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Tribes Ascend To Add User-Created Maps “Soon”

While developer Hi-Rez stated that there would be any major updates for their struggling free-to-play MMO shooter Tribes Ascend, the studio’s CEO Todd Harris has revealed that there will be mod tools coming to allow players to create their own maps.

According to Harris in an interview:

“The one thing we’re going to be working on next is a path for users to basically add their own maps. We just feel like it’s at a good point to have users maintain it. We feel that it’s a complete experience, and we want to give users the tools to add their own maps – versus, say, us adding more guns that wouldn’t benefit (the experience).”

When will the tools be release? Harris replied:

“TBD. There’s actually some community work toward an SDK that’s been started, and I expect more details from us in the next month. It’s not anything that has a date yet or a full feature set, but that’s the only real feature that we have in the works – aside from some small bug fixes.”

Check out the official site here.

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