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Microsoft Wins Best, Worst Devices of the Year

Engadget has awarded its Gadget Awards, and Microsoft has received the best and worse praise.

On the positive side, the Xbox 360S won the Best Console of the Year (not that there was a lot of competition this year), with Engadget praising: “The new Xbox 360 sports enough sleek angles and disappearing curves we’ve taken to calling it the Stealthbox… this is the best Xbox 360 ever made, bar none, and if you’ve yet to join the Xbox party — and don’t mind springing for an HDMI cable — this is definitely the one.” Kinect won both Best Peripheral of the Year and Best Game Accessory of the Year from Engadget as well.

But not everything is on the sunny side for Microsoft: the Microsoft Kin was voted the Worst Device of the Year. Engadget states:

“…There are much better choices for much less money on the market, and Microsoft hasn’t demonstrated to us why you would choose this phone over those. You could argue that the 720p video recording is a hook, but our results weren’t that outstanding, and we don’t know anyone who needs HD video on a phone so desperately that they’re willing to overlook all of these faults. In the end, we’re left with two orphan devices — phones that feel like they should have been killed before they made it to market, but somehow slipped through… We can only hope that the similarities between those devices and the Kin handsets don’t stretch much further than the “Windows Phone” label, because in our estimation, Kin is one side of the family that needs to be disowned… quickly.”

Of the other console manufacturers, Sony won Best HDTV of the Year for the Sony HX909 XBR LCD (for some reason they have no product description) and Apple won Best Handheld Media Device with the iPad.

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