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Kinect Best Selling Gadget Ever

Back in October, the iPad was declared the fastest selling gadget of all time, moving two million units in two months.

Well, it seems records are meant to be broken, as the new gadget king is the Microsoft Kinect which sold 2.5 million units in 25 days. Doing the math, the Kinect is selling about twice as fast as the iPad did, 100,000 units per day compared with 50,000 iPads per day.

Granted though, there is a huge price difference between the machines. The Kinect will run you $150 if you already own an Xbox 360 and $400 if you don’t. The iPad starts at $500 as long as you are happy with only a WiFi connection and 16GB of storage. Mine was $830 with an AT&T 3G connection and 64GB of space.

The interesting thing to note, in all this research, is absolutely no mention of the PlayStation Move. Sony has crowed about “shipping” 4.1 million units, but has been shy about stating how many have actually been sold to consumers. It would seem, for all they have shipped, the sold numbers are less than spectacular.

Some reports indicate that the Move has sold as few as 400,000 units in North America and 1.5 million in Europe in six weeks, which puts it some 600,000 units behind what Microsoft was able to sell in just 25 days.

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