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The Lund Report: March 2012 NPD

It’s Friday of the 2nd week of the month and that means the NPD sales numbers for last month are in.

  • Xbox 360 – 371,000
  • PlayStation 3 – 337,000
  • Nintendo 3DS -225,000
  • Playstation Vita – 200-225,000
  • Nintendo Wii – 175,000

First, the bad news, everyone is down from February and everyone but the PS3 is down from March of 2011. Monthly the PS3 did the best, dropping just 6.39% from February, while the Wii did the worst, dropping 23.25%. Everyone else is in the middle when it comes to last month, Vita down 11%, Xbox down 13%, 3DS down 14%.

The comparison to last year must be heart breaking for Nintendo though. The 3DS is down 44% from 2011 (in fairness, March 2011 was the launch month for the 3DS), Wii is down 40%. The only gain i s the PS3 which is up 7.32% from the same time last year. The 360 is down 14.32%.

Year to date isn’t much better… Wii is down 48.97%, 360 down 20% and PS3 down 14.79%. It’s looking more and more like this will be the last year for this generation of hardware.

On the software side:

  • 01. Mass Effect 3
  • 02. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  • 03. MLB 12: The Show
  • 04. NBA 2K12
  • 05. SSX 2012
  • 06. Street Fighter X Tekken
  • 07. Mario Party 9
  • 08. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • 09. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja
  • 10. Major League Baseball 2K12

No surprise that Mass Effect 3 is in the top spot, despite complaints. The only thing gamers love more than complaining is buying the game everyone is complaining about. It must be noted that 2.9M copies were shipped, however, and only 1.3M were sold. The big news is that the 360 outsold the PS3 verison by around 4:1. Just over 900,000 copies to just over 200,000 copies.

After the weak sales of Resident Evil 5, you might think that Operation Raccoon City might not have a chance, you thought wrong. It took the 2nd place slot.

The 2nd most complained about game, Street Fighter X Tekken, took the #6 slot, despite the fact that the game is the focus of numerous complaints for providing content on the disc that must be unlocked via paid DLC. Said content will reportedly be removed from the PC version, but will be included and locked on the PS Vita version later this year.

A notable no-shows for the month was Ninja Gaiden 3 – incredibly popular among hard core gamers and released on 3/20… failed to make the top 10.

One to watch for next month… Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles, the JRPG that fans demanded be released, launched as a GameStop exclusive. So far it’s averaging a 92 on Metacritic which would make it Wii GOTY.

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