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NFL Blitz Hits Xbox Live Arcade, PSN

Electronic Arts has announced that the HD version of NFL Blitz is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for 1200 Microsoft Points ($14.99 USD). The wild re-imagining of American football features arcade-style gameplay and online multiplayer modes.

One of the features new to the series is the Blitz Gauntlet, in which players select an NFL team, customize it, and play a ladder of challengers and bosses while trying to reach the top. Blitz Battles is an online mode in which players engage in ranked matches that are scored by how well those players did against each other; scores are used to rank those players in a worldwide leaderboard. Finally, the Elite League allows players to create their own teams using player cards earned during gameplay.

NFL Blitz was first released as a coin-op arcade game in 1997, and quickly became a console favorite.

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