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The Elder Scrolls Online Announced

Game Informer has revealed the long-rumored The Elder Scrolls MMO, which will be coming to PC and Mac OS sometime in 2013.

The game will reportedly have much of the same framework that Dark Age of Camelot did back in the early 2000′s:

“It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years,” said game director and MMO veteran Matt Firor, whose previous work includes Mythic’s well-received Dark Age of Camelot. “The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made – and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

Like Dark Age of Camelot, there will be three factions:

  • Ebonheart Pact: Nords, Dunmer and Argonians
  • Aldmeri Dominion: Altmer, Bosmer and Khajit
  • Daggerfall Covenant: Bretons, Redguard and Orcs

Let us know which faction you’ll be joining.

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