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Sony “Plays” With Move Numbers, Again

You may have seen sites reporting that Sony has issued a press release that 4.1M units of the PlayStation Move were sold worldwide.

Once again, Sony is misrepresenting sales by using the total number of units SHIPPED rather than actual end-user sales, which is, once again, lying. You may recall they claimed they sold 2.5M units of the Move a few weeks ago then hastily amended that they meant shipped to retailers.

A little press release from none other than Sony informed us this morning that the company has shipped 4.1 million PlayStation Move controllers worldwide. Alas, that number has been widely misreported as the tally of direct end-user sales, which it most definitely is not. What Sony’s letting us know is total wands that have left its warehouses on their way to retailers, a number that’s one step removed from actual sales results. Still, if you simply must have something to compare against Microsoft’s 2.5 million Kinect sales, there you have it. (Engadget)

The Japanese press release, incidentally, mentions “the quantity delivered to the dealer” in a footnote.

Gotta read that fine print. In Japanese.

Considering only 300K units of Move were actually sold in North America and South America of the 1.3M shipped at the time, that may give you an idea of the disconnect between end-user sales and Moves sitting on the shelf.

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    27 Responses to “Sony “Plays” With Move Numbers, Again”

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    1. Wesley Says:

      This article was writen while the guy was crying about it.

    2. Wesley Says:

      About it having more sells then kinect i mean.

    3. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Oh, boy. You know what? I’ll just sit this one out and watch the SDF froth at the mouth.

    4. Jonah Falcon Says:


      Sony rep: “Yeah, we meant shipped. Oh, you want end user sales? Well, we sent a lot of Move units to retailers for Black Friday! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

      One last word:

      Going from 2.5M to 4.1M shipped worldwide in 30 days is pretty bad. 1.6M divided in a few major territories? That’s averaging 300K per territiory (North America, South America, UK/EU, Australia, Asia) in 30 days. Shipping, mind you, not sales.

      Bragging you have now shipped 4.1M units after having stated you shipped 2.5M 30 days ago? And most of those sales are not from retailer request, by the way. Having worked in that sector, a lot of these are automatic and in retail chain contracts.

      The critical period is 6 months from now. That’s when third party publishers will start deciding how much support THEY will throw at it.

    5. Sean Says:

      man, how did i know you’d have another fanboy article up?

      i’ll bet you sent this one to Arthur, also.

    6. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Move: On sale for 77 days, shipped 4.1 million units. So they’re shipping a little over 50,000 units per day.
      Kinect: On sale for 25 days, sold 2.5 million units. So they’ve sold 100,000 units per day.

      Have fun – I’m going to sit this one out and enjoy the frothing at the mouths.

    7. fred Says:

      surprisingly Jonah is calling out Sony.

      The guy just never quits.

    8. fred Says:

      btw Jonah, sales start high and drop. IF you think Kinect will sell 100,000 constantly…

      [Er, actually, the holiday season remains consistent. Microsoft is not looking beyond December when they are looking at the high rate of Kinect sales. After 2010 ends, they start focusing on new software for the system. Thanks for posting! - Jonah Falcon]

    9. Jordan Says:

      I think it’s funny that when Kotaku runs the same story, their commenters see through Sony’s bullshit instantly. Not so here.

      Points raised in the comments there:

      Shipped != Sold

      Kinect = 1 per Xbox. Move = Multiple per PS3

      No such thing as “Move” sales since a Move setup consists of multiple items. Move controller, Camera, Nunchuck, Bundle. Sony is combining shipments of 4 SKU’s and calling it “Move sales.”

      So, in reality… Take their 4.1 million sold, divide that in half to account for all the unsold product sitting in stores and warehouses, then divide that by 4 to figure out how many Move installations there are. Probably around 500,000 or so.

    10. fred Says:

      Jordan – From the Sony press release:

      “The number does not include sales of stand-alone PlayStation®Eye camera or stand-alone PlayStation®Move navigation controller.”

      Guess the fanboys can’t read.

      And good laugh at your ‘reality’. I suppose you use the same logic for all the RROD 360s when you mention their numbers and half the kinect numbers for those sitting in warehouses too?

    11. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Nope. Microsoft was quite explicit when they said the Kinect sales were CONSUMER sales, not units shipped to retails. There’s a reason that Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, etc had to restock after selling out.

      As for RROD, Microsoft made sure in the first 2 years that any consoles that RROD were replaced free with overnight shipping both ways. It cost Microsoft $1B, though.

    12. Jordan Says:

      @Fred – The monthly sales for the 360 were sold at retail, not units replaced under the RROD warranty. We know this because it was not Microsoft reporting the numbers.

      Now that the NPD has stepped aside you can expect all kinds of games to be played with the sales, Sony reporting shipped as sold is only the tip of the iceburg.

      As to the Move sales, even excluding the camera and nunchuck Sony is still combining sales of the bundle with the move remote. So it’s a million instead of 500,000.

      However you decide to slice it, it’s still a far cry from the 4.1 million shipped.

    13. fred Says:

      Much like they restocked on the Move (and yes they did).

      [Nope. Not according to independent news sites, and not according to people I spoke to. The were piles of unbought Move controllers in every retailer I visited in New York. Speaking to managers, they said that the Move was moving very slow. - Jonah Falcon]

    14. fred Says:

      Jordan – You actually need proof. It’s a magical thing that backs your arguments.

      [Uh oh. You're asking for it. Jordan's dealt with your type before - see: Blig Merk - and has crushed them with verified stats and links. Here it comes... - Jonah Falcon.]

    15. Sean Says:

      “not the retailers i spoke to”

      nice. more hard-hitting “journalism” by jonah falcon.

      [It's called primary news source. - Jonah Falcon]

    16. haha Says:

      Jonah, who are these people you spoke to, and more importantly, where is the proof? What sites?
      Frankly you’re all talk and no substance right now. Your evidence against Sony has no backing, you just seem to dislike them.

      Jordan/Jonah – When Microsoft are giving away a 360 in competitions, do you believe they count them in their sales?
      If you added up all of the NPD since the 360 came out, do you believe it will add up to the total number of reported 360s in the USA?

      If you don’t think Microsoft are counting replaced units, then I really feel sorry for you.

      Jonah – Stop hiding behind Jordan. Can’t you fight your own battles, or do you not have anything to prove what you are saying?

    17. Sean Says:


      well, isn’t it obvious?

      he talked to a clerk at his local Radio Shack.

      how do you ever expect to have a successful gaming website when you you’re clearly biased to one company?

    18. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No. But nice ad hominem abusive. As I said, I’m done here. Jordan can take over because he loves squishing trollkins like you under his boot.

    19. Some Bystander Says:

      I always get a kick of the sony fanboys that post here. So utterly moronic. Now I’m not saying I always agree with what Jonah, Jordan, etc post here, and I do get their anti-sony vibe, but when you people are “trying” to call them out, it’s utterly sad and pathetic.

      I really got a good laugh with:
      fred: “Much like they restocked on the Move (and yes they did).”

      then the very next post:
      fred: “Jordan – You actually need proof. It’s a magical thing that backs your arguments.”

      Hypocrite much? LOL

      Or… maybe you guys really aren’t this stupid, and are only doing this to get Jonah going…

      I have no numbers or stats to rely on, just going by what people I know have said about Move and Kinect. It appears the Move is really dead in the water. Nobody I know got one, or is even interested in one. Granted I don’t know more than say 20 people with a PS3, but that’s still 0/20. On the other hand, a fair amount of people I know got the Kinect, or are planning to get one. Could just be the circle of friends I hang with though.

    20. haha Says:

      some bystander – You know about 0.01% of the gaming community. It’s not even close to a representation of the gaming community. Neither is Jonah’s ‘local stores don’t have …. in stock’, not even close to a representation.

      It’s easy to get Jonah going. It’s when he deletes your posts or part of your posts you know you’ve beaten him.

      As for the Move sold out proof -

      Take your pick.

    21. Sean Says:

      man, you better be careful.

      Jordan could come in here at any second.


    22. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No, I delete or change part of your posts when you become abusive, and I’m thinking of just setting you to “spam”. Don’t care about that search link. I care about what the official NPDs say.

    23. tootz Says:

      Wow, you know that the d-bag quotient of ha-ha and Sean are off the scale. I bet they didn’t even buy the Move and are just sucking Sony’s wee wee because they have no life.

    24. Jordan Says:


      If you want hard proof that the Move hasn’t sold 4.1 million units all you have to do is look at the software sales since Move came out.

      Not a single Move title has appeared in the top 10 for software and we know that means no Move game has sold more than 225,000 in a month.

      How do you move 4.1 million units of hardware without selling any software?

    25. fred Says:

      Jordan – That’s not proof. That’s speculation and that is only American numbers.

      I don’t think they’ve moved 4.1 either, I simply do not buy into your BS logic about what they have likely sold.
      Fact of the matter is, it is selling.

      Jonah – So you don’t like abusive posts yet you allow tootz through?

    26. » VGRT Episode 38: Games of the Year - Game Stooge: The most up to date gaming and tech news blog on the planet. Says:

      [...] lying about Move numbers [...]

    27. SupaHype Says:

      Did you guys get the last part about sony’s lying on Move sales. The part regarding sony counting each of the 3 necessary pieces of move hardware as a total move sale. Move needing the stick, the nunchuk and the camera. All three = one total move unit as all three are needed to play move games. BUT sony counts the sale of each one of these sales as a full move sale…. UR,,, full move shipped!!!

      so break that 4.1 million move sales to shipped with half sitting in warehouses, then break that half sold down by 3 because it takes all three parts for one total move sale. They havent even sold 1millon full move units….

      And why does Microsoft and Nintendo count units sold, but sony counts units shipped….. hmm

      FYI… Hey, did you know that ATARI “shipped” 5 million ET cartridges…. before they got returned from retail and buried in New Mexico… now how accurate are “shipped” numbers.

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