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Deadly Dildos In Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third certainly ups the ante when it comes to wildness, as one of the weapons you may wield is a Sex Toy Bat, a “floppy phallus” that “has a mind of its own”, “wobbling around in a disturbing display of physics,” which will allow you to beat people to a bloody pulp with.

Some of the other new weapons aren’t as naughty, but certainly have a wild flavor to them. One weapon includes calling down a laser-guided air strike. Simply paint them with a marker, and the enemies will be pelted by napalm, leaving behind a wake of scorched flesh.

The Predator Drone allows you to be the air strike yourself, as a guided missile you can control while in flight – for those of you who missed the Redeemer from the original Unreal Tournament. Another remote control weapon is the RC gun. You don’t control a radio control toy car – no, you fling a bug onto a full-sized car, and then control it remotely. You can even take over control from an enemy driving it, having fun driving him off a bridge, or ramming the car into his buddies.

Saints Row: The Third is shaping up to be yet another fun exercise in total chaotic madness.

(Thanks, Game Informer.)

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