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Sony Giving 7 PlayStation Vita Systems Away

Sony is giving away 7 PSP Vita systems, one a day for a week!

Here’s how to enter the contest (sorry foreigners! US residents only!):

  • Start on this page starting Friday, April 6, 2012.
  • The first clue can be found here: “Like in the days of ancient Rome, join the conversation here with your fellow community members about everything related to the PS Vita! You’ll also find your first code!”
  • In ancient Rome the area for public conversation was called a Forum. Visiting the PlayStation Vita forum reveals the 2nd clue and the first code: “On this blog you can get the latest scoop on everything PS Vita.” (I’m not revealing the code because, hey, you want me to do ALL the work for you? Plus, it’s possible Sony could change the numbers on us. You’re on your own for that bit.)
  • Clicking the link for the Playstation Blog reveals the 3rd clue and the second code: “While the path to this official YouTube channel is unmapped, the moment will be golden when you watch this trailer to the end!”
  • This one is trickier, at first I thought it was the official Vita YouTube channel, it turns out that it’s the official Uncharted YouTube channel. Oh, AND you have to watch the trailer with annotations turned on in order to see the code at the very end of the video. Sorry iOS browsers! No code for you!

“Congratulations! Your final code is: () Now that you’ve successfully completed your quest, enter the 3 hidden codes you collected here.

You will be entered into our daily drawing to win a PS Vita Uncharted Prize Pack!”

Submit the 3 codes here along with your contact information and you’re entered into the contest.

Good luck and remember if you win who your friends are! :)

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    2 Responses to “Sony Giving 7 PlayStation Vita Systems Away”

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    1. karim Says:

      i can’t find the first one :/

    2. Jordan Says:

      The first code is on the forum link. I just verified it’s still there. On the right hand side of the page where it says “Clue #2″. If you are running an ad blocker it may be invisible.

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