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RUMOR: PS4 In 2012, With Embedded Kinect-Like Motion Control

The rumor that Microsoft’s next console will be released in 2012 got stronger by a report from Sony’s Taiwan-based partners that they have begun production of the PlayStation 4, complete with a Kinect-like gesture motion control included.

According to Digitimes:

“Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, assemblers of PS3, will undertake assembly of PS4 as well, the sources pointed out. The planned shipment volume of PS4 in 2012 is at least 20 million units, the sources indicated.”

So much for the PlayStation Move, huh?

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    5 Responses to “RUMOR: PS4 In 2012, With Embedded Kinect-Like Motion Control”

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    1. greg Says:

      The Move that has pushed 8.5 million to Kinects 10?

    2. Jonah Falcon Says:

      No. And regardless, the Move did not push new PS3 sales as the Kinect did (the 360 has had 20%-30% year-to-year monthly sales increases.)

    3. greg Says:

      Yeah…and hasn’t improved that ever shrinking gap between the 2.

    4. Jonah Falcon Says:

      What shrinking gap? What kind of math do you use? How is it possible for the PS3 to be consistently in third place and close a gap?

      Oh, you must be using the Sony numbers in which they talk about ACTIVE machines. :D We use actual sales, thanks.

    5. greg Says:

      Typical dumb yank, always the small minded, thinking their country is the world.

      The PS3, according to numbers, has not been outsold by the 360 this year. Not one single week. In fact, only twice has it not been the highest selling console in the world.

      This year, the PS3 has sold 4.9 million consoles, while the 360 has sold 4.1

      PS3 – 14.4 million
      360 – 13.6 million


      PS3 – 13.0
      360 – 10.1


      PS3 – 9.9
      360 – 10.0

      The numbers prove me right, and as usual, you are wrong. The gap has shrunk.

      And you want to talk about fudged numbers but you won’t mention the RROD.

      lol, I am really tired of owning you. Moronic fanboy.

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