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Tim Schafer “Ready” For Psychonauts 2

In an interview with PSM3, Tim Schafer has declared that he’s “ready” to work on Psychonauts 2.

According to Schafer:

“I’m ready to do it. I’d love to do it. It’s really a question of getting a publisher who’s interested in doing it. Over the years it’s gotten into the hands of a lot of people, through being two dollars on Steam for a while, and being pirated. So it’s gotten out there. So if all these people were going to buy the sequel it would be a big hit.”

Psychonauts was released for the Xbox and received rave reviews with a Metacritic rating of 90 – and sold 160,000 copies. It was later ported to the PC as well as a poor version on the PlayStation 2. Psychonauts is available on Xbox Originals and Steam.

Let us know if you’re ready for the sequel.

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    20 Responses to “Tim Schafer “Ready” For Psychonauts 2”

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    1. Brittany Says:

      YES! The gods are listening! I hope he get’s publisher VERY soon.

    2. Adam Says:

      Yes! a million times yes! i’ve waited so long for this

    3. Aidan Says:


      Seriously, I’m doing a fan-girl scream right now (I’m a guy so yea).

      I hope they find a good publisher soon.

    4. Sketch Says:

      OMG YES! dooo eeeeet!
      this made my day all bright and shiny!

    5. chris Says:

      I am so ready for a sequal! I would certianly buy it ^^

    6. Lynn Says:

      Has my heart stopped beating? Because I think I just died from an overload of pure happiness being directly shot to my brain. Yes, I am more than ready for a sequel, but I just hope that if it does happen, it’s just as good as the first.

      Now excuse me while I go squeal into my pillow for a few hours.

    7. Jonah Falcon Says:

      I just hope this isn’t some big tease by Schafer.

    8. Lissie Says:

      Oh my god… YES. A million times YES. I am so ready for this to happen.

    9. Patrick Says:


    10. Annie Says:

      I would buy that game so fast. And then I would try to play the whole thing in one sitting.

    11. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Well, right now Schafer is making a Sesame Street game.

    12. Della Says:


    13. kipspul Says:

      YES. Now I’m going to spend the next several months hoping that someone decides to actually do this…

    14. John Says:

      Yes. OH GOD YES. Make it for X-Box 360, and I’ll get it. Make it for Ps3, and I’ll wait a bit, but I will get it.

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    16. Talya Says:

      I love it and as long as they use a platform I own (XBOX 360, Wii, PC) I will definitely buy it. Double Fine carries more weight than it did when this title was originally published so I am sure it will sell mega-millions.

    17. Gregory Says:

      how long must i wait?

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      [...] the last year and a half, Psychonauts 2 has been “ready”, “getting closer” and needing [...]

    19. anon Says:

      Wow! I’m so late to say this because I only bought it today from Steam but man, I love it thus far. I don’t own an Xbox but I’m interested in playing it on a console too, and it can’t be worse than what the PS2 version of Sonic Heroes was like, can it? So yeah, I’d be, sorry, ‘psyched’ for a sequel indeed! In the meantime I’ll get that console version or at least a physical copy of the PC one because I love collecting gems like these.

    20. Jonah Falcon Says:

      The PS2 version was pretty bad.

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