchy. In a massive, marathon play-through (before the game’s official launch), the game crashed five times in a 26 hour period, often in the middle of the action during vital moments.”

One YouTuber posted the first few minutes of their game, as seen above.

How can a brand new title get through QA with that kind of bug? Why it’s enough to make your head spin! It’s looking more and more like New Vegas is not quite cooked yet and if you haven’t plunked down your $60 yet you might just want to wait for the first round of patches and bug-fixes.

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    64 Responses to “Fallout: New Vegas: Bugs, Glitches and Lag”

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    1. Fallout: New Vegas Patch In Works | Game Stooge Says:

      [...] of you struggling with the bugs and glitches of Fallout: New Vegas, a patch is being worked on by [...]

    2. linkinpark187 Says:

      I found the bugs in this game very annoying. I was able to find a great DirectX fix for it, but…unfortunately it’s still hanging up in the PipBoy 3000 when you mouse over items. Changing your equipment becomes very tedious because of this. I don’t understand how Bethesda could let this happen. First with Fallout 3 on the PC with the CTD issues, and now this. Get with it, guys.

    3. Darth Mephiston Says:

      all right me an my gf both play fallout new veges on xbox an seems that we loose one of are compains but the kicker is that the ai ppl around see him an we cant. anyone else having this problem?

    4. silicon Says:

      That glitch was caused by a corrupted mesh. It was a Steam problem and they fixed it that day. Funny video though.

    5. Kirk Says:

      I have been playing for almost 4 hours and sections of images are breaking as you walk past. Rock that you can see through. I saw this one bug at the very beginning. That checked dressed man that holds the gun, as he lifts the gun you are able to see through the barrel of the gun. You are able to see his clothes. The game is so buggy, why release a game so buggy. The same problems occurred in Fallout 3.

    6. James Says:

      There are pleny of glitches in this game, bit gutting really, an example. Me Vs Deathclaw,

      Round 1: I Incinerated him and took his health down to zero, still coming towards me

      Round 2: Service Rifled his head and took his health down to nothing again, went back up

      Round 3: I entered a house, deathclaw got in, and slashed me, had to rebar club him at least several times before he died. Was very annoyed.

      Also, what is the deal with this invisible walls preventing me from easily finding locations, having to take the long way around is very annoying as well.
      Fair enough if I was near the edge of the map, but I was NOT!

      Hate Glicthed Games

    7. Victor Says:

      Played for a couple of hours last night and this is just in one sitting:

      3 hard crashes
      two characters morphed together and they were turning and walking away. The problem is they were hovering away. The other glitches at other times include a character in the ceiling as I was talking to him, cans floating in front of me, but the hard crashes are killing me. Everytime it freezes for a second, I am thinking when was the last time I saved or came out of a room. Plus Vegas is so underwhelming, I expected more.

    8. Gravemynd Says:

      I’m glad I got this game, but at this point I’m over 15 hours in without any crashes or major bugs, and don’t want to risk losing my progress, so until I get word that the major (save corrupting) glitches are patched, I’ll be shelving this game, which is sad.
      For those who say it’s underwhelming I disagree.

      I kind of skipped past most of the main quests and just walked to Vegas because I was having dificulty finding cherry bombs (I’ve got 1/3 so far).

      Overall I’m sure after a few patches, I’ll be pushing my play time far past 72 hours, and enjoying every momment of it.

    9. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The PC version is the most stable.

    10. jimmy Says:

      one thing about the game is the fact after you are able to go in and out of the vegas strip, it would automatically say you can’t get into the strip anymore that you need a key or something. Anyone else have this problem?

    11. Ashton Walker Says:

      I loved Fallout 3 even though it had a few bugs, but nothing that stopped you completing and enjoying the game. Fallout New Vegas however is the complete opposite, I’ve had enemy’s way up in the air and when they fall back to earth they die( I didn’t complain the first time this happened as it was a deathclaw). All of the missions in the strip I cannot do as every time I go into a casino and press the button to hand over my weapons the game crashes(the only way around this is to either leave the casino or just kill everyone and instantly fail the quest). I managed to get two companions in the game but after a short while they were no where to be found and now I’m on my own. I’m about 20 hours into the game and have decided to give up and sell the game at cex so at least I’ll get most of my money back. What a complete flop!

    12. shaun Says:

      If this game wasnt the buggiest game I’ve tried in a long time if not ever I would say that it beats all expectations. Once again Bethesda managed to greatly impress me wth his content. Its simpy brilliant!
      But… and unfortunetly there is a BIG but…

      -Game sometimes freezes for nothing while walking
      -Sometimes when i pick a lock or start agame of caravan the screen goes black, happened once when i used the S.P.E.C.I.A.L machine at the begginning.
      - sometimes when u give a big blow with a melee weapons the “never-ending blows” bug will occur, making u swing over and over till u restart playstation(thats right a quit game or a load wont even fix this 1)
      -Game bugs/freezes in loadings from time to time.. thingy keeps turning, songs keeps playing but u can wait an hour, itll never finish loading)
      -Random glitches when walking trought some terrains, colors start blending, and u only see a blur till u walk far enough from where it has happened.
      -People will start talking to me even tought i could interact with him 2 seconds ago even tought i didnt provoke him or anything..
      -Sometimes when u put something in ur safe or u drop it a second item will appear, the same thing, usually completly repaired..
      -They have left a huge chunk of map at the southern edge with nothingness all around, barely any terrain blending.. u could wander 2 hours in there withoout seeing a thing…
      -Mobs walkign trough walls
      -Monsters stopping dead on the tracks for a few seconds than speeding towards me at 3 times their speed as if theyre was latency or something..
      -Almost everytime theres more than 5 enemies they will simply all freeze and only 1 will move at the time, most often beingthe 1 im attacking, making large fights a real walk in the park(higly disapointing).
      -Mobs bugging than double hitting..
      - ETC….ETC….. ETC…..

      I just spent 30 minutes restarting my playstation over and over because it simply wouldn’t stop bugging.. 1st the screen freezing than the loading bug than the “never-ending swinging” and im simply pissed at Bethesda.. My ps3 is almost new and runs all my other games fine. They have done an horrible job..The game is in pathetic shape… It still needs a lot of work.. I am very disapointed, frustrated and slowly thinking about asking for my money back..

      I highly disrecommend people from buying this game. this isnt finished product.. and i’d go as far as saying it should be boycotted..

      1 very disapointed ex-Bethesda fan

    13. Wraith Says:

      I bought the PC version and all I can say is we need a fix bad.

      The game is so laggy outside that it’s barely playable. When theres more than 2 or 3 ennemies the game start lagging horribly… My computer specs are n’t too bad and I’m running Fallout 3 everything on high and the game feels so much better.

      My GTX280 and Q9650 should be more than enough to handle the ****ing game seriously. I tried taking the graphics down a bit to 1280-800 with low anistropic and low item fades, actors fade ect. The game still run like total shit.

    14. Morgan Says:

      Shaun, New Vegas was developed by Obsidian, so don’t boycott Bethesda just yet…

    15. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Bethesda oversaw the game, Morgan.

    16. Flawson Says:

      ps3 version freezes more and more as I play it. I have always been a big bethesda fan and have overlooked buggy games in the past, but it just seems inexcusable that this game feels essentially like an add on for fallout 3, yet has WORSE problems with crashes/freezes (and after fallout 3′s freezefest, that is sadly saying A LOT!) Or is it that obsidian just never talked to bethesda and had no clue that their engine was that buggy…yeah, right

    17. Ilovefalloutnewvegas Says:

      stupid glitch with the strip key I’m trying to finish the house always wins,3 on the 360 :(

    18. Mark Says:

      Very annoying glitch I was in the tops casino and I died now I
      Am somehow falling from the lucky 38 everyone I load the game
      An my characters body is rolling around in midair not only that but a while before it happened this random guy fell from the lucky 38 on the exact place I am

    19. Ilovefalloutnewvegas Says:

      god it’s been a day after I found this glitch . Come on Obsidian 

    20. Ilovefalloutnewvegas Says:

      And im pretty sure alot of other people found it too way before me

    21. » Fallout: New Vegas Patch Almost Ready - Game Stooge: The most up to date gaming and tech news blog on the planet. Says:

      [...] Fallout: New Vegas: Bugs, Glitches and Lag [...]

    22. Andy K Says:

      I am a huge fan of Fallout 3, that said….

      Fallout New Vegas is quite possibly the buggiest, most glitch ridden piece of software it has ever been my displeasure to play. What could have been a great game has been ruined by what appears to be a complete lack of testing, and a bigger disregard for the buying public.

      Sent mine back for refund, I suggest all who are dissatisfied do the same.

    23. Kanarei Says:

      I have completed it once, doing every side quest i could find, by the end i couldnt fire my weapon and had to let my followers kill stuff for me, which got increasingly problematic as they disappeared. countless other annoying bugs such as melissa not existing on the quest oh my papa but the one ive just hit on my second play far surpasses all thouse, because the strip won’t load. i get load screen then black screen, the music for the strip plays but thats it, cant get in. Which is an obvious problem when i need to kill benny.

    24. Mike Says:

      About 20 hours of game play into this all my saves are now corrupt. I can’t load any of them anymore. Seemed to start after hooking up Kinect, but that may not be the trigger. I get content not found and not matter how I answer HDD not found after that message. If using continue it just completely locks up without any messages.

      The game has good potential, but for a non Live many hour RPG game Saving and Loading should be the most solid block of code. Now I’m trying to decide if they put out for Christmas sales before ready knowing that they couldn’t finish fixing/QA it all in time to release. I’ve had it shelved for nearly 1 week now; I may trade it in and wait for it to bargin basement to < $20 before picking up again. Fable 3 is solid so far & so is Halo Reach.

      I wish as a customer we have more recorse because this softward is junk. If they were a vendor selling to a company they'd likely be facing a law suit.

      They also don't seem all that concerned in fixing the issue or responding to emails. Feels like this is a cash grab based on the Fallout name. Any title baring any of these publisher names is on my banned list. They aren't getting another $ from me.

    25. killing victor ! Says:

      Played the game for over 20 hours. Finally hit the strip. My good buddy victor is there and invites me into the lucky 38. But as soon as I enter the building Victor and his robo buddies start attacking me totally unprovoked. I loaded up all 5 of the save files I have and the same thing keeps happening. I will be down loading the patch soon. if that doesn’t fix this problem I am going to be very disappointed.

    26. Michael Says:

      I’m playing on the PS3 and had very little problems to start. The farther into the game I get the buggier it becomes. All of my saves are becoming corrupted, even ones from earlier in the game. I cannot load into the strip now. I don’t get any error messages or anything. I just get a black screen and nothing else. I started another character and it seemed to play fine for now. Losing interest in this game.

    27. JohnnyPantera Says:

      finished the Jason Bright mission and returned to Novac, Saved and shut it off for the night. Turned it on the next morning and tried to continue. it froze several times. Then tried Loading last save and got a message saying that it required downloadable content that was no longer available….Bullsh!t

    28. Jonah Falcon Says:

      That sounds like you have to log in online.

    29. Ken Gallagher Says:

      I have has some of the same problems but played on until I finished the quest for Jason Bright and fast tracked to Novac arrived there and then saved this gameplay tried to load the game the following morning and it froze as with the other player message saying it required downloadable content that was no longer available and now all my game saves are corrupted i cannot load any of them this seems to be happening with players after twenty hours play or more can the game saves be recovered this is not good as I do not want to restart the whole game again only for it to freeze after many hours game play.

    30. lee Says:

      i have to say the game is way too buggy iit freezes every time enter the strip or when i try to exit the vegas strip. its toss, i even updated the game wiv xbox live and then i still have the same problem, obsidian have screwed fallout up thanks alot guys :(

    31. Mark Says:

      My roommate got me hooked on Fallout 3, so naturally I was pretty excited about the release of New Vegas…but good GOD Bethesda-Obsidian, this is the most glitch-ridden piece of garbage I have ever played…EVER. Was this game even tested? At all? Was it?!!

      First of all, while Fallout 3 did have problems with freezing up, I only had to restart it once by powering off the system, but that is not the case with New Vegas. If this game freezes on you, you are screwed…I’m sorry, but you are just screwed. Constant problems with V.A.T.S too, as sometimes when you try to target a different enemy you are unable to lock on to them. The worst glitch of all that I experienced was the one that actually made me hate this game, though; it happened when I was supposed to talk to Mr.House on the Strip, and when I tried to enter the Strip the screen went BLACK. Music was playing but the screen was BLACK!!!! AND IT FROZE THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!

      I restarted several times and tried getting back into the Strip…same thing happened, black screen with music playing. This was after spending hours getting as many skill-books as I could, as well as picking up the better weapons and equipment..not to mention unlocking dozens of location on the map there. Yeah..we’re talking level 14, hours and hours of exploring and leveling only to be brought to a screeching halt by what I consider to be the most annoying bug yet. Damn you Bethesda-Obsidian-Bethsidian!!! The same glitch occurred when I tried fast-traveling to a location…black screen, no picture…jesus, guys, come on!!

      This title doesn’t hold a candle to Fallout 3…there are other things I don’t like about it ( the stupid factions and if you answer a question the wrong way, it can bring side-quests to a halt ) but I just wanted to comment on these annoying glitches I found.

      So, if anyone is thinking of buying this game, beware…and I would want my money back, too

    32. Aaron Says:

      My game keeps freezing anytime I trade with any wandering caravaners. Anyone else have this problem?

    33. Derek Says:

      Holy f***ing crap, this is absolutely the most buggiest, glitch-ridden game i have ever played, and i’ve played alot…loved fallout 3, and don’t remember any bugs at all, save for the graphics ones that did not disrupt the gameplay. I am level 30, been everywhere done everything mostly except for a few of the last main quests which i can’t do. Saved the president once, it even says so on the radio and in dialogue, but when working on the For the Republic quest part 2, moore wants me to save him AGAIN…can’t talk with ranger grant for some reason, hence no progress on quest or story…can’t finish the goddam game now…nothing works. WTF??? this game doesn’t appear to have been tested AT ALL, and the bugs became more pronounced as the game progressed, very slow load times, freezes, quests not being available, WTF….sorely disappointed is all i can say….

    34. ian Says:

      I completed this game recently and traded it in with asda for vanquish, i am glad to see the back of this game, i managed to get the full 1000 gamerpoints out of it, dispite having the strip freezing bug, i had to load a previous save losing me 10hrs of play, however the same thing happened again, what i managed to discover which might help some people with the same problem, theirs a quest cant remember what its called, its given in a casino on freeside, not on the strip and you have to track down people who owe money, (the same place where you get the sexbots quests) on the last bit of the quest their is a guy who you need to either kill, or you can talk to, you need to get his hat and return to casino, if you dont kill him and use speech, i didnt get the strip freeze anymore, dont no if it helps anyone but it worked for me, terrible a game should be on sale with so many problem.

    35. royal Says:

      So im only wonderin when they plan on fixin this game. I love the game and cant seem to put it down. But i cant complete several mission due to the fact that there is
      no floors! And i seem to get this large red triangle wit an exclamation mark in the middle coverin most of the room im in! Really wuld love to complete this game but i cant successfully play it!

    36. jambo Says:

      An easy way to solve the glitch were you get locked out of the strip is to go to the atomic wrangler were youl meet goul comedian (forget name), pickpocket him and you will find a vegas gate key, take it and youll be able to get into the strip. hope this helps.

      also my game glitched and i cannot get into the pawn shop in westside, i walk up to the door and nothing appears saying i can enter, its like walking into a wall, anyone know how to fix this

      i would advise people to buy this as it is a pretty good game overall but it is very glitchy so save often but i dont think it lived up to fallout 3 though

      another thing about it is that the creatures in the game are not leveld to your level as i had only just got the game and was about 2 hours into it, only level 3 and got absoloutly raped by feral goul reavers, i had to start again at goodsprings then got absoloutly savaged by deathclaws and a badass mother deathclaw

      andwots the deal with once you complete the game you cant continue playing and you have to start again after hours of collecting good equipment and guns.

    37. Shaun Says:

      New Vegas has to be the worst game when it comes to glitches that I have ever played in my 32 years. My friend couldn’t complete the house always wins because he couldn’t talk to house and I was unable to enter my room because I no longer was able to talk to the NPC robot so I could no longer enter my room to the lucky 38. Fallout New Vegas is so bad that even entering this website typing this message caused my computer to freeze.

    38. Will Says:

      WOW, I have to say it really weird. I have the 360 version, I pre ordered and played as soon as I got it, Now there were some things like textures meshing within a 2 foot radios every 2-4 hours or so. Not a big deal. In the beginning I did the tutorial later I found whoever the guy at the gas station is. Said I had to meet sunny, then I found out she died. No big deal, the game loaded very slowly but installing it fixed a lot of that. Sometimes I might get a few things or two but nothing huge. For all of you with these SUPER HUGE GLITCHES, I don’t know why. Maybe Xbox is the most stable version. But all I can say is the biggest thing I came across was after i beat the game, I made a new person but I couldnt lvl past 1. I figured out that with mutiple person saves it will do that. So i deleted everything and now I run just fine. I don’t know why you would have all these problems but I wouldn’t say the game was a flop. It was alot like Fallout 3. Very Very good game just edgy. FOr all of you with pc, if you add 1 mod to the game your asking for it to mess up. Fallout is unstable when it comes to mods, I learned that with fallout 3. But other then that New Veges is one of the best games I have ever player. Better then MW2.

    39. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No. The console versions are very glitchy. The PC version is the most stable, though it’s buggy too.

    40. Will Says:

      Well I have people telling me the other. That pc so super buggy yet the xbox is rather ok. But yet again people on xbox and ps3 complain of constant freezes. I dont know what to say but I figured out first hand that if you run the game for 5-12 hours strait it starts to slow down, get a little buggier. But I love the game and it runs very well for me.

    41. Ultimate Ridley Says:

      I have the 360 version. Two files, one which I’ve been playing for roughly 90 hours, the other for approximately 30. I’ve encountered many bugs and freezes, but nothing terrible. No game-breakers yet.

      A precaution I suggest all of you less fortunate players follow is keep at least 10 saves per game profile. And try to keep as few in the Strip as possible.

    42. Jack Says:

      New Vegas has got quite annoying. I’m just killed Mr House to finish For The Republic part 2 part I cannot talk to the colonel. I just zooms in then zooms back out straight away.

    43. Devo Says:

      I thought the whole time my Ps3 was starting to get old, but after reading everyone’s posts I have the same problems playing this game. The sad thing is I have all winter to try to play this game and I can’t even touch it now! The creators should address the issue before we pile all the games up and burn them!

    44. APEKOTS Says:

      I am so happy that I first downloaded the game before buying it. I had planned to buy it but Im definitely not gonna do that if there are not going to be any very very good fixxed.

      And Im not suprissed, obsidian ruined Kotor 2 as well

    45. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Obsidian did not ruin KOTOR2. LucasArts forced the game out the door before it was finished.

    46. CadaverZeke Says:

      Im on the House Always Wins part II, i go to Fortification Hill, and try to talk to ceasar, well, every time i talk to him, i just end up “zooming in” and go to an awkward 1st person view, almost like im flying, ive put 30+ hours into this game and now im without a way out but to start a whole new game, just great, good going Bethesda…

    47. Thomas Inman Says:

      This game is so disapointing in so many ways. I think bethesdas first mistake was hiring black isle to do the sequel, because they had some big boner, about how bethesda ruined fallout, and made it ridicolously easy, and not very realistic hence hardcore mode.

      so maybe they could of ditched hardcore mode, and maybe worked on the save bugs i got, or maybe the many times the game froze, or maybe all the times rex, lost the stuff i gave him.

      Maybe they should of spent more time on say a “Working mode” – (the warning could be, suggested for people who want their 60$ worth)

      Also bethesda dropped the game 20$, so everyone turn in your game asap, before your stuck with a 60 dollar drink coaster, that doesn’t even make a good drink coaster.

      Bethesda drop black isle, their is a reason, why they went under!

    48. MC Fallout Says:

      one of them said “the game froze 5 times during a 26 hour period.” is that the games fault or your’s for playing on a very hot xbox for 26 hours straight? no wonder its having a bit of trouble.

    49. MC Fallout Says:

      I have played new vegas and fallout 3 and havn’t found any glitches (except one floating mole-rat) so I personally think those of you who have commented are the unlucky few to have experienced bad glitches and bethesda/obsidian have done an excellent job with what must have been an extremely difficult game to try and perfect.

    50. craiguk85 Says:

      My ps3 copy is very buggy I can’t do any of yes man’s casino side bet. When I go down the gomoreahh double stairs into the slut room it just freezes and when I go into ultra luxe gourmand after loading thru the door sound goes and stays black. This stops me from completing “beyond” beef. 50 hrs of bugs. A little more than frustrated would be an understatement.

    51. Dan Says:

      This game has more bugs than my mums vege garden, its constantly frezzing, i am 67 hours in and cannot complete the, “for the republic, part 2″ quest, it tells me to go and either destroy the great kahns or enlist their aid, the arrow tells me to walk inside the great kahn long house and when i get in there it tells me to walk straight back out, so thats what i did, it keeps telling me to keep walking inside and out of the dam door, im pretty sure the door is not going to help me complete the quest. Iv tried killing all the kahns and reporting back colonel moore but when i talk to her, i only get 2 speech options, one is “goodbye”, the other is “im still working on it” or somthing like that, very annoying that i cannot complete the game. I also cannot complete the “still in the dark” quest, i have found all the computers that i need to isolate the virus in the time limit and have isolated them but nothing happens, the stupid brotherhood scibe guy keeps asking me “do i want to try and isolate the virus”, i left it and just tried to get everything the elder tells me to get from the 3 vaults, i went and got everything and when i went to tell the elder that the only speech options i get are “goodbye” or “im still working on it” like i did with the “for the republic part 2″ quest. This game should not have been released. Very pissed off, good job bethesda and obsidian, you guys should actually test your games before you release them.

    52. Squaka Monster Says:

      Played through first time filled with bugs and crashes–but it made it.

      Started to play a second time to join the legion and it WON’T LEVEL UP now. Changed log ins, started over 4 times including chganging face, attributes, etc.

      When it comes time to level up it shows xp crossing the theshold and advancing into level 2 but then character stays at level 1. Under stats it show xp OVER level (ex 254/200)–I went up to as far as 2200 xp and was still at level one. WTF???!!!

      Anybody else have this problem?

    53. J Says:

      terrible, terrible, terrible. The real crap shows soon as u get to a proper level. The first say 15 levels will be great and highly addictive gameplay, have no doubt – they certainly nailed the good atmosphere. After that, well…you will meet the perma-crash-to-desktop friend that you will certainly learn to fear (PC). Certain game areas will become inaccessable. Certain quests will become perma bugged. And the patch…hey, it only makes it worse ^^

      I am playing the pc version, and was hoping for the patch to help…lololol

      all it did was to make the savegame corruption///massive crash to desktop problem that the game suffers from >permanent based on level for some reason, no bugs at all in lowlvl play

      The other bugs are well, livewithable – they can be worked around. But erh why patch the game to make the CTD bug perma? Gonna reinstall basic version and try again, at least I got to lv30 before all my save files decided it was all over…

      God I wish the artists that did this…and did it well…had consulted some actual programmers before releasing it.

    54. Kieran Says:

      hi. ive been playing fallout new vegas on my xbox a while now and ive only had one serious glitch: Camp Guardian Caves, when i go in, the screen goes all black,but i can still move and talk to my companions, but i cant see them. and in the small space of time before the loading screen when i exit, i can see again! anyone else had this glitch?

    55. The Worst Video Game Ever Made..? | Xbox Banter Says:

      [...] and these things get out into the open (just read about the glitches that plagued the release of Fallout: New Vegas) but a release was never made and distributed to correct them. One can only think that the [...]

    56. David Says:

      im so pissed i got the pc version an it laggy buggy i got it on low graphics an ect on my 1200 dollar computer and its still shit what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. GAH Says:

      Im a little late, but oh well. Many people experienced the lags already. I hate them a lot!!! Also the freeze! They’re annoying!! Restarted ps3 several times already. Get tk the part where I have o save the Pres and the LAGGIEST gameplay I’ve seen!!! Literally took took the Pres like 10 mins to get to podeium! I just decided to get. I’m getting the latest patch since I don’t have it yet. Hopefully it works.

    58. iritating yes impossible no Says:

      To answer the camp guardian caves problem I had it my self walk forward and it should fix itself if not sorry. Now to handle the freezing just save often now I know its not a solution but it’ll do for now another glitch is when i fall into a mountain and I can’t get out I do fully intend to buy the patched up version but don’t know what to do with this version.

    59. DaveUK Says:

      I have Fallout New veges on the PS3, Its fully updated and its still full of bugs, It gets worse and worse, Its unplayable.

      This game is so bad, its heart wrenching because Fallout 3 was my favorite game, I want my money back.

    60. Jose L Says:

      Alright, so I’ve been playing this game on and off for a while and I haven’t noticed any bugs at the time. I just now got back into playing Fallout again and I am stuck at the quest Beyond the Beef. I am at the part where you drug the wine and cook the food. I call the waiter down to get one of those things and wait until he leaves the room. Then I get Ted from the freezer. I told him to follow me and as soon as I enter the members only room the game freezes on an all black screen. There is nothing I can do about it but turn off the Xbox.

      This is actually the only bug I have a problem with. If someone out there can help me on this, that would be really awesome.

    61. Jordan Says:

      @ Jose – This article was written 2 years ago so they’ve had a lot of time to update the game and make it stable. At the time I wrote this it was pretty unplayable.

      For tips and tricks you should hit up they have walkthroughs for pretty much everything.

    62. Gurijuba Says:

      @ Jose

      XBOX version.

      I have an awful bug in the same quest. Worse. The screen goes black and freezes.

      I couldn’t find a way to finish the quest. I believe we’re out of luck.


    63. Very dissapointed Bethesda fan Says:

      Ok so, I was just playing F:NV15 min ago, to get some of the unique stuff I hadn’t got yet. (President Kimballs suit) just to name one – when I came to the saddening remembrance of this. THIS GAME IS SERIOUSLY BROKE!!!! 30 of my game saves are 10 or more MB and 20 of them aren’t. My game (ps3 version) started its LAGFEST right after I got to the 10 MB point and even my “lightest” game save (3886 KB) will lag terribly approximately 5 min after save start up. Deleting all my saves and replaying the game (6 times I might add), I came to the conclusion that there is no fix for this.

      I am terribly dissapointed with you, Bethesda and Obsidian for making this possible in my used to be favorite game. It is now a pile of s*** that I’m probably never going to touch AGAIN.

      ~Very disappointed bethesda fan.

    64. Med Says:

      I was a massive, some might even say obsessed, fan of Fallout 3, though I had it on Xbox and never encountered so much as a single memorable glitch. I’ve since shelved my Xbox for a PS3, and I’d put off getting New Vegas because of the monumental errors that plague it.

      So now, in mid-2013, with the hoardes of gamers having played thousands of collective hours and encountered and reported a multitude of errors, and with subsequent patches for the game having been released, I expected the issues to have been resolved, or at least almost resolved. But after buying the game I realised I was wrong. It’s a wreck.

      On putting the disk in the console, the system downloads the latest patch, version 1.07, installs it and then something strange happens.

      I get an error code that says ‘sSysUtil_AutoSaveWarning: no default string. Must be loaded from INI file’.

      I click ‘ok’, bewildered by what that could possibly mean, then a few seconds later a purple screen appears and renders me unable to use the ‘quit game’ option via holding the ps button, of course forcing me to hold the restart button on the console, which crashes my system.

      It may be worth noting at this point that every other game I own works fine.

      So I boot my system back up, load the game again and after a good thirty seconds I get the same error message, so I click ‘ok’ again and to my surprise, thirty seconds later, the game begins to install itself on my system.

      Three hours later …

      The install process is jammed at somewhere between 84 and 98% (I know this range because I tried the install multiple times, deleting the game data before each instance of booting up the disk).

      So, finally I get fed up of the install and decide to turn the system off and just start the game up with only the partial install completed.

      The game, to my shock, loads up to the main menu screen. The music is playing fine, and everything is looking good.

      I click on ‘new’, to start a new game, and the opening scene begins to play. But my eureka is short lived. The scene, thirty seconds in, begins to freeze and stutter, and the audio jutters while the screen flickers.

      I turn the system off again and decide to try again. The game loads, and the purple screen puts me back at square one. The restarts and freezes can’t be good for my system and anyway, three hours of just trying to get the game working is too much so I call it quits.

      It’s a terrible shame, because, as a fan of the series I think I could look past some minor glitches and issues, considering the sheer size of this game and the playability involved.

      But I think the worst part about New Vegas, aside from all its problems, is the fact that I never actually got to play any of it.

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