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About Us

stooge [stuːdʒ] noun
a person who is used by another to do humble or unpleasant jobs.

We’re a group of gaming enthusiasts with a mix of skill and aggression to point out the good, bad and ugly side of gaming. This may be a glamoring review of a featured game, a good curb stomp to a horrible game, odd gaming antics, crap we find on the web that is interesting or disturbing and editorials about the game industry.

We live by the motto: “Opinions are for A**holes – now shut up and listen to ours.”

Comments Are Moderated

If you want to comment on any of our stories, keep it sensible, responsible and intelligent. We want the site to maintain a clean intelligent feel. If you have nothing good to say just don’t say anything. If you wish to disagree do it with dignity. If you want to swear like a pirate get on a boat and set sail – don’t do it here.

Any commenter that defends their points with excessive curse words or direct insults will find their post in the gutter, where it belongs. Please, comment with respect and you’ll get it listed.

Lastly, for those that like to pimp their own blogs/domains/sites in their tag line: they’ll be removed if it’s obvious that you posted just to get your site name out there. Leave a well written informative comment and you may find we’ll reward you back with the back-link.

History is the byproduct of 2o2p Magazine produced by Managing a PDF download magazine is a big effort and required hours of organization, editing and maintenance. GameStooge is our way to bring rolling news, editorials and opinions to the masses without the barrier of a downloadable magazine – and because it’s easier for our organization and writers.

We have over 30 contributors and a handful of very active writers and editors. Hopefully you enjoy what you’ve found and will come back for news updates, editorials and all our other fun content.


Founder/Master Chief:
Jay “doodi” Albert
Company Website:

Editor in Chief:
Jonah Falcon

Senior Writer:
Jonathon Howard
Personal Website:

Junior Writer:
Devin “Reporter With A Repertoire” Grimes
Contact:, AIM

Junior Writer:
Mitchell “MitchyD” Dyer

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