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RUMOR: Xbox 720 With Halo 4 Launch In 2012

When questioned by a reader why Arthur Gies believes that Halo 4 would be announced for Microsoft’s next console rather than the Xbox 360, Geis responded:

 ”Because that would be the most beautiful, system launching stroke they could possibly make next Christmas, is to attach Halo to it. And also, that would completely separate talk of Halo and how much it sells versus Call of Duty and any sort of discussion.”

Even though Halo 4 was tagged an Xbox 360 game officially, Gies added that they ”heard enough at E3 to not be so sure about that.” He insisted that it was becoming “totally obvious” that they would be releasing a new system in November 2012.

He cited a new rumor from this past week from inside Microsoft devices devision that Microsoft would announce the new console at next E3. He commented: 

“I don’t understand why people keep doing this, thinking, ‘They’re going to announce it at E3 2012 and release it in Christmas 2013!’ But that’s not what Microsoft does. They announce their shit and then release it that year.”

He concluded:

“So yeah, we’re going to have a new Xbox next year and have a new Halo with it… I don’t mind being wrong, but I’m going to enjoy being right in announcing this system next year.”

(Thanks,  Rebel FM.)

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    21 Responses to “RUMOR: Xbox 720 With Halo 4 Launch In 2012”

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    1. Sheldon Says:

      Wow. He sounds pretty confident about this. Looks like I’ll start saving up for a new console after E3 2012. I kinda figured they would. This console generation is obviously over.

    2. owl Says:

      Good good good, I’m more of a Sony fanboy but I still think the 360 is a great console, at least the slim version, but if MS do announce a new console then sweet, I hope it knocks Ninty out of the park because I really hate Nintendo as a whole.

    3. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Question is: if MS does indeed announce the 720 for Xmas 2012, does this force Sony’s hand with a new console, or do they bide their time and release an even more powerful rig 1 or even 2 years later?

    4. joe Says:


    5. owl Says:

      You would presume so Jonah, really all Sony have to do is add more RAM and put a 32 cell chip instead of the 8-9 Cell currently in the machine and you’ve got a new console. Plus a redesign, it’s really to easy, but Sony don’t have blockbusters that people line up for to buy where MS do, Halo, Gears etc..

      I think the Wii U will be a massive failure.

    6. dave Says:


      it seems people do line up to buy Gran Turismo and Uncharted, based on their sales numbers.

    7. Kanuunankuula Says:

      Mr. Falcon: Sony already lost the current generation because they waited too long with the release of PS3 after 360′s release. Some Sony-users switched to 360 just because it was out and better than PS2. MS got a huge head start with that, and Sony is only now beginning to catch them. They would be incredibly stupid to repeat that mistake.

    8. Keysy Says:

      I see ms 4g oing it but if they go for pure powrr an dc graphics next gen its over they cant do that. From what I seen the next gen isn’t that big of a leap. they need games I onrt want a nect gen halo. The hypefor next gen isnt big at all even with the wii u it seems cool but I wont be lining up for this one.i think they come out now in 2012they put themselves in a bad position ps3is growing and they have tons comming plus the vita people are gonna want atleast to yrs to play with the interconnectivty of games. That means sony can come out two yrs or three after the next xbox. That could me an real problems. Technology doubles every two yrs that could be bad for them in the industry the price of games to make are high right now.why waste money on a unproven system look at kinect where are the games . To big a risk to spen fifty mil on a kinect game with mo one buying games. funny thing is so many people love ms so much they will spend five hundred on a system just to play halo and call of duty. And arent bundles foe 360 still like 400 thats a rip. How much you think. The next gen will be. Gamers stop beig stupid before gaming goes bad

    9. Jonah Falcon Says:

      @dave: People bought less GT5 than Sony was expecting (GT4 numbers – and as many PS2s had sold at the time as PS3s when GT5 was released.)

    10. greg Says:

      and lol @ sony losing this generation. Pretty sure they’ve outsold the 360 since release.

    11. greg Says:

      People bought less Halo Reach than Halo 3 with more consoles out there.

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    13. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No, they did not outsell the 360 since release. In fact, they’ve come in 3rd every month save 2 in the last 2 years.

    14. Jonah Falcon Says:

      Halo Reach had a bigger launch (4M to 3.8M). The difference is that Halo 3 has Master Chief. Halo Reach does not.

    15. greg Says:

      Gap when PS3 was first released – 8 million

      Current Gap – 3 million.

      Figure it out.

      As for launch? Who cares? It’s sold almost a quarter less than Halo 3.

      What logic do you use for this rubbish?

    16. Justin Says:

      I love that people are sticking up for “Their” consols but in reality playstation had the blu-ray player and that helped most of their sales.. xbox sold bc it has always been the best system. And do you not feel like playstation “Fans” aren’t going to dip out after all of the hacking that happened to their accounts.. do you have any idea how many names and account passwords and credit card numbers were released on torrent sites? Playstation didn’t care enough to protect their clients … so why would you care to protect them? Xbox 720 in 2012 even without halo will be the best selling system ever made, throw halo 4 in the mix and you may not even be able to count the numbers that are going to show up! I pay $60 a year for xbox live, and will continue to pay because of their loyalty to their customers and the excellent product they produce!

    17. Steven Crowley Says:

      Hey, everyone reading this, trust me I know ‘Halo 4″ WILL be SO
      OOOOOOOOOOO… Great.

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    20. Richard M Says:

      Halo 1 &2 on the first X-box, to be able to play Halo 3 you needed to have a 360 which Halo 4 will be made for. It seems that you will need the 720 to play Halos 5 & 6, anyone seeing a pattern here? And no doubt the 720 wont be backwards compatable unless you download patches to play the previous games. Game developers make games more graphically intense with higher resolution, consol manufacturers have to make machines capable of playing these games but they both have to realise we gamers are not a bottomless money pit.

    21. Steven Crowley Says:

      Well, the news about, “Halo: 4″ IS SOOO…GREAT!!!

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